5 Crazy What’s In Your Purse Game Questions

What's In Your Purse Game

A bridal shower should be one of the most interesting events of a lady’s life before she eventually ties the knot and officially becomes a bride. One of what makes the bridal shower interesting is the “what’s in your purse” game. How To Play What’s In Your Purse Game? The game has a simple rule: … Read more

12 Fun Questions to Ask a Pregnant Woman

Questions to Ask a Pregnant Woman

Pregnancy is an exciting but tiring time for women since it’s full of surprises, especially when it’s their first time. While it’s exciting, it’s also physically and psychologically draining, necessitating support for any woman going through pregnancy around you. One of the best ways to support pregnant women is to visit them often and spend … Read more

Answer To Question Someone’s Mother Has Four Sons

someone's mother has four sons

There’s a viral riddle making rounds on many social media and instant messaging platforms lately, and people are getting it wrong. The riddle is about the sons of a particular mother, which is a very easy question if you’re not overthinking it. The riddle goes thus: “Someone’s mother has four sons; three are named North, … Read more