Would You Rather Questions For Couples
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82 Best Would you Rather Questions for Couples

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82 best would you rather questions for couples that will either send you to jail (in a funny way) or put you in deep trouble.

Don’t forget to take safety measures before answering one of ”those” would you rather questions for couples.

This post covers the list of the best would you rather questions for couples you can find on the internet.

So if you’re looking for questions ideas that are funny, crazy, disturbing, funny, thought-provoking and difficult then we got you covered.

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So let’s get started.

Would You Rather Questions for Couples

Here’s the Ultimate list of the best would you rather questions for couples you’ll need.

NB: Be careful of the question you forward to your partner, If you think the question might go against his or her belief do well to steer clear.

Also, consider the mood and vibe of the atmosphere before throwing up some really disturbing questions at your partner. (Fun times can go wrong sometimes)

Crazy Would Rather Questions For Couples

1. Would you rather take your spouse’s best friend for a night date or the worst girl you ever met?

2. Would you rather have bottles of blood inside your house or dead animals outside your house?

3. Would you rather marry your a girl/man that is good at bed or your lady/mand that is rich?

4. Would you rather eat your spouse food when angry or never sleep again?

5. Would you rather watch a football match with your wife or your best friend in your bedroom?

6. Would you rather lounge in a hotel filled with mad and annoying people for two weeks or live on a dreadful Island for a month?

7. Would you rather take your wife for a Christmas vacation to any country other than to visit your mum in your home town?

8. Would you rather have stubborn twins as your first kids or remain without children?

9. Would you rather lose your father/mother/ or your wife/husband?

10. Would rather sleep on a table in the kitchen or sleep on the same bed with someone you don’t love?

11. Would you rather go n_ked to your office because your husband said so or quit the marriage?

12. Would you rather have a gay/lesbian housekeeper or keep your house dirty for life?

13. Would you rather trade your happiness for your spouse or your kids?

14. Would you rather introduce your spouse to everyone and get killed or deny not having any spouse and get married to another lady/man?

15. Would you rather pay for damages caused by your ex wife/husband or allow him/her to be sent to jail?

16. Would you rather take the shame and get married to a thief or remain single for life?

17. Would you rather educate your churchy spouse on s-x acts or get a side chick that knows the game?

18. Would you rather continue a marriage with a lady who doesn’t have a vag_na or remain single for the rest of your life?

Would Rather Questions For Couples
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Disturbing Would Rather Questions For Couples

Fasten your seat belts for some juiciest would you rather couple questions.

1. Would you rather wash your wife’s pantie’s or sex-starved?

2. Would you rather run away from your annoying siblings or spend the next vacation in the zoo?

3. Would you rather trust your spouse or confide in your parents?

4. Would you rather go on a date with your worst girlfriend/boyfriend or drink a cup of your urine?

5. Would you rather kiss your partner’s as-hole or kiss a chimpanzee?

6. Would you rather embarrass your husband in public over an insignificant issue or never say a word and wait for him at home with a sharp knife?

7. Would you rather ruin your home because of rumors of your spouse cheating or go to jail for a crime you didn’t commit?

Aren’t these would you rather questions for couples getting more and more interesting?

8. Would you rather live in an unhappy home or go out forever from home and marry a mad man/woman?

9. Would you rather act jealous or feel jealous when your spouse hug and peck their ex, or you collapse?

10. Would you rather die with your spouse or live in a mortuary for the rest of your life?

11. Would you rather as a husband allow a priest pray for your wife while she is nude so she can become pregnant or remain childless?

12. Would you rather allow your husband’s mistress into your house or leave her in the winter without a winter jacket?

13. Would you rather buy an apartment for your family near your mother-in-law or live in a desert?

14. Would you rather have s_x with your wife during the menstrual cycle or drink a cup of fermented urine?

Difficult Would You Rather Questions For Couples

1. Would you rather discuss your partner ill manners outside the home or divorce her

2. Would you rather marry a bad cook that you love or marry a good cook you dislike?

3. Would you rather get married to the partner your parents choose for you or marry a monkey?

4. Would you rather hide secretive business deals from your spouse that wants to know what you’re up to or remain unemployed?

5. Would you rather have a joint bank account with your wife or you drown?

One of the very meaningful would you rather questions for a couple is right below.

6. Would you rather divorce your spouse for $500,000 or become a peasant farmer?

7. Would you rather bear the pain of a nagging wife/husband than being married to your spouse?

8. Would you rather go into debt to pay your drug-addicted lover fees or have your money allow him to be killed?

9. Would you rather invite your old friends for dinner without your spouse consent or don’t eat at all.

10. Would you rather turn into what you don’t like to save your family or leave and never return?

9. Would you rather dress exactly the same way as your worst enemy or dress half-naked?

10. Would rather kiss a stranger or allow your spouse’s friend to see your nakedness?

11. Would you rather ignore your wife screaming old ex-lover’s name during s_x or stop having affairs with her for life?

12. Would you rather run mad if you discovered your husband is having an external affair with your best friend or set your home ablaze?

13. Would you rather remain faithful in a less active marriage or become cripple for unfaithfulness?

14. Would you rather pay for lunch for your childhood bully in a nice eatery or eat snack all your life?

15. Would you rather travel with your annoying sibling for an international conference or be disgraced by an illiterate lady?

16. Would you rather cheat on your spouse with her/his best friend or your father’s secretary?

17. Would you rather go blind or crush on a professional prostitute?

18. Would you rather go to church for a quiet time or to a suite?

19. Would you rather tattoo the name of your first heartbreaker on your Tommy or drink only water for a month?

20. Would you rather go swimming or drink to stupor?

21. Would you rather marry a flirting spouse or a blind spouse?

22. Would you rather go on a flying boat to your spouse home town or die trekking to that town?

23. Would you rather travel away from home with your spouse or move on to the same journey with your dog?

24. Would you rather have your family starve or allow her to work with her ex she loved so much?

25. Would you rather confess your unfaithfulness to your spouse or leave the man to face life?

26. Would you rather have moved on with your life assuming your spouse broke up with you when you were dating or commit suicide?
27. Would you rather go for studies abroad, leaving your spouse in your home country, or become a criminal for life?
28. Would you rather respect your wife’s word or be drowned in an ocean
29. Would you rather wished you go partying all your life or die being an honest spouse
30. Would you rather cancel an appointment with the president because of breakfast on the bed or sleep in the poultry farm
31. Would you rather choose to be a drunk or a nightmare to your family

Fun Would Rather Questions For Couples

1. Would you rather buy an Apple as a birthday present for your partner or a quick kiss
2. Would you rather faint or shock when your wife buys you a car or never drive it
3. Would you rather want an early morning kiss from your spouse or never kiss at all
4. Would you rather want breakfast on bed or dance
5. Would you rather want your wife to be the one showing love and u going shopping, or you die begging.
6. Would you rather eat cupcakes or never for life?

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7. Would you rather feel tipsy at your spouse presence or never
8. Would you rather forfeit your birthright for your wife or become an imbecile
9. Would you rather sell your brand new car to take your wife to a cinema
10. Would you rather wish your wife is a celebrity
11. Would you rather your spouse have their different apartment
12. Would you rather pay for a flight ticket for a girlfriend and board a train for your wife
13. Would you rather dress corporate with your family or wear traditional attire all your life
14. Would you rather buy a private jet or board a cab for the lifetime
15. Would you rather kiss your spouse when he has not to brush or kiss a dog
16. Would you rather buy a car with your first salary or set it ablaze
17. Would you rather take your wife to a dance club or take her to a cemetery
18. Would you rather take your spouse to a zoo or buy her a Lion
19. Would you rather buy your spouse a wristwatch as a birthday present or buy him a golden snake

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