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190+ Creative Boyfriend and Girlfriend Tag Questions

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Hello guy! In today’s post, I am going to share with you my comprehensive list of boyfriend and girlfriend tag questions.

Don’t be that boring boyfriend or girlfriend that calls every day just to ask, “have you eaten?” and “how was your night/day?”.

I understand the Bf Gf tag questions trend is video related, but I just want to let you know that you do not necessarily need to stress yourself with that video making stuff. You can play the game with or without a camera.

No matter how you both do it, trust me; it’s going to be fun all the way.

But before then, I apologize If you came to this post expecting 190 boyfriend and girlfriend tag questions. At the time of this update, I only have 116 ideas, but I promise to keep updating the post with new ideas.

So let’s get started.

Creative and Brilliant Boyfriend and Girlfriend Tag Questions

1. Do you think the level of current relationship can lead to marriage?

Questions like this create room for you to understand the height of love and value lying in your relationship.

2. What is your favorite movie when you were a kid?

We all have favorite childhood movies; I love Tom and Jerry so much.

3. What do you think I am very good at doing?

Find out what your partner thinks about you with this question.

4. Can you remember exactly how many year/month/week we have been together?

This question can help you know if your partner keeps records of your relationship events.

5. What is that topic that we can spend more than an hour arguing?

You will find out the topics he or she likes discussing without getting tired.

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6. Can you remember how long it took me to say Yes?

Sweet questions that bring back sweet memories are like grease to the elbow.

7. Can you describe me with one of your favorite movie characters?

Find out what your partner thinks about you in terms of character, energy, and others.

8. How long can you stay indoor without coming out?

If my girlfriend asks me this kind of question, she will be surprised to know that I spend weeks indoor without thinking twice.

9. Where is your/my favorite shopping center, and how often do you/I shop online?

Is your partner the addicted shopping type? This question will help you find out.

10. Can you remember the exact year you joined a popular social media network?

Who is the first person to be exposed to the world? Because that is what social media does to anyone that registered the early days. 

11. Do you know my birthday or can you remember my birthday?

If he or she is not good at keeping record off-hand, move to the next question.

12. Do you/I take corrections from people, or you/I just keep always claiming- right?

You won’t fully understand if you are doing or going wrong until someone tells you, not accepting the truth about yourself from someone else another thing?

13. Which social media am I addicted to?

I can spend 20 hours going through the Facebook newsfeed, but my girlfriend is different, she is Instagram herself.

14. What are the things you miss about being a kid?

I always miss being bathed by my sweet mom. Those childhood memories are like my secondary school memories; I wish I can go back to enjoy them one more time.

Weird Boyfriend and Girlfriend Tag Questions

1. You found a kid smoking and drinking on the street, would you stop him or just mind your business?

This question will showcase how concerned your partner is with the affairs of other people.

2. If you could wake up tomorrow morning and discover that you are superhuman, what would you with the superpowers?

Just a regular question, because I don’t think you can wake up and turn superhuman overnight. It’s not possible.

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3. When was the last time you had a nightmare, and who did you run to?

When I was nine years I ran to my aunty’s bed, I couldn’t sleep all night; that’s the power of nightmares.

4. Can you do something stupid but heroic just to impress a girl/woman/man/guy?

The worst feeling is acting heroic, and you are not getting the attention you need.

5. What will you do if Zombies and vampires are real?

Zombies could be real in the future, but I doubt. 

6. Will $10 be enough to buy for you that gadget you wanted so bad?

I don’t think your partner will still want the gadget so bad when he or she can easily buy it for ten bucks. 

7. Can you go back to your early childhood stage if you’re offered money?

Money is not everything, but money can buy your adulthood? Prove me wrong. Lol

8. What will you do if you wake up in the morning and can’t move your legs again?

Screaming and crying is going to be the next thing on my mind. Find out how your partner will react to the situation if it arises.

9. What will you do if you slept on your bed and woke up in space?

Funny question, because it’s not going to happen, not in this life, and not in the next life.

10. When was the last time your parents yelled at you?

I can’t remember, all I know is that I did something wrong.

11. If you could turn one of your friends to your pet animal, who will that be?

Turning your friend to a pet can be a sign of love or hatred. You should also ask your partner the reason(s) why he or she would turn a friend to a pet if he or she had such opportunity or power.

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12. Can your parents arrange you for a blind date?

Some parents can act funny at times. 

13. I think I like someone. What should I do?

Your partner will pause and look at you for a while before he or she answers. After everything, just make sure you tell him or her that its a joke.

14. What will you do if I decide to be a thief?

Will your partner leave you to your decision or help you turn good leaf? Here’s how to find out.

15. What will you do if someone crashes your phone intentionally?

I laugh in Chinese because it’s not going to be funny at all.

16. What will you do if you go broke?

I will sit and pray. Lol. Mehn, I will go and hustle hard and pray.

17. What will you do if someone laughs at you for no reason?

I will smile and leave the person to tackle his or her thoughts.

18. What will you do if someone turns to an animal in your neighborhood?

Find out if your partner will pick up the phone to take pictures and video or call 911.

19. Do you think ghosts exist?

The ghost story and movie can be a fairy tale to him or her.

Freaky and Dirty Boyfriend and Girlfriend Tag Questions

1. Have you ever thought of dating or kissing someone older than you?

This question is for guys/men. It’s not a habit but human nature and feelings. 

2. How often do you bed wet?

This question can boldly show how often your partner thinks dirty before going to sleep.

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3. What’s your favorite 18+ TV show?

Is your partner a big fan of TV shows?- especially the 18 plus series, its time you find out.

4. Do you secretly watch adult films or watch with friends?

Secretly watching it is one thing; watching it with friends of the same or opposite sex is another.

5. How fast can you remove pants or bra?

I can do this job at the speed of light, but don’t see me as a bad guy.

6. Can you have s-x for 12 hours?

Find out how long your partner can handle the inner room job.

7. Can you do anything just to see your first crush’s nakedness?

What about yelling at your parents for no reason? 

8. At what age did you lose your virginity?

This question is only useful when your partner does not have bad memories attached.

9. How do you like boobs/ass/dick in terms of size? Big, medium, small, long?

Discussing this on camera can be funny and, at the same time harsh, it’s left for you to choose.

10. Can you describe your bed power with a movie character?

Your partner may be the iron man or Wonderwoman.

11. How do you know when your partner is satisfied?

That’s how you know if your partner understands the inner room laws and principles.

12. Do you like it bushy or when I wax?

Another better question that will help you understand your partner’s taste.

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13. Can you pay someone to satisfy in bed?

This question may lead to a more serious conversation, so be ready.

14. How did you feel the first time you sat with your crush?

I am on top of the world, in front of the crowd- you should understand that feeling by now.

Most Likely to Tag Questions

1. Who is most likely to cause trouble at home?

You or your partner? The most troublesome person will always be the one that wins. lol

2. Who is most likely to travel abroad?

Even if it’s your partner, just kind in mind that it is a joke and you both are traveling abroad.

3. Who is most likely to be best at swimming?

You can go to the swimming pool to test your abilities.

4. Who is most likely to be more friendly with kids?

Women are more friendly to kids, but the case may be different.

5. Who is most likely to hit head on a wall?

Someone who walks too fast is most likely to hit his or her on the wall. It can still happen at night.

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6. Who is most likely to bite tongue while eating?

If your partner talks too much while eating, then look no more. 

7. Who is most likely to faint when they meet their favorite celebrity?

A guy or man cannot faint for a celebrity, so it’s always the girls.

8. Who is most likely to watch a movie more than three times?

Gender has nothing to do here.

9. Who is most likely to order food/goods to the wrong address?

I just hope you don’t do this one day. 

10. Who is most likely to pay fine for wrong-parking?

Find out who park a car on the road without thinking twice. Using the word “reckless” will be harsh. 

11. Who is most likely to eavesdrop in parent conversation at night?

This question or character has nothing to do with the level of maturity. There are some conversations that you cannot afford to miss.

12. Who is most likely to ask their parent or teacher stupid questions?

This question is funny and can even lead to another.

13. Who is most likely to make stupid decisions that will get him/her arrested?

The good decision-maker plays safely.

14. Who is most likely to yell at their father?

You should forward this question to a partner with a hot temper.

15. Who is most likely to run around naked at home?

I doubt if girls/women do that often compared to boys/men.

16. Who is most likely to crash a computer with malware?

Find out if your partner is good with computers and tech.

17. Who is most likely to get kicked out of Facebook?

Mark Zuckerberg can kick you out of Facebook if you don’t comply with the policies. 

18. Who is most likely to forget a vital gadget at home?

People who forget things a lot can as well forget to wear shoes to work.

19. Who is most likely to piss on their pants out of fear?

A scary thing or situation can make you go back to your childhood life.

20. Who is most likely to run out of home because of pests and reptiles?

Boys/men have a strong heart, so the girls/women should be the ones to run out of their room because of pests like rats.

21. Who is most likely to get drunk at a friend’s party?

Some people believe that getting a drink is the highest level of happiness.

22. Who is most likely to get caught cheating?

This question could mean something else to your partner, but if you like the subject, feel free to use it.

23. Who is most likely to learn a new language fast?

Quick learning and ability to comprehend is another word for a smart learner.

24. Who is most likely to cry after watching a movie?

It is rare to see men cry after watching a movie. You can prove me wrong and share your experience.

25. Who is most likely to drink poison over heartbreak?

Doing something stupid for the sake of heartbreak is a no for me, find out what your partner can do after heartbreak.

26. Who is most likely to get banned from using the computer at home?

This question is for teens still under the parent’s control.

27. Who is most likely to develop the habit of using slang in all they say?

Find out if your partner likes following slangs trend.

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28. Who is most likely to fall off from bed while sleeping?

Just like babies, teenagers and adults do fall off from the bed.

29. Who is most likely to go to bed hungry because of anger?

Some people can not joke about food. They will be like- let me finish my food and get angry again.

30. Who is most likely to flood the bathroom with water?

Nobody is perfect, but some people make mistakes over and over again.

31. Who is most likely lie or say something stupid just to save face?

It could be both of you. Don’t blame me; I am just saying.

32. Who is most likely to develop the habit of getting mad at people for any little mistake?

I once mentioned that short girls/guys/men/women are very good at this.

33. Who is most likely to talk while sleeping?

If there’s a pill that can help solve this problem, I will get one for my cousin.

34. Who is most likely to win in an argument?

Boys/men will always surrender because we don’t have the strength to argue. 

Deep Boyfriend and Girlfriend Tag Questions

1. What is the most important factor that can keep up a healthy relationship?

Find out what your partner thinks about relationships.

2. Have you ever lied on a date? If Yes, why did you lie, and what was the question?

People do say that sometimes, you have to lie just to get what you want.

3. Do you think there’s a problem in our relationship that we need to fix?

This question is critical; it can make or break the fun. It’s left for you to choose the way and when and where you will place the question.

4. What is that thing in a relationship that will make you conclude that the relationship is not going to last long?

Here’s another better way to understand the relationship sphere. 

5. What is that crazy thing you see couples often do?

This question can help you adjust your ways because through fun; you can learn some lessons.

6. What are those things or features that you look for in a partner?

Your partner might tell you things that you have, and you were never aware of it.

7. What was the content of the first message you sent me?

Remembering the context of the first message your partner sent to you can be easy for you but hard for him or her.

8. Have you ever thought of having a child anytime soon?

A thought worth sharing with partners, but do not try to take it too far if you are not ready for the outcome.

9. What is your/my biggest accomplishment in a relationship?

Relationship accomplishments that your partner is proud of should also be something you are proud of as well.

10. What is my/your biggest fear?

If you shared your biggest fear with your partner, I am sure he or she will be able to remember, even if it’s not quickly.

11. What made you cry so hard since you were born?

Some memories are not worth asking for, but if you are deeply connected with your partner, feel free to ask him or her.

Ex-Boyfriend and Girlfriend Tag Questions

1. What is the best experience you ever had when you were dating?

Sweet memories in a relationship are evergreen.

2. Have you ever thought of bringing any of your exes back?

Maybe your partner has it in mind. It’s time you make him or her speak.

3. How do you feel when you see your ex with another guy or girl?

Feelings for my ex are something else, especially when the break up has not been long.

4. Can you ever do something crazy just to make your ex to get angry and jealous?

Some people are good at doing something stupid just to hurt ex-lover’s feelings.

5. How long can you bear heartbreak before you move on to another relationship?

Another sure question that will show how much your partner values the relationship.

6. What can make the love a guy/girl/man/woman has for a partner to fade?

You can learn new things with this question.

7. What is that thing you miss about your ex?

Good question, just hope he or she hit the point with a sincere heart.

Fun and Difficult Boyfriend and Girlfriend Tag Questions

1. Have you ever forgot to wear pants just because you’re in a hurry to catch up with friends, events, or something?

A hilarious question, it does happen at least once in a lifetime. Try to prove me wrong.

2. Who is the funniest? Me or you?

You don’t need answers before you know the answer.

3. If you were to sacrifice your life for something, what would that thing be?

A funny question that needs to be tackled with care,

4. Can you give up a kidney for a girlfriend/boyfriend?

Hehehe. Let this just be a joke.

5. What is my/your spirit animal?

You can use Google to know more about spirit animals.

6. What is your/my philosophy and principles in life?

Principles and philosophy can help to govern human lives in so many ways.

7. How can you describe a perfect weekend for you?

Knowing what your partner sees as a perfect weekend is a better way to plan for the future.

8. In three words, how can you describe our relationship?

Get your partner to describe and explain how the three words relate to the relationship.

9. What are your/my allergies?

I don’t think I am allergic to anything, or maybe I haven’t found out yet.

10. What is my favorite fruit?

Fruit topics and questions can lead to another. It’s a better way to start up another conversation.

11. What is my favorite juice? And how often do I drink the juice?

It’s easy to tell your favorite juice, but hard to say how often you drink it, except you drink it every day. 

12. Who is that friend that you/I share my problems with?

Expect the right answers, or maybe you are no that friend that your partner share problems with.

13. What is my/your biggest regret?

Just like sad memories, some regrets are not worth remembering?

14. What feature attracts a woman/man to their partner?

Find out if you still have those features and prepare for better days ahead.

15. Which animal do you see in movies that don’t exist in real life?

If your partner is a movie-watching type, he or she should be able to give you enough list.

16. What is the best relationship or career advice you got from a friend?

You can move further to know the name of the friend.

17. How much exactly is the net worth of the richest man on earth?

Out of the league, but it is crucial you know how current your partner is with the affairs of the world.

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