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Name 3 Things Extraordinary Game Questions And Answers

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When a game has a time limit, it forces you into difficult corners, making it a lot harder than it’s supposed to be. That’s the point of the 3 things game; it makes you look stupid when you can’t answer the simple questions you get.

If you didn’t know already, the 3 things game has a 5-second time limit, which forces you to think and come up with three things within five seconds. Since you have no idea what the players will ask, you have to resort to using your brain at its highest level.

When playing the game with friends and siblings, a dedicated board and timer may not be available. Since you can easily improvise those things, you shouldn’t have any issues. What you can’t improvise easily are the questions that you ask during the game.

Thankfully, I’m here to help you out. In this article, I’ll show you some of the most popular name 3 things game questions and possible answers for both younger and older kids to help you improve your expertise in the game.

How to Play the Name 3 Things Game

The “name 3 things” game is otherwise referred to as the 5-second battle for a crucial reason: you have to come up with answers within five seconds. While mentioning three words in five seconds shouldn’t be much of a struggle, recall that you’ll have to think about the words before mentioning them.

When playing the 5-second battle, the person who came up with the idea usually asks the first question. The game goes in a circular pattern, with the person on the right having the responsibility of answering a question raised by any of the participants in the game.

Questions in the name 3 things game always come in a specific format: “Name three (anything)…” Anything can be any topic or statement you want, ranging from the names of scientists to the special advisers to the second president of the United States.

name 3 things

In some cases, participants may agree to limit the possible questions in the game to a specific topic to make it easier. If you wish to enjoy the game, you can choose a category like movies, music, art, or even computers, limiting your questions to whatever comes from those categories.

The most important rule in the game is that no rule is set in stone. You can add or remove rules as needed to eventually come up with something that makes the game easier and more interesting for everyone involved.

Name 3 Things Game Questions

Since you already know how to play the game now, it’s time to take a look at some of the questions you can consider asking when next you find yourself in the middle of this game. Here are some popular name 3 things game questions that are hard to answer.

1- Name 3 animals that lay eggs

There are loads of animals that lay eggs, but it seems we don’t pay enough attention to even care. Some possible answers to this question include turtles, ostriches, lizards, insects, etc. While you may eventually arrive at those after thinking carefully, can you think carefully in 5 seconds?

2- Name 3 companies that manufacture computers

You see computers all around, but do you care to check the branding on them? As someone obsessed with tech, getting this question in a “name 3 things” game will be a bonus since I can come up with HP, Apple, Dell, Lenovo, and Toshiba without even thinking.

3- Name 3 countries that start with the letter N

Asking these kinds of questions can be very tricky in a time-limited game. Nicaragua, Nigeria, Niger, New Zealand, and the Netherlands all start with N, but your brain won’t tell you that; at least, not until 5 seconds have elapsed.

4- Name 3 characters from Star Wars

I’m not a great fan of Star Wars, but most people participating in this game should be able to ace this game. While I’ve not completed a single Star Wars movie, I can still come up with Obi-Wan, Darth Vader, and Yoda without much thought.

5- Name 3 countries in Africa

While Africa is the world’s second-largest continent by land mass, most people still find it difficult to name countries in Africa. Before coming across this question in a game, ensure you keep Chad, Niger, Nigeria, South Africa, and the Central African Republic at the back of your mind.

6- Name 3 Marvel superheroes

Just like characters from the Star Wars franchise, naming Marvel superheroes should be a bonus question. I’m not a big fan of Marvel either, but I know Spider-Man, Captain America, and Iron Man. I can mention nine more.

7- Name any 3 Pokémons

As someone who enjoys Pokémon, naming three of them is as easy as pie. It’s probably not that easy for you, but I’m here to help out. While everyone knows Pikachu, Venusaur, Bulbasaur, Squirtle, and Wartortle are some other popular ones that should answer the question.

8- Name 3 songs by Billie Eilish

If you’re dealing with someone obsessed with music, this question should be an easy one. In case you’re not particularly a fan, Billie Eilish is the artist behind Ocean Eyes, Happier Than Ever, Bored, and Bad Guy. Those should be enough to bail you out.

9- Name 3 elements from the periodic table

The periodic table of elements is one of the most basic things you’ll learn first in Chemistry. For anyone who has ever taken a chemistry class, naming three elements shouldn’t be much of a bother. Some ideas include Nitrogen, Oxygen, Helium, Magnesium, and Sulphur.

10- Name 3 US presidents

The United States has had 46 presidents so far, and mentioning three in five seconds shouldn’t be too hard. George W Bush, George H. W. Bush, Barrack Obama, and Donald Trump are some that I came up with without really thinking. You can do better.

11- Name 3 things random words that start with the letter R

You know lots of words that start with the letter R until someone asks you to say three of them in five seconds. Instead of panicking, simply try to recall the words “red,” “rubber,” and “rich.” There are certainly a lot more, but the question said three.

12- Name 3 countries in Asia

Naming Asian countries mightn’t be as difficult as naming African countries, but it’s still a lot more difficult than it should be. One tip to make it easier is to remember that India is Asian. When you know that, mentioning China and Thailand should be pretty easy.

13- Name any 3 smartphone brands selling in the US

There are numerous smartphone brands in the world, but one of the biggest on the market is currently in the US. Mention every single one you can recall, but not Huawei since it doesn’t sell in the US. Samsung, Apple, and Google are some other companies that sell in the US. Yes, Google.

14- Name 3 rivers from around the world

There are many rivers around the world but it seems like that’s just not what people are paying attention to. If you studied Geography with a bit more interest, you should be able to mention the Nile, the Amazon River, and the Mississippi River.

15- Name 3 British actors

We all know tons of American actors and actresses, but are you even aware that Britons act? Yes, they do, and now you have to mention at least three of them. Tom Holland is a bonus already, and Tom Hardy and Christian Bale are the two other names you’re looking for.

16- Name 3 dog breeds

Almost everyone has a dog now, and it wouldn’t be cool if you don’t know your dog’s breed. This time, we’re not talking about your dog’s breed alone, but three. Apart from Rottweilers and German Shepherds, a Chihuahua is also a popular option; checkmate.

17- Name 3 sports from the Olympics

The Olympic Games feature a whole lot of sports and coming up with three should be easy as pie. Without any help, I know soccer, basketball, tennis, table tennis, and judo. There shouldn’t be a problem with this question unless you have to mention 10 sports in five seconds.

18- Name 3 games from EA sports

If you play a lot of sports games, you should be able to ace this question easily. EA Sports is the same studio behind some of our favorite sports titles, including Madden NFL, FIFA, NHL, and the Formula One game.


As explained earlier, naming three things is not the problem; the problem is coming up with things to name in your head. One way to become a grandmaster at this game is to know some of the questions you might face and potential answers.

In a bid to make you a grandmaster, I’ve listed some of the most common “name 3 things” game questions. Also, there are suggestions of the answers to the questions that you can commit to memory to make it easier to give straight answers to them.

Finally, you have reached the end of my list of name 3 things game questions.

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