Random Questions to Ask to Get to Know Someone
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97 Don’t Miss Out Questions to Ask to Get to Know Someone

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Still wondering how to initiate a conversation in a lighter mode? Worry no more, as I have planned 97 random questions to ask to get to know someone.

Permit me to share with you this well-compiled list good random questions to ask.

This post contains over 97 Interesting questions to ask and I can tell you that this is more than enough.

The Problem With Random Questions To Ask Someone

But the big problem here is that not all the question ideas written down here would suit everyone. That’s why I will recommend you randomly pick the questions you are appropriate for you need.

But before we proceed, I would love to share of my previous posts on question ideas that might be helpful.

Now, Let’s get started.

Random Questions to Ask to Get to Know Someone

1. Where are you from?

2. How old are you?

3. Do you have younger ones?

4. How many are you in your home?

5. What is your choice of friendship?

6. Do you have friends, and how close are you to them?

7. What is your highest motivation in life?

8. Do you have any scars on your body that may be due to an accident?

9. Do you have friends that inspire and gives you the best advice you need to achieve something you desire?

10. Who is your favorite celebrity?

Random questions to ask
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11. Do you have a role model? If yes, Who?

12. Do you stay out late at night? Or when do you love to go to go bed?

13. What’s your biggest fear? And how do you plan to overcome it?

14. What’s your animal spirit?

15. What’s your favorite quote? And where did you hear or read it from?

16. Do you believe in Religion and supreme beings?

15. Practical or theory, which do you prefer?

16. What’s your favorite food and restaurant?

17. How often do you go shopping?

18. How often do you prepare meals at home and how often do you buy and eat junk food?

19. Are you a football fan, If yes which club are you a supporting?

20. When is your birthday and where and how do you always celebrate it?

21. How much do you love food?

22. What clan make you cry like a baby?

23. What’s that gadget you have right now that can’t you not live without?

24. Sing or dancing, which do you prefer?

25. Have you ever addressed a group of people and felt like the ground should open and swallow you?

26. What’s the most annoying thing a girl/boy can do to you, and you will react?

27. Which celebrity do you love his/ her love life and would want to emulate?

28. What’s the most ungodly thing you have ever done in life, and how has it affected your whole life?

29. Do you see travelling as part of a life adventure? If yes, how often do you travel?

30. Have you ever thought badly about what the society think and believe is good?

31. What’s your taste of a lady/guy?

32. What tribe are you from? and are you so keen on traditions?

33. If you are giving five hundred thousand dollars, how would you use it?

34. Are you an introvert or an extrovert?

35. Do you like transparency in a relationship, or you like and enjoy your privacy?

36. Do your job demand travelling a lot, or you work from the office?

37. Do you feel that women are always after money?

38. What are the festivals/events that you can’t afford to miss in your hometown or country?

39. Do your family practice a tradition that you want to inculcate into your future family? If yes, what’s that tradition?

40. Who’s your hero?

41. Can you recite your favorite gospel music without missing a single line?

42. Why did you break up with your ex? Was it in the area of unfaithfulness, or the love faded away?

43. What can make your love for someone fade away?

44. Do you have a principle you uphold, that even love can’t make you break it?

45. Where is your home town?

46. How do you feel when a lady turns down your offer for a date or gift?

47. Do you have any private place you go to cool off when you are stressed out or angry?

48. What are your parents take in other ladies/guys you’ve brought to them?

49. What’re your favorite snacks, and how do you appreciate it when someone does something surprising to you?

50. Have you ever love someone that never valued your love for him/her?

51. Have you ever loved someone that you can’t even express your feelings? And how did you manage all those times?

52. Have you ever fell in love with a colleague or boss at work?

53. Were you ever in a relationship that you’re grateful to God you broke up that friendship?

54. Is there any girl/guy you would have to woo or asked out if you were allowed to meet them again?

55. Do you like brushing before eating or after eating?

56. Do you think your life has been on grace or struggles?

57. Do you have friends you wish to be like?

58. At what age did you start taking care of your responsibilities?

59. When we first met, what was your first impression of me?

60. Were you really being yourself the first time we met, or you were pretending?

61. Do you like heels or flat shoes?

These random questions to ask someone to get to know them are really helpful, aren’t they?

62. Did you have a group of friends that you wish you never met in life?

63. What are things you’re very obsessed about?

64. What’s your position at the organization you work for?

65. What is your educational qualification?

66. If you are to study further like a master’s degree, which country will you like to go to for your studies and which course?

67. What are some crazy sacrifices you’ve made for love?

68. How was your tertiary school learning?

69. Did you join social gatherings like a club?

70. What are the things you would have done in life that you’re yet to achieve?

71. Have you ever gone on an excursion or sightseeing?

73. If you are to go to a zoo which animal will you like to see?

74. Do you like pets like dog, cat or birds?

75. What would you love to name your first child? And why?

76. Do you have bad habits that you’ve to tried to stop but can not?

77. What are those things you missed in your childhood life?

78. Are your strict? Shy, Gentle, Smart?

79. What are your religious doctrines that I need to know?

80. When was the last time you visited your place of interest? And if you are given the opportunity to established or develop that place for others or talk about it, what will you say?

81. An offer is given to you to abandon your relationship for $ 1million. Will you forfeit it?

82. If you are a footballer, which team would will you like to play like?

83. Which movie can best describe your life story?

84. Would you rather do dreadlocks on your hair and grow long bears? Do you dislike it?

85. What do you like doing when you are bored?

86. What’s the best and memorable event you’ve attended in life? And what was the occasion?

87. How many languages do you speak? Or which language would you want to learn?

87. Is your hometown close to a river? If yes, can you swim?

88. Are you a loner or conformist?

89. Do you have friends that you trust so much and why?

90. Can you write about me in two pages or how well do you know me?

91. If your parents disagree with your choice of a wife, will you continue with that relationship or marriage?

92. What’s the extent you can go to prove your point in any matter?

93. If your parents had decided you would become a Catholic parish priest, would you have been grateful to them or very unhappy with them?

94. If you are to change the world, where will you start from?

95. If you are to establish a business, what will be the first business to come to your mind?

96. What’s annoying thing that has ever happened to you during your childhood days?

97. If you are to correct your past life, where will you start from?

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