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60+ Dare for Kids [Fun, Tough, Awkward]

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This year has not been going quite well right from the very start, but what should we do other than to stay safe, have fun, and learn? That’s why I thought it would be beneficial to come up with a list of good dare for kids.

When I say good dares, I mean dares that are extremely tough, fun, and friendly for kids. Isn’t that what you are looking for here?

I also wrote a post last week about some good question games to play with friends and family.

I found this game very interesting because I have been playing the game lately with my neighborhood friends.

I must confess it was really fun until one of my crazy friends dared me to go to sleep, which was the end. I would definitely hit him hard next time we assemble to play the truth or dare game.

So without wasting much time, let’s get to the business of the day.

Good Dare for Kids

I would have loved to write the dares in a categorized manner, but I think it would not sit well with some of you. So what I suggest is that you pick the ones you find really good and add it up to your list of dares and have fun with your kids.

1. Hug the freezer/refrigerator for 30 seconds

This is super simple so no harm is expected from the fridge.

2. List ten movies that you love in 12 seconds

If you’re kid is a movie lover like me, he or she should be able to list out more than 10 without blinking.

3. Run to your mom and behave like your favorite pet

Kid behave like pets, pets behave like kids as well. You see why this is a friendly dare.

4. Do 10 push-ups

How are you preparing your kids to fight bullies in school, I think this is a good start.

5. Run outside and hug 5 trees

Flash features in your kids should be excited when they hear this dare.

6. Mimic your mom favorite Actor

I can’t even pronounce the name of my Childhood favorite actor, but I think he is the one behind the terminator.

7. Stay outside and scream your teachers name very loud

Have you ever thought that someone with similar name might be nearby? Well, that’s where the fun lies.

8. Wear your sandals wrongly

The childhood mistakes of wearing shoes and slippers wrongly should be recreated intentionally.

9. Spell your dad’s name backward in 10 seconds

How good are your kids with words and letter? You might find out their dad’s name means something when spelt backwards.

10. Act like you’re in a classroom without a teacher

In my part of the country, we run around the classroom and make noise when there is no teacher in the classroom.

11. Call your dad and tell him you love him 5 times, then end the call.

If your kids have access to mobile phone, this dare wouldn’t be difficult. But might send a shock worrisome wave to dad’s spine to call back.

12. Pretend you have cut your self with a knife

Just like acting a movie, see how your kids can pretend, act and adapt.

13. Feel embarrassed as if your dad is yelling at you.

Sometimes, it’s not good to yell at kids, this is an opportunity to teach them somethings as a parent.

14. Jump around the room

But don’t destroy else you pay for damages – that’s the rule.

15. Paint your face with toothpaste

There’s no side effect, so you got nothing to be worried about. Just wash your face with water and everything would disappear.

16. Pretend to be a fish in an aquarium

Can your kids swim? If No, then watch them act the drama in fish Kingdom.

17. Whistle your favorite song

I doubt if kids can whistle, let alone whistle a song.

18. Talk like a bird with an urgent message

It’s all about watching fun and catching cruise, so allow them have the fun.

19. Behave like your favorite cartoon character.

kids and cartoon movie and character are like 5 &6. Tom and Jerry are my favorite cartoon character.

20. Take a cup of water from the bathroom and sip from it.

What makes you thing the water rushing from kitchen tap is cleaner than the one from the bathroom? Aren’t the two coming from same source?

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21. Remain silent for one minute

22. Write your best friend name bold with biro on your hand

23. Carry your school bag and keep it in the living room

24. Run outside and yell, “I am the President.”

25. Lie with your back and your leg up

26. Wear a pair of different socks on your hands

27. Hold your last finger with your teeth for one minute

28. Press the doorbell five times and shout, “Is anybody home?”

29. Pretend the refrigerator is your dad, then request money for a pair of sneakers

30. Mix three snacks with water and eat

31. Pour water into your mouth and use it to rinse your hands

32. Catwalk around the room for one minute

33. Act like Zombie and scare everyone

34. Wear your cloth backward

35. Lick your ankle with your tongue

36. Pretend to be a teacher, and we are your students

37. Act like you woke up from a fearful nightmare

38. Make your voice sound like a popular artist.

39. Write your name with your left hand.

40. Stand up for the rest of the game

41. Go and sit outside for three minutes

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42. Drink two glass of water without stopping

43. Pretend you can speak Chinese

44. Seize your breath for 20 seconds

45. Act like you’re a soldier shot with a bullet

46. Say something with your mouth closed and let everyone guess

47. Put your face in a bowl of water and stay still for 30 seconds

48. Eat something without using your hands

49. Stand with one leg for a minute.

50. Close your eyes and walk around them without touching anything or anyone

51. Act like a hungry lion looking for prey

52. Put on your mom/dad T-shirt

53. Behave weird for 2 minutes

54. Take your favorite wear and tie around your leg

55. Lift your hands and stay still for 2 minutes

56. Pretend you’re cold

57. Run outside without clothes, only pants, and yell, “don’t leave me.”

58. Pretend you’re swimming in a pool

59. Eat any raw food from the Kitchen

60. Recite a poem without opening your mouth.

61. Open your mouth wide for a minute.

62. Dance as if you don’t care without music

63. Walk outside like a cartoon or robot

Now you have reached the end of the list of dare for kids. Always remember that the main aim of the game is absolute fun.

In case you don’t find the list helpful, don’t hesitate to let me know my error(s). Remember, nobody is above mistake.

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