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100+ Brilliant Icebreaker Questions for Work

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Icebreaker Questions for Work

1. What are those dreams you had while growing up, and how many have you fulfilled?

2. What are the challenges you are facing in your current position in this company?

3. How many countries have you been to, and can you describe your experience in one word?

4. What’s the most challenging subject/course you studied in school?

5. When do you plan to get married, and what is your dream wife or husband like?

6. How do you feel when know the next day is Monday?

7. Do you like having too many friends or a quiet life?

8. Have you ever travelled a very long distance before, maybe for an official task or just for fun?

9. Have you ever thought of quitting your job? If yes, why?

10. Are your parents very proud of you that they boost of you every?

11. Do you have a crazy friend that has crazy ideas in fashion industry?

12. Do you like working with music on? If yes, at what volume?

13. At what age did you plan to graduate from a higher institution, and did you actualise it? If no, what obstructed the plan?

14. What’s your greatest regret in life, and why did you think you should tag it as your greatest regret?

15. What always makes you happy and ease your stress every day?

16. If you are taken to Africa, which place of importance/ interest would you like to visit?

17. If you are allowed to choose your parents in future, who and who will you like to be your parents and why?

18. If you are allowed to choose any president, daughter of any country as a wife, which country will you choose?

19. Have you ever imagined how your life would look like in years to come? If yes, are you working towards that imagination and how fast?

20. Do you wholly depend on your salary for living or you have side hustles?

21. If you are given the sum of $500,000, what will you invest it on?

22. What other business do you think you can involve in that can boost your standard of living now?

23. Do you like plant or wood decorations in your house or your office?

24. What do you think can persuade you to become a criminal?

25. What’s the the most frustrating event in your life, and how frustrating was it?

26. Do you have someone in your life that you can never despise his or her advise?

27. If you are asked to go back to school, which stage of the study would you be willing to go back to?

28. Which sports did you actively participate in back then in high school, and did your team ever win a trophy?

29. The first time you won a medal- If any, did you really merit it? If yes, how hard did you work to get it?

30. If you’re taking out on a date next time, where will you choose to go to?

31.If have the opportunity to speak and advice high school students, what will your topic be centered at?

32. Imagine you’re a Judge, If a murder case is presented to you with clear evidence, but you’re threatened not to pass real justice or your family would be wiped out, what would you do?

33. In a country where the economy isn’t stable and employment rate is very low. If you are the president, what will you do to save the country?

34. Who is your business role model, and why?

35. Do you enjoy swimming If yes! how far can you go in a deep pool?

36. How would you feel when you prepare for your sister’s marriage and your company calls you for an urgent company board meeting?

37. Have you ever suffered constipation after eating your favourite food?

Fun Icebreaker Questions for Work

38. How addicted are you to your local meals? Can you request local meals at an international meeting?

39. Has your best friend ever disappointed you? If yes, can you tell the story?

40. When was the last time you went to your coursemate get together party?

41. How difficult or easy do you see it when you’re talking to a man or woman you like for the first time?

42. What kind or pattern of house you plan to live in or build in the future?

43. What are your morning and night routines like?

44. If you are given another chance to go back to a stage in your life, would you be willing to go back? If yes Why?

45. Have you ever lied to your mum about something just to go and play with friends? Can you remember what you told her?

46. Who is your favorite actress/actor/artist/ and why do you like him/her?

47. Who or what made you go through the most awful experience you have ever gone through in life?

48. Why do people sleep in church during church sermon?

49. Looking at Christians these days and you are given 30minutes to speak to a congregation, what will you speak about?

50. If you are to be a bird which bird will you like to be like?

51. What’s your animal spirit?

52. What’s that task that is very weird that you’re really good at doing?

53. If you are going to a zoo, list three interesting animals you want to see?

54. Which movie is the most educational of all the movies you have ever watched?

55. Have you ever been to a cinema show? Who took you there?

56. If you are asked to take part in a horror movie which part/scene/character will you choose to act?

57. If you are to feature in a romantic movie which part will you choose?

58. If there is any natural disaster in your environment name three of your properties you would save first apart from your family?

59. Have you ever imagined how some food are produced when you were younger?

60. Have you ever been disappointed after purchasing something new online on a discount?

61. If you love dogs which species of dog will you like adopt next time?

62. What’s your pet animal?

63. Which of the examination in life did you find most difficult?

64. What genre of music do you enjoy most?

65. Do you listen to music based on your emotions/mood at that particular time or you listen to music whenever you feel like listening?

66. Are there jobs that you will choose to be bedridden than to do that kind of job?

67. Have you ever been embarrassed in public, and why?

68. Would you rather choose to go on 2 years business trip or go sky diving?

69. How fortunate do you think you are? And what makes you think you are fortunate?

70. If you were to be David in the Bible, seeing Goliath, what would you have done?

71. How old were you when you realized you have not been pronouncing a word correctly? What’s the word?

72. When was the last time your family had a family get together party?

73. What annual event do you love so much that you can’t afford to miss?

74. If you are given a free flight ticket to travel to any country to view a match which of the matches will you go for?

75. Have you ever gotten a jealous friend in your life?

76. How do you handle annoying people that you can’t get rid of in your life?

77. If you’re mandated to go off all social media leaving behind only one, which media will you leave behind?

Vital Icebreaker Questions to Ask Your Coworker

78. What do you want to be like in future?

79. Which artist that triggers your love for music?

80. Which country do you wish to travel around or go sightseeing in years to come?

81. Which books would you recommend your kids to read when they start understanding how the world operates?

82. Do you really think going to school is the only means of acquiring quality knowledge? If yes, can you defend it?

83. Have you ever been in police custody before, and why?

84. What’s your greatest priority in life?

85. If you work in an organization and the CEO said that anybody who comes very early to work for at least two months would be given a vacation to any European country, how early will you be coming to work?

86. Have you ever been a centre of attraction either by your dressing or your attitude?

87. Have you ever been heartbroken that instead of crying or wailing, you started laughing?

88. Are you a pessimistic or an optimistic person?

89. “Life is on a narrow part” what do you understand by that?

90. What are those things that can literally cause you sleepless nights?

91. If you are to describe your younger sister/brother in one word, what will you say?

92. Love of Money is the root of all evil. What do you understand from this section of the Bible?

93. If life had given you options, what and what will you choose?

94. What brand of wine do you request often when you visit a friend or a colleague at work?

95. What is the most stressful work you’ve ever done in your life?

96. Have you ever travelled by car for 12 hours, and did you find it exciting or stressful?

97. Have your car ever broke down in a place where you need an angel to come and assist you? i.e. a very lonely area.

98. Have you ever made a wrong statement in the presence of the press or post an abusive word on any social media handle?

99. If you become wealthy today, who or what will you spend most of your money on?

100. Who do you think you have so much offended that you need to apologize to?

101. What was the most funny experience you had in school?

102. What is the most annoying game you ever played?

103. What was the worst mistake you ever made in life? And how did it happened?

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