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10 Best Fill In The Blank Questions

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Running low on fill in the blank questions? Worry no more, because we present you 10 best fill in the blank questions for couples and kids.

Intentionally leaving a part of a statement blank is a popular way to ask questions, and has existed for as far back as we can remember. It’s used in numerous scenarios: games, quizzes, and even formal school examinations.

The Purpose of Fill In The Blank Questions

It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to improve your kids’ understanding of a particular subject or you’re trying to get to know more about your spouse, adopting the format of the fill-in-the-blank questions will always be a good idea. Interestingly, questioning in this format can either be written or oral.

Just like every other method of quizzing, one of the primary problems with focusing on the format of the fill-in-the-blank questions is coming up with the questions to ask. The human mind wasn’t trained to ask people to fill in blanks, and it’s only natural if you’re having trouble coming up with ideas.

But I’m trained to help you with that. In this article, we’ll look at some fill-in-the-blank questions in numerous categories to help you out with coming up with questions for the game if you ever have to. Before jumping into that, however, let’s see how the game itself works.

How Does the Fill In The Blank Questions Format Work?

The average fill-in-the-blank questions exercise works exactly as the name insinuates. You get a statement missing a crucial word or phrase, and you’ll have to fill it in with the most appropriate word or sentence.

In some cases, the question will require a very specific answer, and giving anything otherwise means you got the question wrong. This style of the game is only used for examinations, quizzes, and some games with definite answers.

However, you’re more likely to get questions with subjective answers when playing the game with friends. For instance, having to answer a question like “my favorite is blank” will have you saying the same thing as someone else; that doesn’t mean you’re incorrect.

Goals Behind Fill In The Blank Questions

There are different goals for these kinds of questions, depending on the scenario where you’re asking them. For instance, if you’re asking academic questions to a 10-year-old, you’re likely trying to test, and probably brush up their knowledge in a particular topic.

However, if you’re asking your friends personal questions that compel them to divulge personal information, the goal is simply to learn more about them. You can always modify the questions to fit whatever reason you’re asking them and you’ll still meet your requirements easily.

Since there are so many styles and goals for fill in the blank questions format, you may want to see question ideas for the different types.

To that end, this article will have several subdivisions, covering fill-in-the-blank questions you may want to ask a kid, your spouse, or your friends.

Fill In The Blank Questions for Couples

One interesting fill in the blank question idea is asking your spouse to fill in the blanks for some pretty revealing statements. You must be careful with this questioning style so as not to annoy them while asking just enough to learn meaningful new things about them.

Here are some Fill In The Blank questions to consider asking your spouse when next you’re together.

1- “Blank” is what you like the most about me

The only reason why you’re still together as a couple is because he (or she) likes a couple of things about you. Of everything that they like, one is usually the deal-breaker, and you can use the fill-in-the-blank question format to find out what it is, and if possible, improve on it.

2- “Blank” is what you dislike the most about me

This fill in the blank question might get you in trouble.

While most people love their spouses, it doesn’t mean everything has been and will always be perfect. They must have some annoying attributes that you just learn to tolerate, which they don’t necessarily know. If you care about it, you can consider asking your spouse what they dislike the most about you.

3- “Blank” is your favorite gift from me

One of the signs of a healthy relationship in most cultures is exchanging gifts. If that happens to be a regular occurrence between you and your spouse, both of you should be able to choose the favorite gift you’ve received from one another, and that’s exactly the point of this question.

4- The most enjoyable moment we spent together is “blank”

It doesn’t matter if your spouse likes or dislikes a lot of things about you; one thing that you can’t deny is that you’ve enjoyed some of the moments you’ve spent together. While you have your favorite, why not try to learn your spouse’s favorite by asking them what it is exactly?

5- Your favorite thing about our marriage is “blank”

It’s hard to sustain a marriage when both parties don’t think anything is keeping them in. interestingly, your favorite thing about the relationship mightn’t correlate with your spouse’s. To be sure, why not throw them this fill-in-the-blank question to see what they think?

Fill In The Blank Questions for Kids

As mentioned above, fill-in-the-blank questions are also an excellent way to test kids’ knowledge of a particular topic. By exposing them to the answers afterward, you also get to teach them more about the topic, all while keeping the interactions fun.

If you’re looking to try out the game with kids, here are some examples of educative fill-in-the-blank questions for kids.

1- There are “blank” colors in a rainbow

If your kid is older than a couple of years old, they should know that a rainbow has seven colors. A more challenging question for older kids to test how much they know about rainbows is asking them to mention each of the seven colors; you might be surprised.

2- The largest member of the cat family is “blank”

Kids love talking about animals, and cats are the second most popular domestic animals in the United States. What most people don’t know is that many of the animals in the wild are large cats, and the tiger is the largest member of the cat family.

3- The largest bird we know is “blank”

Birds are generally known to be tiny animals, but that doesn’t rule out the possibility of birds being very large. An ostrich is of course the largest bird that we know at the moment, and it’s important to test if your kid knows that. You may also want to confirm if they’re aware that ostriches don’t fly.

4- “Blank” is the only mammal that can fly

While the vast majority of mammals can jump, there’s only one that can truly fly: the bat. It may come as a surprise that bats aren’t truly birds, but mammals that happen to know how to fly. They also don’t lay eggs.

5- The first US president was “blank”

Not only was George Washington the first president of the United States, but he’s the only candidate to date to run without opposition. Knowing that shouldn’t be complicated for the average American adult, but we’re talking kids here.

6- The name of the person who invented basketball is “blank”

It always seems weird to me that a team sport that can only be played with at least 10 players on the court will be invented by a single person, but then, facts are facts. Speaking of facts, if your kid knows the fact that James Naismith invented basketball, they’re probably very smart.

7- Animals that eat both meat and plants are called “blank”

Omnivores, but that’s not even the most interesting part of this question. The interesting part is asking them to mention an example of an omnivorous animal and watching them struggle in frustration, as they eat steak with broccoli.

8- The closest star to the earth is called “blank”

Depending on their age, your kid will either get this straight away or waste time trying to guess what they don’t know. As soon as they start learning about the solar system, they’ll understand that the sun is a star, and it’s the closest star to the earth.

9- A baby goat is called a “blank”

With all due respect to human kids, a baby goat is also called a kid. Other interesting facts you may want to let them know about goats are that a he-goat is also called a Billy goat, while a she-goat is often called a nanny goat. Goats do know their way around names, don’t they?

10- “Blank” is the most populous country in the world

Unless your kid has started learning about the countries around the world and their populations, they’re very unlikely to know the answer to this question. The most populous country in the world is China, which has a total population of about 2 billion people; isn’t that massive?


There is no limit to what kind of question you can ask using the format of the fill in the blank questions. As I’ve mentioned several times earlier, you have the liberty to tailor the questions to the specific scenario, coming up with questions to drive the conversation to an interesting destination.

While most of the questions here have specific answers, that is not a rule. If you observe the part for spouses, you’ll notice that the answers will always be objective; that’s the kind you want to play with your friends.

Finally, you have reached the end of my list of Fill In The Blank Questions.

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