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18 Best Pick a Number Questions

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Asking and answering questions make the base for any interesting conversation among friends. Many games work on the basic principle of having you answer a question, but one of the most interesting of them all is the pick a number questions game.

In a typical session of the game, you’ll have a variety of questions, typically from numbers 1 to 100. Each number will have a corresponding question, and you’ll have participants answer the questions in turns.

The participant to answer the question is usually the one that picks a number. When they do, the current player reads out the corresponding question, forcing them to answer the question. In some variations of the game, the answerer may have to complete a dare if they can’t answer the question.

One of the biggest obstacles to organizing a pick a number questions game is compiling the questions. Coming up with 100 questions so there can be enough to go around isn’t easy, but I can help with that. Here are some of the best pick a number questions to give you some inspiration.

Best Pick a Number Questions

When playing the pick a number game, there is usually a topic that dictates the kind of questions that show up during the game. If you’re in a science class, you can make it about science, while the theme could be current affairs when discussing history.

Because of that, you should consider evaluating the scenario before coming up with questions. With that said, however, you won’t need to have a specific theme for the majority of the times you’ll be playing this game. The reason for that is simple.

When playing a casual pick a number questions game with your friends, you should gravitate towards adding funny and casual questions instead of serious ones. Instead of asking the square root of the product of the diameters of Jupiter and Uranus, you may want to ask them about their crush instead.

Since you most probably want casual questions, I’ll limit this collection to that alone. Here are some simple pick a number questions to make your discussion lively.

1- If you could bring a dead person back to life, who would it be?

We all have that one special person, but a vast majority of us also have a special person that’s dead already. This question reveals the answerer’s favorite person that’s no longer alive. In some cases, that person is their favorite individual of all time, dead or alive.

2- When last did you lie to me?

If you think your best friend would never lie to you, you’re only lying to yourself, and you know this. Adding this question to the available questions in a pick a number game makes it possible for a participant to learn when last another participant lied to them, and what it was about.

3- What is your dream vacation destination?

Vacations are always fun, but they can also be one of your life’s highlights if you eventually make it to your dream destination on vacation. Whether it’s the Maldives or a random place in Africa, just keep it ready in case you get this question during a pick a number questions game session.

4- What are you addicted to?

Addictions are never good, but don’t we all have our issues? If you’re playing the pick a number questions game with your close friends, nothing is stopping you from adding questions that help you determine your friends’ addictions. That way, you’ll be able to support them better.

5- What did you hope to be as a child?

We all had dreams and aspirations as kids, but not every one of them turned out to come to pass. However, they’re still your ideas from a couple of years ago and it’s worth sharing them with your friends if there’s a need. Indeed, there’s no better need than during a game of pick a number.

6- When’s your next birthday and how old would you be?

A lot of people, majorly females, have a habit of not divulging their birthday dates. However, when confronted with the question in a game like picking a number, they’re essentially cornered into answering it honestly, and even with essential details like the birth year too in this instance.

7- What subject would you abolish if you had the power to?

Some subjects were introduced into our schooling system for the sole purpose of punishing us students; take something like Chemistry for example. If the answerer is not part of the 99% that’d choose Chemistry, it will be interesting to see what subject they hate to the point of abolition.

8- What subject was your favorite from school?

While there’s that one subject that you loathed from school, there’s always that one that makes you want to go back to school again. Adding a question that reveals that for a random friend of yours is an excellent way to spice up an otherwise lifeless game.

9- What sport could you watch all day without getting bored?

Certain sports are meant to be watched for extended periods, while others are just a bore; try watching a full golf match for example. With gold totally out of the question, what’s the answerer’s pick for the sport they could watch all day without getting bored at all?

10- What sport do you think doesn’t make any sense?

The opposite of a sport you could watch all day without getting bored makes absolutely no sense to you. To be clear, most sports make absolutely no sense to the vast majority of people, but what does the answerer hate the most. In my case, it’s curling, you?

11- Do you sing in the shower?

Singing in the shower is one guilty habit that’s more common than you think. Instead of assuming it’s not a common thing, why not make it a question and add it to your pick a numbers game. You’ll be surprised at what answers you’ll be getting during the game.

12- What’s the most shameful thing to have ever happened to you?

Everyone has frequent recollections of very shameful things that have happened to them a long time ago. In most cases, they’re so embarrassing that you find it very difficult to tell others. If you have an experience like that, you can only hope you don’t choose this number in a game.

13- What was the biggest prank you’ve ever played on someone?

The opposite of shameful moments that have happened to you are embarrassing moments that happened to others but are orchestrated by you. This question asks the answerer about the biggest prank they’ve ever played on someone, eliciting an interesting story.

14- What was the best day of your life?

There are good days and there are bad days, but there’s that one day you want to experience again at all costs. Whether it’s your quiz competition win at an arena or your 18th birthday, this question forces you to throw back and choose one of those happy moments to be your best.

15- Who’s your biggest celebrity crush?

One thing everybody has, but nobody likes to admit in public is a celebrity crush. Trust me, just like you’re wishing to be in a relationship with Rihanna or Cardi B, your friends have their crushes too. There’s only one sure way to find out who that is.

16- What was the worst day of your life?

“Everything has been all rosy my entire life,” said no one ever. Everyone has those terrible moments that they wish never existed. While asking this question won’t particularly move the conversation on a happy trajectory, don’t expect everything to be rosy for your game either.

17- What is your favorite song?

Most songs are cool, but some are simply cooler than the others. It doesn’t matter how highly they regard other songs, there’s that one song that everyone thinks is better than them all. Including this question in the game is a great way to see what your friends think.

18- Who is your biggest crush?

Everyone secretly admires someone that they think is somewhat out of their reach. Since it’s weird to simply walk up to your friend and ask them about it, you can simply include it in the questions for the game. Since the game is random, you have to hope you’re not the one who has to answer that.


The pick a number questions game is a popular one that has existed for as far back as people have played games. When preparing questions for the game, you may have to add as many casual and lighthearted questions to keep the discussion fun, unless the game has a particular theme.

If your pick a number game doesn’t have a specific theme and you’re running out of question ideas for the game, this article can help you out. Scroll up to see my 18 favorite pick a number questions when preparing questions for the game.

Finally, you have reached the end of my list of Pick a Number Questions.

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