60+ Dare for Kids [Fun, Tough, Awkward]

Dare for Kids

This year has not been going quite well right from the very start, but what should we do other than to stay safe, have fun, and learn? That’s why I thought it would be beneficial to come up with a list of good dare for kids. When I say good dares, I mean dares that … Read more

90 Smart & Fun Icebreaker Questions for Kids

Icebreaker Questions for Kids

Wouldn’t it be perfect if you could make your kid(s) happy and share their thought wholeheartedly by asking a few questions? If you want this to happen, you start by checking out my comprehensive list of icebreaker questions for kids. In this post, I am going to share with you over 90 questions that you … Read more

66 Simple But Good Questions to Ask a Teacher

Good Questions to Ask a Teacher

This is a comprehensive list of good, funny, important, and random questions to ask a teacher. Specifically, I have grouped these questions into different categories that can fit in with parents and students. That is, if you’re a parent, you will see enough questions to ask a teacher about your child, or if you’re a … Read more