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100 Hard, But Meaningful Would you Rather Questions for Teens

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I understand how difficult it is to get ideas when the head is full. Especially if you’re new and aren’t sure what your fellow players might like.

Would you rather questions for teens is one of my go to question game that remove boredom and creates happy smile and laughter when am with friends. Maybe you can relate.

So in this post, I would be sharing with you a well compiled comprehensive list of thought-provoking would you rather questions.

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would you rather questions for teens
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Would You Rather Questions for Teens

1. Would you rather tell him or her you like him or her or wait a long time till he or she notices you?

2. Would you rather be in heaven but poor or on Earth but wealthy?

3. Would you rather kiss a smelly mouth or go hungry for two days?

4. Would you rather be s*xually active and dull or inactive and smart?

5. Would you rather see your great great grand children or your next generation?

6. Would you rather receive a birthday gift from your crush or from your best friend?

7. Would you rather have a bad teeth or a bad smile?

8. Would you rather fall off from tree or fall in love with the wrong guy?

9. Would you rather choose to tell your dad “your mouth smells” or your enemy “I love you“?

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10. Would you rather wash the family wears or cook the family meal?

11. Would you rather loss your hair or one of your teeth?

12. Would you rather not wear a bra or panties?

13. Would you rather go to class without brushing or having your bathing?

14. Would you rather live without refrigerator or air conditioner?

15. Would you rather have an annoying sibling or a crazy best friend?

16. Would you rather accept 1 million or toss a coin to either win or lose 1 billion?

17. Would you rather be drink a cup of blood or half cup of urine?

18. Would you rather choose to lie to your mum or to your church leader?

19. Would you rather go back to childhood or lose your favorite gadget or asset?

20. Would you rather have a misunderstanding with your Dad or with your mum?

21. Would you rather eat a rotten apple or a raw onion?

22. Would you rather live with a snake for a month or live with house full of cockroaches for a week?

23. Would you rather be paid to do what you don’t like, or become a wanted criminal?

24. Would you rather behave like your age or act more mature than your age?

25. Would you rather have a best friend as a male or female?

26. If you are found out the person who you are having feelings for his death would you rather allow the feelings to grow or die off?

27. Would you rather prefer hanging out with your age mate or people a lot older than you?

28. Would you rather tell your boyfriend/girlfriend your secret or your parents?

29. Would you rather grow old fat and toothless or slim and blind?

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30. If you were given another chance to come into this world would you rather choose to have some parents or different ones entirely?

31. If you had magic powers would you rather reverse the time or fast forward it?

32. Would you rather be bitten by a snake or bee?

33. If you were given powers what would you change would you rather change your look or your country?

34. Would you rather have a lot of money but extremely ugly or poor and beautiful?

35. Would you rather have a big toe or tiny fingers?

36. Would you rather understand or human foreign languages or animal language?

37. Would you rather be an actor or a producer?

38. If you were to become an animal would you rather be a dragon without fire or a donkey with fire?

39. Would you rather spend your vacation with a stranger or with your nagging mum?

40. Would you rather spend a week without your phone or a month without no friends?

41. If you’re trapped and could not get to your destination would you rather spend the night in a stranger’s house or outside in the winter?

42. Would you rather listen to jazz music or blues for the rest of your life?

43. Would you rather listen to your worst artist or swim in urine?

44. Would you rather share your brush with your dad or with your best friend?

45. Would you have rather have one sweet sibling or 10 annoying ones?

46. Would you rather have your cat kiss you or your mum kiss you?

47. Would you rather miss a life-changing opportunity or stay in same home with your worst enemy?

48. Would you rather eat a raw tomatoes or a raw onions?

49. Would you rather teach a class in high school or elementary classes?

50. Would you rather love your birthday gift in cash or in kinds?

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51. Given an opportunity would you rather change stone to bread or stone to money?

52. Would you rather enjoy quality time with your parent or share sweet memories with your boyfriend or girlfrind?

53. Would you rather go back in time and fix your broken relationship or tell your enemy your secrets?

54. Would you rather be a girl or a boy in your next life?

55. Would you rather speak rudely to your parents or fight dirty in public?

56. Would you rather loss your charger or your wigs and hair tools?

57. Would you rather always smile like a mad man or always frown like a hungry kids?

58. Would you rather be denied entry to all shopping mall or add more weight?

59. Would you rather be loved but poor or hated but wealthy?

60. Would you rather wake up with smelly mouth or wake up with rusty teeth?

70. Would you rather know how the sun feels like or how hell look likes?

71. Would you rather have talent to sing or the talent to dance?

72. Would you rather choose your parents dreams over yours just to make them proud or fight for yours?

73. Would you rather be an orphan or a widow?

74. Would you rather live with two fat people of two annoying people?

75. Would you rather develop confidence or bad habit?

76. Would you rather be an extrovert or an introvert?

77. Would you rather be the first child or the last one

78. Would you rather be a father or a mother?

79. Would you rather be single handedly trained by your mummy or by your dad?

80. Would you rather be a spirit or a wizard?

81. Would you rather go hungry or be emotionally stressed?

82. Would you rather chase your hard dreams hard or offered a million dollar?

83. Would you rather go jogging or swimming?

84. Would you rather lose your eyes or your arms?

85. Would you rather be an artist or a fashion designer?

86. Would you rather pretend to live fake life or stay calm and live within your means?

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