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80 Cool Science Quiz Questions for Kids

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Permit me to share with you these good science quiz questions for kids + answers.

The world we are living today revolves around science and technology and believe me, it would continue to advance day after day.

But one thing you can do for your kids now- is to introduce them to basics of Science.

And to help you out, I have rounded some good science quiz questions that your kids will love.

Now let’s get started.

Science Quiz Questions for Kids

1. What is the shape of the earth?

(a) Circle (b) Round (c) Sphere (d) Oval

Answer: Sphere

2. How many planets are there in the Universe?

(a) Four (b) Five (c) Eight (d) Nine

Answer: Nine

3. The natural satellite of the earth is called?

(a) The sun (b) Moon (c) Star (c) Telecommunication

Answer: Moon

4. ________ is one of the most important source of energy for the Earth?

(a) Power Holding Companies (b) Nuclear Plants (c) The Sun (d) Gasoline

Answer: Sun

5. The _______ is responsible for the movement of human body?

(a) Muscular System (b) Skeleton (c) Leg (d) Feet

Answer: Muscular System

6. The two openings in the nose are called?

(a) Holes (b) Joints (c) Nostrils (d) Breathing carnal

Answer: Nostrils

7. What part of the human body is responsible for sight?

(a) Pupil (b) Eye Lid (c) Eyes (d) Ear

Answer: Eyes

8. Which organ is mainly responsible for excretion in human?

(a) Bladder (b) Bile (c) Kidney (d) Lungs

Answer: Kidney

9. Anything that has weight and occupies space is called?

(a) Matter (b) Mass (c) Solid (d) Water

10. The three states of Matter are _______, _______ and _________?

(a) Solid, Liquid and Gas (b) Gas, Water and Vapor (c) Ice block, Water and Mass (d) All of them

Answer: Solid, Liquid and Gas

11. We breathe in oxygen and breath out _______?

(a) Oxygen (b) Hydrogen (c) Carbon dioxide (d) Nitrogen

Answer: Carbondioxide

12. Rice is a source of ________?

(a) Vitamin (b) Protein (c) Carbohydrate (d) MKineral Salt

Answer: Carbohydrate

13. We feel with our _______?

(a) Mouth (b) Nose (c) Hand (d) Skin

Answer: Skin

14. How many sense organs do humans have? And mention them.

(a) five (b) Six (c) Three (d) One

Answer: Five ( Eyes, nose, skin, tongue, ear)

15. Who invented Electric bulb?

(a) Aristotle (b) Bill Gate (c) Flash man (d) Thomas Edison

Answer: Thomas Edison

16. We have how many classes of food?

(a) One (b) Two (c) Four (d) Six

Answer: Six

17. The organ that covers the whole body and gives it protection is called?

(a) White Blood Cell (b) Clothe (c) Skin

Answer: Skin

18. What is responsible for the green pigment of plant?

(a) Photosynthesis (b) Chlorophyll (c) Sun Light (d) Stomata

Answer: Chlorophyll

19. The most important organ in the human body is________?

(a) Skin (b) Liver (c) Lungs (d) Brain

Answer: Brain

20. Animals that give birth to their young ones alive are best to as?

(a) Amphibians (b) Humans (c) Apes (d) Mammals

Answer: Mammal

21. What is the boiling point of water?

(a) 25 (b) 100 degree (c) 100 degree Celsius (d) 75 degree Celsius

Answer: 100 degree Celsius

22. The instrument used in measuring the temperature of a human body is called?

(a) Stethoscope (b) Body Checker (c) Thermometer (d) Telescope

Answer: Thermometer

23. The human heart is divide into how many sections?

(a) Four (b) Three (c) Two (d) One

Answer: One

24. Animals that we can keep at home are best referred to as _______?

(a) Pets (b) Wild Animals (c) Domestic Animals (d) Home Animals

Answer: Domestic Animals

25. The Organ responsible for human sense of taste is the ________?

(a) Skin (b) Mouth (c) Saliva (d) Tongue

Answer: Tongue

26. Fish uses _______ for Respiration?

(a) Nose (b) Gills (c) Mouth (d) Water

Answer: Gill

27. What Kind of soil is best for planting?

(a) Clay (b) Loamy Soil (C) Sandy soil (d) All of the Above

Answer: Loamy soil

28. _____ is the process of making soap?

(a) Soap Making (b) Metamorphosis (c) Osmosis (d) Saponification

Answer: Soap

29. How many set of teeth does an adult human have?

(a) 12 (b) 45 (c) 32 (d) 25

Answer: 32

30. Who is popularly known as the father of electricity?

(a) Charlie Chaplain (b) Mike Thompson (c) Michael Faraday (d) Williams Smith

Answer: Michael Faraday

31. How long does it take a Hen to hatch its egg?

(a) 3 days (b) 12 days (c) 12 days (d) 21 days

Answer: 21days

32. Human uses___________ for respiration?

(a) Mouth (b) Liver (c) Lungs (d) Kidney

Answer: Lungs

33. Terrestrial animals are animal that lives on _____?

(a) Sky (b) Land (c) Water (d) Tree

Answer: Land

34. A doctor that helps take care of the teeth is called?

(a) Teeth doctor (b) Surgeon (c) Dentist (d) Medical Doctor

Answer: A dentist

35. The stethoscope is used for checking________?

(a) Blood flow (b) Organ functions (c) Bone Structure (d) The Heart or Lungs

Answer: Heart or Lungs

36. The medical instrument used to monitor blood sugar level is called?

(a) Thermometer (b) Glucometer (c) Sugar Checker (d) Sugarmeter

Answer: Glucometer.

37. The push and pull of an object is referred to as?

(a) Force (b) Torge (c) Movement (d) Shift

Answer: Force

38. Locomotion is also known as?

(a) Movement from place to place (b) Map Direction (c) Car (d) Airplane

Answer: Movement from one place to another

39. The tip or blade of a leaf is also known as?

(a) Leaf Blade (b) Apex (c) Root (d) Trunk

Answer: Apex

40. Plants that take a year to grow to produce and die are called?

(a) Annual Plants (b) Perennial Plants (c) Biennials (d) Short-LIved Plants

Answer: Annual Plants

41. A young frog is called?

(a) Baby (b) Tadpole (c) Offspring (d) Spirogyra

Answer: Tadpole

42. The largest animal on earth?

(a) King Kong (b) Dinosaur (d) Dragon (d) Blue whale

Answer: Blue whale

43. What is the standard unit of force?

(a) Power (b) Joules (c) Ampere (d) Newton

Answer: Newton

44. The standard unit of power is?

(a) Kilogram (b) Joules (c) Newton (d) Watts

Answer: Watts

45. The powerhouse of a cell is called?

(a) The engine room (b) Server (c) Mitochondria (d) Protons

Answer: Mitochondria

46. A male cow is called?

(a) Buffalo (b) Puffin (c) Big Cow (d) Ox

Answer: Ox

47. Animals that live on both land and water are called?

(a) Amphibians (b) Mammals (c) Reptiles (d) Apes

Answer: Amphibians

48. What part of the skeletal system gives protection to the brain?

(a) Ligaments (b) Joint (c) Skull (d) Brain Cell

Answer: Skull

49. Animals that feed on only plants are called?

(a) Herbivores (b) Plant Eaters (c) Grasshopper (d) Carnivores

Answer: Herbivores

50. The closest planet to the sun is_________?

(a) Mercury (b) Venus (c) Mars (d) Jupiter

Answer: Mercury

51. The smallest planet is _________?

Answer: Pluto

(a) Jupiter (b) Mercury (c) Pluto (d) Earth

52. A mother bee is called ______?

(a) Mama (b) Chief (c) Grand Bee (d) Queen Mother

Answer: Queen mother

53. Bees stay in ______?

(a) Box (b) Hive (c) Apartment (d) Underground

Answer: Hive

53. How many bones are there in the human body?

(a) 307 (b) 567 (c) 200 (d) 206

Answer: 206

54. Invertebrates are animals without_______?

(a) Wings (b) Fins (d) Backbone (d) Teeth

Answer: Backbone

55. The smallest bone in the human body is called

(a) Scapular (b) Teeth (c) Phalanges (d) Staples

Answer: Staples

56. A young cow is called ____?

(a) Calf (b) Lamb (c) Sheep (d) Baby Cow

Answer: Calf

57. The darkest part of the shadow is known as?

(a) Penumbra (b) Umbra (c) Antumbra

Answer: Umbra

58. The solar system is divided into how many regions?

(a) One (b) Two (c) Three (d) Four

Answer: Two

59. The largest human cell is known as??

(a) Blader (b) Brain (c) Stomach (d) Ovum

Answer: Ovum

No Options

60. An atom is divided into three namely:

Answer: Neutron, electron and proton

61. The process whereby food is broken down into smaller pieces for easy absorption is known as_____?

Answer: Digestion

62. Moving air is called?

Answer: Wind

63. The medical instrument used to view tiny object that cannot be seen with ordinary eyes is called?

Answer: Microscope

64. An example of a microscopic organism is known as?

Answer: A virus

65. The fins in a fish are used for____?

Answer: For movement

66. The process animals get rid of waste products is called?

Answer: Excretion

67. An irreversible increase in size and mass of an organism is know as _______?

Answer: Growth

68. _________ is the smallest unit of life?

Answer: Cell

69. The two primary memory of a computer are_____ and_______?

Answer: RAM and ROM

70. Where two bones meet is called?

Answer: Joints

71. The two main types of joints are?

Answer: Moveable and immovable joint

72. Animals that feed on both plants and animals are called?

Answer: Omnivorous animals

73. Fats and oils are also called?

Answer: Lipids

74. Water composes of ______ and _______

Answer: Oxygen and hydrogen

75. The type of nutrition in which organisms are able to manufacture their food is known as?

Answer: Autotrophic nutrition

76. Energy is characterized into two major forms called?

Answer: Renewable and Non-renewable energy.

70. The process by which plants manufacture their own food with the help of sunlight energy is called?

Answer: Photosynthesis.

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