Funny questions where the answer is always yes

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Welcome to a hilarious journey of questions where the answer is always a resounding “Yes”! Get ready to unleash your sense of humor and indulge in a collection of amusing inquiries that will tickle your funny bone. In this delightful compilation, we have crafted 70 attention-grabbing queries that are bound to put a smile on your face. From the existence of magical creatures to the quirks of everyday life, these questions are designed to entertain and engage. So, buckle up and prepare for a laughter-filled adventure as we explore the wacky and wonderful world of “Yes” answers. Let the laughter begin!

  1. Are unicorns real? Yes.
  2. Does chocolate make everything better? Yes.
  3. Can cats read minds? Yes.
  4. Does laughter cure all problems? Yes.
  5. Is pizza the best food ever invented? Yes.
  6. Can you touch your nose with your tongue? Yes.
  7. Is the moon made of cheese? Yes.
  8. Do penguins have secret dance parties? Yes.
  9. Can you lick your elbow? Yes.
  10. Is it possible to sneeze with your eyes open? Yes.
  11. Does everyone secretly love dad jokes? Yes.
  12. Can you resist the temptation of a warm chocolate chip cookie? Yes.
  13. Is it true that the Earth is round? Yes.
  14. Can you juggle flaming swords? Yes.
  15. Does time fly when you’re having fun? Yes.
  16. Is there such a thing as too much ice cream? Yes.
  17. Can you tickle yourself? Yes.
  18. Does the tooth fairy really exist? Yes.
  19. Is it possible to win an argument with a toddler? Yes.
  20. Can you touch the sky? Yes.
  21. Does coffee have magical powers? Yes.
  22. Can you do a handstand? Yes.
  23. Is it possible to have too many funny cat videos? Yes.
  24. Does the floor turn into lava when you’re playing a game? Yes.
  25. Can you swim like a dolphin? Yes.
  26. Is it true that laughter is contagious? Yes.
  27. Does everyone secretly want to be a superhero? Yes.
  28. Can you make a silly face? Yes.
  29. Is it possible to eat just one potato chip? Yes.
  30. Can you do the chicken dance? Yes.
  31. Does everyone love the smell of freshly baked cookies? Yes.
  32. Can you balance a spoon on your nose? Yes.
  33. Is it possible to run out of funny cat pictures on the internet? Yes.
  34. Does dancing like no one is watching make you happy? Yes.
  35. Can you solve a Rubik’s Cube in under a minute? Yes.
  36. Is it true that a smile can brighten someone’s day? Yes.
  37. Can you whistle a catchy tune? Yes.
  38. Does everyone secretly want to be a rock star? Yes.
  39. Can you wiggle your ears? Yes.
  40. Is it possible to sleep with your eyes open? Yes.
  41. Does everyone love the sound of rain falling? Yes.
  42. Can you hula hoop like a pro? Yes.
  43. Is it true that laughter is the best medicine? Yes.
  44. Can you name all the planets in the solar system? Yes.
  45. Does everyone secretly want to be a pirate? Yes.
  46. Can you lick your elbow and touch your nose at the same time? Yes.
  47. Is it possible to laugh until your stomach hurts? Yes.
  48. Can you do a somersault? Yes.
  49. Does everyone love the smell of fresh-baked bread? Yes.
  50. Can you blow a bubblegum bubble bigger than your head? Yes.
  51. Is it true that everyone has a hidden talent? Yes.
  52. Can you do a backflip? Yes.
  53. Does everyone secretly want to be a master chef? Yes.
  54. Can you juggle three oranges without dropping any? Yes.
  55. Is it possible to make a living as a professional video game player? Yes.
  56. Can you do the Macarena dance? Yes.
  57. Does everyone love the feeling of sand between their toes? Yes.
  58. Can you solve a crossword puzzle in record time? Yes.
  59. Is it true that laughter is the key to a happy life? Yes.
  60. Can you do a cartwheel? Yes.
  61. Does everyone secretly want to be a stand-up comedian? Yes.
  62. Can you touch your toes without bending your knees? Yes.
  63. Is it possible to eat a whole watermelon by yourself? Yes.
  64. Can you do a handstand push-up? Yes.
  65. Does everyone love the smell of freshly cut grass? Yes.
  66. Can you hula hoop while jumping on one foot? Yes.
  67. Is it true that everyone has a funny bone? Yes.
  68. Can you recite the alphabet backward? Yes.
  69. Does everyone secretly want to be a professional dancer? Yes.
  70. Can you blow a bubble with bubblegum as big as your head? Yes.

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