Bird Quiz Questions and Answers

81 Bird Quiz Questions And Answers (4 Hard Stages)

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Looking for Bird Quiz Questions and Answers? We got you covered.

Ever since I was young, I have always wished to own a bird that can talk, If you don’t know the bird am talking about, I think you shouldn’t be here. Just kiding.

We live in a world filled with all kinds of bird both big and small. Some are even so tiny that you trap with one palm.

Now how well do you know about birds? It’s time to find out.

Bird Quiz Questions And Answers

1. Which bird lays the largest egg?

Answer: Ostrich

2. How many limbs does a bird have?

Answer: 4

3. Are birds mammals?

Answer: No

4. What type of bird has eyes that is bigger than it’s brain?

Answer: Ostrich

5. How long does it take a bird to hatch its eggs?

Answer: 10day to 30days

6. A group of collective crows is regarded as

Answer: A murder

7. Which bird can only eat when it’s head is upside down?

Answer: A flamingo

8. Which among the birds possesses blue eggs?

Answer: American Robin

9. The bird with the longest life span is known as_________?

Answer: Large Parrot

10. ________and birds are able to mimic humans?

Answer: Songbird and Parrot

10. Birds are scientifically classifies as______?

Answer: Aves

11. How long does it take a bird to build a nest?

Answer: 5 hours to 30 days

12. The largest bird in the world is?

Answer: Common Ostrich (Struthio camelus)

13. The smallest eggs are being laid by type of bird?

Answer: Humming bird

14. _______ is the average heartbeat rate of a birds at rest during the day?

Answer: 282 per minute

15. Does a bird possess an alimentary canal like humans

Answer: Yes

16. A bird is a _________ blooded animal?

Answer: Warm-blooded vertebrae

17. How many heart chambers does a bird possess?

Answer: 4

18. What’s the highest flying bird in the world?

Answer: Bar-headed goose

19. can bat be regarded as a bird?

Answer: No

20. A baby bird is referred to as_______?

Answer: Nestlings

21. Do the Nestlings have the ability to fly

Answer: No

22. Do all birds lay eggs??

Answer: Yes

23. What is the normal temperature of a bird?

Answer: 105 degrees Fahrenheit

24. ______ is the only poisonous bird in the world?

Answer: Hooded Pitohui of Papua

25. Which bird can sleep while flying?

Answer: The Albatross

26. The sebaceous gland in birds provides a grease that serves as and ________?

Answer: Protectant and lubricant for hair and skin.

27. Animal that lay eggs are best referred to as ________?

Answer: Oviparous Animal

28. The smallest bird in the world is known as?

Answer: Bee hummingbird

29. The largest carnivorous bird is Known as?

Answer: Andean Condor

30. What’s the function of scales in the feather of a bird?

Answer: The scale is for protection and to prevent water loss

31. What type of bodyweight does a bird require before it can be able to fly?

Answer: Low

32. The rarest bird in the world is called?

Answer: Madagascar Pochard

33. A group of owls are regarded

Answer: Parliament

34. How many weight of chicken eggs is equivalent to an Ostrich egg

Answer: 24 chicken eggs

35. Why do ostrich eat stone?

Answer: Eating stones helps to digest food.

36. Birds that plunge into water to catch fish or other food are called?

Answer: Diving bird

37. Which bird has the longest beak?

Answer: Sword-billed hummingbird

38. What’s the purpose of Gizzard in birds??

Answer: For grinding food

39. Which bird dig holes instead of building a nest?

Answer: Puffin

40. A male adult bird is called??

Answer: A rooster

41. A male younger bird is called?

Answer: Cockerel

42. What’s the general name for a female Adult bird?

Answer: Hen

43. A castrated bird is know as_________?

Answer: Capon

44. The world most dangerous bird is called?

Answer: Cassowary

45. _________ is regarded as the King of birds?

Answer: Eagle

46. What makes the eagle unique among other birds?

Answer: The presence of its wings to soar higher in a storm that others bird are scared of.

47. Birds that are very active during the day are called?

Answer: Diurnal birds

48. Birds that are insanely active only at night are called?

Answer: Nocturnal birds

49. What is the name of the fastest bird on Earth?

Answer: Peregrine falcon

50. _____ bird is regarded as the wisest?

Answer: The Owl

51._________ is regarded as the strongest bird?

Answer: Northern African Ostrich

52. What type of bones does a bird have?

Answer: Thin and hollow bones. This makes them lightweight.

53. What is the most sensitive organ of a bird?

Answer: Eyes

54. is bird a Viviparous Vertebrate?

Answer: No

55. Do birds have bone marrow?

Answer: Yes

56. How long do bird sleep?

Answer: On average some bird sleep 12 hours

57. What is the main function of the parrot beak?

Answer: For climbing

58. What organ is the most important for the excretion of a bird?

Answer: Kidney

59. Which organ do birds use for respiration?

Answer: Lungs

60. Why are peacock brightly colored?

Answer: For display

61. Do all birds have an esophagus?

Answer: No

62. Is birds among the animals that give birth to their young ones alive?

Answer: No

63. The only bird with its nostril at the end of its beak is called?

Answer: Kiwi

64. Do birds eat worm?

Answer: Yes

65. Which bird is known for its big yellow bill?

Answer: Toucan

66. _________ is the lightest bird in the world?

Answer: Bee humming bird

67. How Many species of bird do we have?

Answer: 10,000 species.

68. Which species of bird can fly backwards?

Answer: Hummingbird

69. Do bird’s egg contain Calcium?

Answer: Calcium

70. Which bird enjoys feeding on hairy Caterpillar?

Answer: Cuckoo

71. What type of bird can recognize itself in a mirror?

Answer: Magpie

72. The Peacock is from what family of birds?

Answer: Phasianidae

73. Which bird has the longest tail?

Answer: Ribbo-tailed astrapia

74. What bird has the longest feather?

Answer: Phoenix fowl

75. _______ Bird has the most beautiful tail?

Answer: Indian peafowl

76. How many eggs can an Ostrich lay in a year?

Answer: 70

77. ________ is the heartbeat of a bird during a flight?

Answer: 1000 beats per minute

78. Which bird represents the symbol of happiness?

Answer: Bluebird.

79. Which bird represent symbol of peace and hope?

Answer: Dove

79. Which bird is mostly tied to spiritual symbolism and meaning?

Answer: An Owl

80. Newly hatched young ones of Peahen are called?

Answer: Peachicks

81. The main functions of peacock’s large train are?

Answers: Courtship displays and mating rituals.

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