Simple yes or no questions

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Introducing a collection of straightforward yes or no questions! Explore the world of knowledge with concise inquiries that can be answered with a simple “yes” or “no.” From the mysteries of nature to general knowledge, these questions aim to provide quick and clear responses. Join us on this journey of discovery!

  1. Is the sky blue? Ans: Yes.
  2. Do cats have fur? Ans: Yes.
  3. Are oranges a type of fruit? Ans: Yes.
  4. Is water wet? Ans: No.
  5. Can birds fly? Ans: Yes.
  6. Is the Earth round? Ans: Yes.
  7. Do dogs bark? Ans: Yes.
  8. Is the sun hot? Ans: Yes.
  9. Are elephants bigger than mice? Ans: Yes.
  10. Can humans breathe underwater? Ans: No.
  11. Do trees produce oxygen? Ans: Yes.
  12. Is chocolate a sweet food? Ans: Yes.
  13. Are whales mammals? Ans: Yes.
  14. Do spiders have eight legs? Ans: Yes.
  15. Is the moon a natural satellite of the Earth? Ans: Yes.
  16. Can fish live without water? Ans: No.
  17. Are roses a type of flower? Ans: Yes.
  18. Is the Statue of Liberty located in New York City? Ans: Yes.
  19. Do birds lay eggs? Ans: Yes.
  20. Is the Great Wall of China visible from space? Ans: No.
  21. Are bananas a source of potassium? Ans: Yes.
  22. Do snakes have scales? Ans: Yes.
  23. Is the Pacific Ocean the largest ocean in the world? Ans: Yes.
  24. Can you catch a cold from being cold? Ans: No.
  25. Is the Eiffel Tower located in France? Ans: Yes.
  26. Do bees produce honey? Ans: Yes.
  27. Are diamonds a type of gemstone? Ans: Yes.
  28. Is the Mona Lisa a painting by Leonardo da Vinci? Ans: Yes.
  29. Can a magnet attract iron? Ans: Yes.
  30. Do birds have feathers? Ans: Yes.
  31. Is the Nile River the longest river in the world? Ans: Yes.
  32. Are penguins flightless birds? Ans: Yes.
  33. Do turtles lay eggs on land? Ans: Yes.
  34. Is the Taj Mahal located in India? Ans: Yes.
  35. Can plants grow without sunlight? Ans: No.
  36. Do dolphins live in the ocean? Ans: Yes.
  37. Is the planet Mars closer to the Sun than the Earth? Ans: No.
  38. Are strawberries a type of berry? Ans: Yes.
  39. Is the human heart located in the chest? Ans: Yes.
  40. Can sound travel through a vacuum? Ans: No.
  41. Do ants have six legs? Ans: Yes.
  42. Is Mount Everest the highest mountain in the world? Ans: Yes.
  43. Are tomatoes a type of fruit? Ans: Yes.
  44. Is the Amazon Rainforest located in South America? Ans: Yes.
  45. Can snakes hear? Ans: No.
  46. Do cows produce milk? Ans: Yes.
  47. Is the Declaration of Independence a U.S. historical document? Ans: Yes.
  48. Are potatoes a type of vegetable? Ans: Yes.
  49. Is the internet accessible worldwide? Ans: Yes.
  50. Do bears hibernate during the winter? Ans: Yes.
  51. Is fire a form of matter? Ans: Yes.
  52. Do butterflies undergo metamorphosis? Ans: Yes.
  53. Is the Earth the third planet from the Sun? Ans: Yes.
  54. Can plants conduct photosynthesis at night? Ans: No.
  55. Is soccer also known as football in most countries? Ans: Yes.
  56. Do birds have a sense of smell? Ans: Yes.
  57. Is the planet Venus closer to the Sun than the Earth? Ans: Yes.
  58. Can spiders fly? Ans: No.
  59. Is Mount Kilimanjaro located in Africa? Ans: Yes.
  60. Do all mammals have hair or fur? Ans: Yes.
  61. Is the Statue of Liberty made of copper? Ans: Yes.
  62. Can lightning occur without thunder? Ans: No.
  63. Is the Atlantic Ocean larger than the Indian Ocean? Ans: Yes.
  64. Do turtles have a hard shell? Ans: Yes.
  65. Is the human brain the control center of the body? Ans: Yes.
  66. Can a plant survive without water? Ans: No.
  67. Are diamonds formed from coal? Ans: No.
  68. Is the color black an absence of light? Ans: Yes.
  69. Do kangaroos live in Australia? Ans: Yes.
  70. Is the Sahara Desert the largest desert in the world? Ans: Yes.

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