100 Remarkable Questions About Horses

100 Remarkable Questions About Horses

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Questions about horses

Ellie wants to keep a horse but Ellie has a lot of questions about horses. That’s why we have formulated these remarkable quiz questions about horses.

Can I keep horse as a pet?

It has been a dream of many to keep horse as a pet, but one can only keep a horse as a pet if they have a garden that grows trees loaded with dollars. This said, a dozen of questions about horses might have erupted in your brain too.

These simple yet informative questions about horses will give a boost to kid’s general knowledge and will make them decide whether or not they want to keep a horse as a pet.

What If I don’t want to keep horse as a pet?

And even if you don’t want to keep a horse as a pet, you should read this article to have an informative session with your friends and family. You can also play a game called ”how well do you know horses?’ and ask all these questions about horses.

Without further due, Let’s dive into 100 remarkable quiz questions about horses.

Quiz questions about horses.

1. A female adult horse is known as____

Answer: a Mare

2. A horse’s female parents is called a____

Answer: dam

3. A castrated adult male horse is known as

Answer: stallion

4. How long does it take a horse to give birth to its young ones?

Answer: 11-12months

5. The strongest horse in the world is called?

Answer: Belgian Draft

6. How many heart chamber does a horse has?

Answer: Four chambers

7. The oldest horse in the world is?

Answer: Old Billy

8- Among the male and female horses which live longer than the other?

Answer: Female

9- A group horses are called?

Answer: A team

10- Which among the countries in the world has the highest horses?

Answer: United States of America

Questions about horses

11- What family does a horse belong to?

Answer: Equidae

12- A young horse is called a_?

Answer: Foal

13- Where was the first horse discovered in the world?

Answer: Northern Kazakhstan

14- Horses has backbone yes or no?

Answer: Yes

15- How many numbers of bones does a horse have?

Answer: 205

16- What is the favourite food of a horse?

Answer: Ol’ grass

17- A female or male horse which runs faster?

Answer: Female

18- Presence of genitalia under the tail below the anus is used to identify what horse?

Answer: Female

19- What is the sound made by horses?

Answer: Neigh

20- Where does a horse stays?

Answer: Stable

21- Horses can be tamed and untamed yes or no?

Answer: Yes

22 -____ The shortest horse in world is known as?

Answer: Thumbelina

23- _____ is referred to as the bravest horse in the world?

Answer: Waler

24-______ is a part of the horse harness that is used to distribute the load around a horse neck and shoulders when pulling a wagon or plough

Answer: Horse collar

25- How many legs does a horse have?

Answer: 4vlegs

26- What is the tuft mane that falls downward between the ears above the forehead called?

Answer: forelock

27- How long does a horse takes care its baby?

Answer: 6 months

28- A doctor for horses is regarded as a____

Answer: Vertebrate

29- What type of weather is best suitable for horses?

Answer: Cold weather

30- The lord of all horses in the world is _

Answer: Shadowfax

31- How many breeds of horses do we have?

Answer: 200 different breed

32- How do horses sleeping?

Answer: By standing up

33- Do horses display during courtship?

Answer: yes

34- What is the name of horses’s father?

Answer: Sire

35- Are all horses herbivores?

Answer: Yes

36- How fast can a horse run with a rider on it?

Answer: 55mph

37- The age of a horse is determined by

Answer: it’s teeth

38- Horses are adapted to allowing them escape from predators

Answer: Running

39- In the olden days horses where usually for?

Answer: Transportation

40- At what age can a horse be raced?

Answer: 2 years

41- A horse with alot of marking is called a?

Answer: Chrome

42- An adult male horse had how many set of teeth?

Answer: 44

43- Are horses pet?

Answer: Yes

44- What part of the horses keeps growing as long as they are alive

Answer: Hooves

45- The horses cannot see what color?

Answer: Red

46- ____is the largest bone in a horse?

Answer: femur

47- How foal can a female horse produce in a year?

Answer: One per year

48- Can a Mare produce at its 20’s?

Answer: Yes

49- Wild horses can be tamed true or false?

Answer: True

50- What are the two basic form of communication of horses?

Answer: Vocal and body communication

51- A castrated young male horse is called a?

Answer: Colt

52- How many stomach chamber does a horse have?

Answer: one

53- The two openings in a horse is known as the ?

Answer: Nostril

54- What is the respiratory organ of a horse called?

Answer: Lungs

55- is the respiratory organ of a horse?

Answer: Kidney

56- A horse with Eight (8) legs is called?

Answer: Sieipnir

57- Do horses chew their cuds

Answer: No

58- Digestion takes place in what part of the horse?

Answer: Small intestine

59- The most sensitive part of a horse are___,,&_

Answer: nose, lips, mouth and ear

60- ____ the insensitive part of horse is called ?

Answer: hoof

61- A small type of horse is called?

Answer: A pony

62- At what time was horses domesticated?

Answer: 4000BC

63- At what age is regarded as the full adulthood of a horse?

Answer: 5 years

64- The average lifespan of a horse is what?

Answer: 25 years-30 years

65- A horse of either sex that is between one and two years old is called?

Answer: Yearling

66- The process of reducing a foal to what will be its adult diet is called?

Answer: Weaning

67- A castrated male horse of an age is called?

Answer: gelding

Good going! You have almost reached the end! We just got 40 more questions about horses and at the end of this article, you can call yourself a horse expert!

68- Another name for a foal is

Answer: Suckling

69- Horses have the largest eyes among all other mammals true or false

Answer: True

70- Is a horse a viviparous Vertebrate?

Answer: Yes

71- The tallest horse ever lived __?

Answer: Big jake

72- The horse with the shortest tall in the world is____

Answer: Thumbelina

73- A person that rides or is involve in horse is called?

Answer: Equestrian

74- The horse with the Longest tail is called?

Answer: Shire

75- Horses have how many ear compartment?

Answer: 3 ear compartment

76- A person that takes care of a horse is called?

Answer: Hostler or ostler

77- _ needed to carry power from the hind limb forwarded

Answer: Loin

78- What is the source of growth for the hoof wall?

Answer: Coronet helps to restrict grass intake but do not completely prevent the horse from feeding.

79- The tallest part of the body of a horse is called?

Answer: Withers

80- The legs of a horse are known as?

Answer: Horse’s hind limbs

81- A horse can feed itself to death yes or no

Answer: No

82- The rope used in controlling or leading the horse is called?

Answer: Halter

83- Horses have how many kidney?

Answer: 2 kidneys

84- Inches or centimeters is used to measure?

Answer: Miniature horses

85- When two different equines are crossed they produces hybrids that are usually ?

Answer: Sterile & Strong

86- The problem of horses is colic because…

Answer:They cannot burp and they cannot regurgitate Living in is among the behavior of horses.

87- The original horses is known as …..

Answer: Eohippus

88- The first horse ever cloned was in _ through the use of technology

Answer: 2003

89- The world’s first cloned horse is ?

Answer: Prometea

90- How many eyes does a horse have?

Answer: Four eyes

91- How many ribs does a horse possess?

Answer: 24 ribs

92- The product gotten from a horse is called__?

Answer: Glue

93- Are horses dairy animal?

Answer: Yes

94- Horse milk is one of the _ in fat among mammals

Answer: Lowest

95- Ponies, donkeys, mules, horses and zebras are all_?

Answer: Equines

96- The strongest equine is _

Answer: Donkey

97- Gray horses are known to be born with ?

Answer: A darker color

98- A female horse used for only breeding is known as ?

Answer: Brood mare

99- A healthy pony usually has the

Answer: Longest, thickest mane and tail

100- How old is an 80 years old human in a horse years?

Answer: 28 years

101- Does a horse have a skull?

Answer: Yes

102- How many set of permanent teeth does a horse have?

Answer: 40

103- How many set of teeth does a foal have?

Answer: 16 set of teeth

104- Horses reacts without _

Answer: Thinking

Now that you have reached the end, do you think you have known all the answers to questions about horses? These questions about horses will not only improve your imagination power but also help you in understanding horses.

Give a read to Fun facts about horses as well.

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