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8 Fun Question Games to Play With Friends and Family

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If you’re looking for some insanely fun question games to play with friends and/or family, then you’re in the right place.

Lately, I was never in the mood to write anything because of what was going on in my country.

Still, at the same time, the festive season is fast approaching, so I needed some fresh ideas that would keep my audience busy and happy when that time comes;

So that’s why I came up with the list of exciting and fun question games to play with friends and family this Christmas, New Year, Easter, Or probably any time of the year.

And I am very sure you would love one of these games, if not all.

So without wasting much, let get started;

Question Games to Play With Friends and Family

Each game here has a unique way to play; if possible, rules are applied. They are suitable for a small-large group of people.

When I said small, it means it can start from 2-15. I think that’s something you wanted, or should I say EXPECTED?

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Before we proceed, please take note of this: The questions you use for each game shouldn’t be annoying and distracting, so you don’t end up ruining the fun you wish. Make sure questions are very okay if you’re using the pre-written format.

Here’s the list of the best and interesting question games to play with friends and/or family.

1. Would You Rather

Yes! The first on my list is popular. Would you rather question the game? This game is one of my all-time favorites because some hard would you rather questions can throw you off-balance if you’re not standing well on your feet.

This question game can come in two ways; either in the form of a board game (This version allows all players to ask questions with the aid of pre-written papers) or the normal way, questions come straight from players’ heads.

The would you rather question game is family-friendly and suitable for more than one player. Maybe in my next post, I would write how to play the game if you’re hearing it for the first time.

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2. Tag Questions

The next on my list is the tag question. This game is uniquely simple, relatively new to the world, and can cover some other Independent games like who is most likely.

In essence, you can extract questions from who is most likely to question games and add them up under the Tag question games. A few weeks ago, I wrote some boyfriend and girlfriend tag question ideas; you can go check them out when you’re free.

That one aside, Here’s how you play the game.

You can either print out the questions, cut out parts of the different questions, and give each player half a piece with at least five questions.

Or each player asks questions from their mind. To start, you have to;

Gather enough friends and family members, pick two persons, toss a coin to determine who starts the game first.

Get a piece of paper to track scores in table form; write down each player’s name with their initials, e.g.., If the player’s name is Stanley, use “S” if another player’s name is Stella, Use “St” to make things easy.

So the first player asks the person right next to him or her question like “what’s my favorite color” If she or he answers the question correctly, the record keeper marks down two scores for the player, but if the player fails the answer, then no score for the person.

The questions will continue to go round until all questions are asked and answered evenly. i.e., Each player must have answered the same number of questions and asked the same number of questions.

Lastly, the player with the highest score is declared the winner. I know this might not sound very clear. But if you settle down to read through again, you will understand better.

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3. Never Have I Ever

Yeah, the Never Have I ever question is uniquely simple and friendly, just like every other game, even though it does not directly have anything like questions attached.

If you want to enjoy the games very well, every player must be sincere with their answers.

So here’s how the game goes:

If you want the game to last much longer, then every play will have to raise ten fingers; if you want it much quicker, each player should raise only five fingers.

If there’s a handicap without fingers within, you guys can replace the raising of fingers with something like setting 5-10 stones, so when a player has never done the thing stated, they kick one stone out.

The first player starts something they have never done, e.g., “Never have I ever sleep naked,” then any player that has slept naked would bring one finger down, then the next person besides the first guy throws in his own side, so it continues until one all players fingers are down except for the winner.

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4. This Or That

To play this, you would need to pre-written this or that ideas in a paper.

This or That question game can be played in two ways depending on the number of players available. These ways are

— Taking Turns

Here the players are to sit in a circle; then the first player starts by asking the person right next to him or her a this or that question from the ideas, and that player has a maximum of 5 seconds to pick his or her desired option or get kicked out of the game.

— Team Work

The teamwork method is only good when there are more than ten players, and you want the game to run as quickly as possible. So the players are divided into a team of 2-5players, and each team is expected to pick an option before 10s.

And this is exactly where the fun begins. Suppose the team fails to provide an agreed option before 10sec. They lose a point.

To every quick answer, you award one point to the player or team. After everything, the player or team with more points wins the game.

If you’re getting more confused about this game, you can check out some youtube videos. I would have loved to embed them here, but it would take down this page loading speed, so please bear with me.

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5. Who’s Most Likely To?

The next on our list is the Who is most likely to question the game. This is also an interesting and insanely fun question game that is family and kids-friendly and, most importantly, simple to play.

The game can be played in two different ways: human thinking or card aid.

For the card aid, the players compile the questions on paper or buy already-made questions.

Then the games start by pulling out a card on each round, reads out what the card says, and decides who in the team is most likely to do what the card says.

It’s just simple, fun, and interesting, like the popular thought-provoking What Would You If Question Game.

In case you need some ideas for the “What Would You Do If” Question game, then I got some creative and fun ideas here.

6. 21 Questions

I don’t know who gave this name to this game. However, we are not here for the name but the game. So let’s discuss the game and the fun attached.

21 Questions game is the simplest of all because you have to ask questions that get straight answers, and the game is best played with a maximum of 5 players.

Here’s how the game is played.

The host compiles a good list of 21 questions; after that, the team or players decides who asks the first question, then sit in a circle, then the game starts.

The first players ask the first question on the list, the next player next to him answers the question, so it continues to flow around until all the questions are asked and answered.

Sincerely speaking, there are many ways to play this game, depending on the number of players. I am sorry if this is not the way you guys play the 21 question game over there.

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7. Who Said That?

You might be wondering what kind of game could this be. This is a trivia question game or more of a quiz that requires logical thinking and good memories.

Because most of the questions in this game are always related to something you’re familiar with( it could be quotes from movies, philosophers, books, and a lot more).

Here’s how the game goes

The host should have a compiled list of who said questions on the ground already, plus a piece of paper to note down points.

There must always be someone that would be off the game to ask the players the questions and jot scores. At the end of the game, the player with the highest score becomes the winner.

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8. How Well Do You Know Me?

The game is just as simple as the name sounds. The players or the host should get all the questions ready. For example, a player could ask whats my shoe size? The player who gets the correct answer first gains 2 points.

Also, I have written a well-compiled list of best and interesting how well do you know me questions– feel free to check what I got for you.

And that’s the end of the list of question games to play with friends or family anytime-any day.

If I decide to compile how to play each game in this post today, trust me, you won’t like to read it. So I have a better idea to make things simple and easy to understand.

So here’s the catch.”

If you find a game that you’re really interested in but do not know how to play, hit me in the comment, and I promise to explain it in the simplest form. Trust me on this.

Now, what’s your favorite game of the question games listed above?

Was this post helpful? If yes, let me know, and if you got some problems playing any of the games, then do not forget to let me know.

And most importantly, do not forget to share with friends, family, colleagues, and loved ones.

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