How Well Do You Know Your Brother Questions
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23 Unusual How Well Do You Know Your Brother Questions

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How well do you know your brother questions game that will be fun and exciting to play!

Siblings tend to know a lot about themselves, but oftentimes, we do overestimate just how much we know about our brothers or sisters.

That phenomenon isn’t our fault, it’s just that we don’t think to ask some very basic questions to get to know them better. This is the reason we have gathered 23 how well do you know your brother questions for you.

If you want to know how much you know your brother, you should be willing to participate in a game of “how well do you know your brother?” As the name suggests, you’ll have to answer some questions about your brother, and you score points based on how many you get right.

If you’re hosting or participating in this game, you may want to have an idea of potential questions to compile your questions list or prepare your answers. To that end, here are some of the most popular how well do you know your brother questions that you probably can’t answer.

How well do you know your brother questions

How to Play How Well Do You Know Your Brother Questions Game?

Well it’s pretty simple.

Gather around friends and family and pick a volunteer who says he knows a lot about his brother. Ask questions and then tally answers. For each wrong answer make them do a fun thing, for instance covering their whole face in whipped cream or any daring task they are afraid of performing.

With the involvement of jokes and such fun activities, you can make your how well do you know your brother questions a very engaging and memorable game.

How Well Do You Know Your Brother Questions

We have come up with simple and unusual questions for you as a part of How well do you know your brother questions game. And by the end of this article you would have known a lot about your brother.

1- What is their favorite food?

This sounds like something easy, but try: what’s their favorite food? You may face a rude awakening that you don’t know because you’ve never cared to ask. Better to ask now than lose in a game, isn’t it?

2- What did they want to be as a child?

Everyone has that ambition they’ve nursed since they were a child. Even if there’s only a minute chance that it’s going to come true, the ambition is always. It may not be your responsibility to record their ambitions, but you’d naturally expect to know it.

3- What’s their favorite movie?

If your brother happens to be a movie fanatic and an extrovert, you shouldn’t have to ask before knowing what their favorite movie is. However, not everyone has a fanatical like for their favorite movies, making it a bit difficult to decipher in certain scenarios.

4- Do they prefer reading or watching movies?

Since you almost certainly live with your brother, you should know if they prefer holding up a book or watching a movie on the TV. If it seems like they read a lot, it becomes a lot harder to choose what they prefer since it’s their opinion.

5- What song was their favorite growing up and what song is it now?

Even if he doesn’t happen to be a fan of music, your brother should have a song that gets him going, at least. However, this question isn’t asking about their favorite music today; rather, it’s about what they liked a few years ago growing up—much harder.

6- Who was their first crush in high school?

That’s the part where How well do you know your brother questions game gets sizzling.

Another detail you’re unlikely to know about your brother is their first love interest growing up. If they open up to you a lot, you should have an idea who it is, but otherwise, you have no other options than to keep guessing.

7- What’s their favorite sport?

We’re talking about a brother here; of course, they have a favorite sport. Is it soccer, tennis, or basketball? You can try to analyze what sports they love spectating to find out. If there’s an obvious choice, you may want to exclude it (e.g. what’s their favorite sport apart from soccer?)

8- What do they plan to study at the university?

If your brother isn’t in college yet, trying to guess what they’d like to study in their tertiary education is a decent “ how well do you know your brother ” question. This question only counts if you haven’t discussed this before.

9- Who is their biggest celebrity crush?

Everyone has that celebrity they’d date if they had the chance, especially guys. There’s a pretty good chance that your brother has a celebrity crush, even if he doesn’t like talking about it. From some of their favorite celebrities, try to choose one that’s likely their crush.

10- What’s their dream vacation destination?

Everyone loves going on vacations, but our preferred destinations are what make the difference. If money isn’t a restraint, where would your brother love to go for vacation? Knowing the answer to this question further proves how well you know your brother.

11- Are they a dog person or a cat person?

Even if you have a particular pet, there’s a very good chance that your brother prefers something else. Trying to figure out if your brother prefers cats or dogs is another smart question for this game. Just don’t spend three hours trying to figure it out, only to discover they don’t like pets.

12- How well do you know your brother? Are they more of an introvert or an extrovert?

This question should be pretty easy if you live with your brother. You know they’re an extrovert when you can answer most of these questions although you don’t ask them a lot of questions. If you can’t seem to figure out the answer to most of these questions, he’s most likely an introvert.

13- What was their favorite vacation of all time?

You’ve probably gone on many vacations with your brother; some ended well, and others, not so well. This question will force you to have a mental replay of every vacation you’ve been to with them, trying to pick the most memorable one.

14- What subject was their favorite in school?

This question might seem like an easy one until you try to find an answer to it. Unless you’re twins and you’re in the same class, it will be a bit challenging to determine what subject they like best. Depending on what assignment they like to help you with, you can try to determine the answer.

15- What has been the happiest moment in their life?

Everyone has moments when they’re at their happiest and saddest. Since you want to keep the game fun and lighthearted, you want to forgo the sad moments to only ask questions about their happy moments. If you’re on the receiving end of the question, it’s going to be difficult.

16- When is their birthday (with a time limit)?

You really know your brother’s birthday, don’t you?

With some calculations and reflections, you should eventually be able to determine your brother’s birthday, and that’s why there’s a time limit. You need to figure out when your brother was born within 5 seconds or you lose the game.

17- What social media platform do they like the most?

There’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and we even have Clubhouse. Of all the social platforms available in the world right now, which of them do you think is your brother’s favorite. If you can unlock their phone, looking into their app usage history will give you a huge insight.

18- Who’s their favorite person apart from you?

While it’s not certain that you’re their favorite person, let’s be safe by assuming that. The question here, therefore, asks you to figure out who their favorite person is if it’s not you. I guess that it’s someone from your family, you figure out the rest.

19- Would they rather have coffee or tea?

There are two types of people in the world: those who love coffee and those who prefer tea; there’s no in-between. On which end of the spectrum does your brother fall in? If you live with your brother, you shouldn’t have any problems answering this question.

20- If they can change their country of residence, what country would they move to?

Here’s a question that’s almost impossible to answer if you’ve never explicitly asked your brother. Before getting cornered by this question in a real game, it’s worthwhile to walk up to your brother, ask him this question, and see what the surprising answer to the question will be.

21- Do they prefer your mum or your dad?

While they don’t like admitting it, most people usually have a preference between their mum and their dad. You should be able to tell this easily if you live with your mum, your dad, and the said brother. If you don’t know the answer to this question, ask before it becomes a real quiz.

22- What is their favorite game?

Since it’s your brother, there’s a pretty good chance that he’s a hardcore gamer. This question forces you to figure out which of the numerous games is his favorite. Answering this question should be easier if you’re a guy yourself since it’s most likely a multiplayer game.

23- What’s their lifelong ambition?

Whether it’s becoming the president of the country or becoming a pop star, everyone has a goal they intend to actualize before they die. While you probably know what their ambition is, you may not know that’s what they’re dedicating their life to, until you ask.


You know your siblings better than the average stranger, but probably not as well as you think. This game tries to test the extent of your familiarity with your brother by bringing up some questions that should be challenging to answer.

You can use the help of this article, regardless of what part you’re taking in the game. If you play the game a bit too frequently, consider learning the answers to most of these questions to make it easier for you to ace the questions on your next try.

Finally, you have reached the end of my list of How Well Do You Know Your Brother Questions.

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