Top 23 Questions That Cannot Be Answered

Questions That Cannot Be Answered

The main reason why we ask questions is to get answers to some of the things we’re curious about. Over the years, humanity has asked a lot of questions and we’ve found answers that are just enough to satisfy our curiosity. However, the discovery of answers to certain questions doesn’t rule out the fact that … Read more

20 Best Open-Ended Questions List

Open-Ended Questions List

If you can’t seem to start a lengthy conversation by asking a couple of questions, you’re likely doing it wrong. When people read the preceding line, they think: “how is it even possible to ask questions wrongly with an above average proficiency in the English language?” It turns out that proficiency in the English language … Read more

18 Best Pick a Number Questions

Pick a Number Questions

Asking and answering questions make the base for any interesting conversation among friends. Many games work on the basic principle of having you answer a question, but one of the most interesting of them all is the pick a number questions game. In a typical session of the game, you’ll have a variety of questions, … Read more

10 Best Fill In The Blank Questions

Fill In The Blank Questions

Intentionally leaving a part of a statement blank is a popular way to ask questions, and has existed for as far back as we can remember. It’s used in numerous scenarios: games, quizzes, and even formal school examinations. It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to improve your kids’ understanding of a particular subject or you’re … Read more