Alien Floating in Space in Space Suit
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Thought provoking philosophy questions about existence and the universe

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What better way to spend a Tuesday afternoon than pondering the possibility of extraterrestrial life?

Is time travel possible?

Time travelling car

Yes, technically. According to Einstein’s theory of relativity (that time and space are related)- gravity is able to curve space and time. A stronger gravitational force slows time, and a weaker one speeds it up. Additionally, it’s also been revealed that objects travelling at very high speeds, experience time more slowly.

However it would take extremely high speeds, approaching that of the speed of light, to make a significant difference to how time is experienced by a person. This technique has only been performed successfully by one man- using a DeLorean- Marty McFly.

Are aliens real? Does life exist on other planets?

Alien Floating in Space in Space Suit

So far, no alien life forms have yet been discovered– but there are so many other star systems in the universe, that it seems improbable that some kind of organism wouldn’t have developed somewhere. As human space exploration and detection capability continue to advance, so will the chance of finding life outside of planet earth. So far, no sentient beings have made contact with us, either. But they could exist- maybe they might not be capable of it yet, or the vast void for signals to cross from one galaxy or another might be too much to overcome. Maybe aliens are in fact on their way in UFO’s, but outside the range of our current telescopes to spot them.

Can humans live on Mars?

Biosphere on mars

Yes. Well, we could inside some sort of pressure regulated building or biosphere. Standing around unprotected on Mars surface would probably not be a good idea due to the hostile thin atmosphere- which gives rise to extreme weather conditions. And it’s like, really cold, and stuff. While the highs are a reasonable 70 degrees Fahrenheit (20 degrees Celsius), the temperature can get as low as -225 degrees Fahrenheit (-153 degrees Celsius) due to the Sun’s heat escaping. And the gases are probably toxic AF.

Is the universe infinite?

Universe image

No one really knows for sure- but the size of the universe is so ridiculously big- 93 billion light years across– that is basically is infinite in terms of what our pea brains can comprehend.

Can you communicate with the dead?

Zombie Talking on the phone

No. Unless you consider the use of an Ouija board as a successful communication. I’d say you’d have a better chance with the aliens.

Is there a parallel universe?

Parallel Universe

There’s not really any hard evidence to support the existence of a parallel universe, but there’s also no evidence against it either. Some multiverse theories are supposed to be possible without bending the current understanding of the laws of physics too much. Some physicists think that with the initial expansion of the universe, there were several individual bubbles formed through expansion at different points in time or at a different rate- which essentially form parallel universes. I don’t really understand it though, as I’m not a physicist and I’d need to do more research to wrap my head around that.

If you subscribe to the simulation theory, our universe would be one of many simulated in some kind of supercomputer environment- and we’d be the guinea pigs of evil scientists. They should only change one variable per universe so that each simulation is a fair test, though!

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