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22 Best Which One Do You Prefer Questions

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One of the most entertaining ways to spend time with friends is finding out what they’d do in two challenging scenarios. This questions and answers game format is pretty popular among friends, and you can set one up in your friends’ circle when next you meet.

If you’ve decided to go with this game format, you’ll need a whole lot of questions. The reason for that is simple; it doesn’t matter how creative you are, there is a certain level of difficulty associated with coming up with random scenarios that are almost equally as challenging.

Since you’ll find it difficult to do that consistently, I can help you out. This article will list numerous “which one do you preferquestions, so you can get an idea of what to ask your friends when next you’re playing the game. Here are some of my top suggestions.

22 Best Which One Do You Prefer Questions

1- Would you rather go into the past to meet your ancestors or into the future to meet your great-great-grandkids?

One question that you’re most likely to hear is what you’d do if you had a one-off time machine; would you visit your ancestors or your great-grandkids. Since it would be weird to meet either, I think there’s no morally superior option in this scenario.

2- Would you prefer working longer hours daily for fewer working days or working fewer hours daily for more working days?

There are types of people alive: those who’d prefer to get more hours of each day and those who’d prefer to get more days of each week. This question tries to get what you prefer, or haven’t you decided yet?

3- Would you rather forfeit your elbows or your knees?

Okay, your elbows give your arms flexibility while your knees afford your legs the same luxury; which would you rather give up. In my opinion, giving up your knees would seem worthwhile. For the price of sitting weirdly, you can continue eating normally for the rest of your life.

4- Would you rather know when you’re going to die or how you’re going to die?

I mean, neither of those options are very pleasant to learn about, but you’ll eventually be forced to accept the reality that they’ll exist. Would you rather know when, how, or neither? I think neither sounds fine.

5- Would you prefer to get your dream job or get married to the hottest person you know?

You can only be one of two people in this world, and I already know which category I fall under. Now tell me: an executive job at Google or an arranged marriage with Rihanna? Don’t ask me what I chose.

6- Would you rather have the ability to talk to animals or the ability to read people’s thoughts?

I guess both are cool skills to have, but choosing between the two should take a lot of time and reflection. The “which one do you prefer” game doesn’t afford you either, forcing you to decide on the spot. So, what’s it gonna be?

7- Would you rather have a physical meeting or talk it over Zoom?

The pandemic has shown us that we don’t need to converge in a room to have a meeting with our coworkers. If you have any control over how your organization conducts its meetings, would you rather organize physical ones or become special customers to Zoom?

8- Would you prefer to stay in or go out for a date?

Going out for a date might be fun, but it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. You have an option to stay in or spend the night out on a date; which one would you prefer of those two scenarios?

9- Would you rather be able to have only one child or have to have seven?

Having only one child is some people’s idea of “too few” while a group of seven children sounds a bit too much. That creates the dilemma here; would you rather have fewer or more children if there are no consequences for either? I think I’ll go more.

10- Would you rather always say everything on your mind or never talk again?

In other words, this question’s asking if you’d rather be a hyperactive extrovert or an extreme introvert for the rest of your life. Saying everything on your mind sounds incredibly scary, and so does being dumb forever; a classic example of a tough choice.

11- If you could choose, would you prefer to be the oldest or youngest child?

This one should be pretty simple, depending on how both are treated in your household growing up. For me, being the eldest gives you some control over your siblings that supersede the extra love that the youngest child gets. What about you?

12- Would you rather win an Olympic gold medal or win the lottery?

You have an option to choose between winning the Olympic gold medal or winning the lottery, which would you choose. The lottery offers you a lot more than winning the gold medal but winning in an Olympic sport writes your name on history books. So, what do you say?

13- I have good news and bad news; which one do you prefer to hear first?

There are two types of people in the world: those who’d hear the bad news first and those who’d hear the good news first. If you ask me, I’d prefer the bad news to come first, so I can console myself with the good news. However, the game isn’t asking for my opinion; it’s asking for yours.

14- Would you rather be the star player in a winning football team or a bench warmer in a winning one?

It’s hard to lose, and it’s equally hard having to sit on a bench while your team wins over others with relative ease. Having to choose between would be tasking, but be thankful you didn’t have to be a bench rider in a losing team.

15- Would you rather be one of the richest persons 400 years ago or an average person today?

Before jumping to an answer, recall that you won’t have a car, you can’t board flights, and you can’t access the internet. On the positive side, your predecessors will inherit your massive wealth, making them some of the richest people in the present world.

16- Would you rather meet your favorite celebrity or the president of the United States?

The president of the United States is probably the most respected public figure in the world right now but I figured you’ll prefer to spend some time with your favorite celeb. Regardless of who you choose, there are low chances that the meeting will be fruitful.

17- Would you rather be a Hitler in history books or be forgotten after you die?

A Hitler in history books is a pretty tough fate, but nobody likes to be forgotten. This question only tests how desperate you can be to have a place in the pretty pages of history. What would your choice be?

18- Would you prefer to be the best in the world at a skill or be good at everything?

Imagine being good in music, soccer, playing the guitar, cooking, and engineering; that sounds like a lot of good fortune for one person. However, so does being the Albert Einstein of any chosen field. Which one do you prefer?

19- Would you rather use chopsticks for the rest of your life or have to use forks?

This should be a pretty easy choice depending on what part of the world you live in. Most Asians should have little problems settling for chopsticks, while the rest of the world would prefer forks. But do we have to give spoons and knives while eating too?

20- Would you prefer being unable to use a fork or being unable to use a spoon for the rest of your life?

If the preceding question seems too easy for you, why not try something a bit more challenging? Spoons or forks for the rest of your life? Depending on how much you love soup, you’ll eventually have to settle for one, but still a tough choice.

21- Would you rather be vegetarian or carnivorous?

Asking if you’d rather be on a vegan meal for the rest of your life or have to eat only meat has to be one of the toughest questions on this list. For someone who likes well-done steak, giving up every plant-based meal for a few dozen years shouldn’t be too much of a sacrifice.

22- Would you prefer to be unable to speak or be unable to hear for the rest of your life?

If you could choose to either your sense of speaking or hearing disappear, which would you choose? I understand none of those options are preferable, but this game is about making tough choices, remember?


When you signed up to play this game, you agreed to be forced to have to answer difficult questions without having enough time to think. This article loads you with just enough of those kinds of questions to put your friends in tight corners during a “which one do you prefer” game.

Judging by the answers they provide to the questions, you can get to know more about your friends.

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That’s all for Which One Do You Prefer Questions, I think that’s a whole lot of ideas to try out have fun and enjoy.

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