85 Mesmerizing Fish Quiz Questions And Answers

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Ever since I was young, I have always wished to own a Fish that flies, If you don’t know the Fish am talking about, I think you shouldn’t be here. Just kidding.

We live in a world filled with all kinds of fish both big and small. Some are even so tiny that you trap them with one palm. Other are so big, they can swallow you whole!

Now how well do you know about Fish? It’s time to find out. Give fish quiz questions a read and decide which fish do you like the most.

Fish quiz questions

Fish Quiz Questions And Answers

The main idea behind formulating these fish quiz questions is to make kids learn and understand what fish is. The biological structure and the species are discussed in a very interesting way which helps the kid in picking up concepts and increases their learning ability.

Moreover, these fish quiz questions can be made more engaging by adding props or making DIY Fish quiz question cards. Apart from increasing general knowledge, these fish quiz questions can be used as a helping guide for teachers and students.

1- A fish respires with its_______?

Answer: Gill

2- The study of fish is known as_____?

Answer: Ichthyology

3- The fin in a fish helps it to_____?

Answer: Swim

4- What type of fish uses it fin to crawl?

Answer: Frogfish

5- What are the known types for fishes?

Answer: Roughly cylindrical and tapering at both ends

6- What type of fish is bilaterally symmetrical?

Answer: Larval fish

7- Which Fish exceeds all other fishes by a considerable margin in weigh and length?

Answer: Whale shark and basking shark

8- The fastest fish known in the world is ?

Answer: Sailfish

9- Which fish is known to be the smallest fish in the world is?

Answer: Paedocypris

10- The bait that cannot be used to catch fish is_?

Answer: Spinner

11- What type of fish can sleep with its one eye opened—–?

Answer: Dolphins

12- _____ is a specie of fish that can change its gender?

Answer: Hermaphrodite

13- A young fish is known as?

Answer: Fry

14- In what family group does a Dolphin travels?

Answer: Pods

15- The fish with the largest eggs in the world is known as___?

Answer: Whale shark

16- ______ is regarded as the most oldest fish in the world?

Answer: Greenland

17- shark Fishes are____?

Answer: Vertebrate

18- What type of fish can survive on land?

Answer: Northern snakehead fish

19- The largest number of species of the bony fish is called?

Answer: Osteichthyes

20- The largest number of species of cartilaginous fish is called?

Answer: Whale shark

21- Live fish is preferably stored in____?

Answer: Refrigerator

22- The largest fish in the world is?

Answer: Blue whale

23-A group of fish is known as?

Answer: School

24- A fish with no claws is called a?

Answer: Lobster

25- The most strongest fish in the world is?

Answer: Great white shark

26- How many species of fishes do we have?

Answer: 33,600

27- Which fish is regarded as the silver king?

Answer: Atlantic Tarpon

28- is known as the world’s slowest fish?

Answer: Dwarf seahors

29- The -most expensive fish in the world is?

Answer: Japan Tuna

30- An octopus is said have how many tentacles?

Answer: 8tentacles

31- & are the only surviving jawless fishes?

Answer: Hagfish and Lamprey

32- The most ugliest fishes that exist in the world is?

Answer: Blobfish

33- Where is a fish’s caudal fin located in its body?

Answer: Tail

34- The most colourful fish is known as?

Answer: Mandarinfish

35- A fish possesses a notochord true or false?

Answer: True

You’re enjoying these fish quiz questions and answers. aren’t you?

Fish quiz questions and answers

36- What is a sardine fish known as?

Answer: Pilchard

37- The normal temperature of fishes is__?

Answer: 75-80°F

38- Fishes can be found in & waters of the world?

Answer: Freshwater and salt waters

39- Most species of fishes are?

Answer: Coldblooded

40- Cartilaginous fishes has how many gills?

Answer: 5

41- Bony fishes possesses?

Answer: Operculum

42- A public place where live fish and other aquatic are exhibited is called?

Answer: Aquarium

43- A fish that have reached the stage where fins can extended and where scales have started developing throughout the body is called?

Answer: Fingerlings

44- The brain of a bony fish is divided three namely;

Answer: Forebrain, hindbrain and midbrain

45- A bony fish has how many heart chamber?

Answer: 2 heart chamber

46- is the specie of bony fish considered to be warm blooded?

Answer: Opah

47- Many bony fishes has has filed bladder known as?

Answer: Swim bladder

48- What type of fish produces large amount of urine?

Answer: Freshwater fish

49- The fish with the longest tail in the world is called?

Answer: Whiptail ray

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50- is known to be the largest nonmammalian fish?

Answer: Whale shark

51- Fishes are classified into three namely:

Answer: Jawless fishes, bony fishes and cartilaginous fishes

52- The skeletons of fishes from the class Chondrichthyes are made entirely of?

Answer: Cartilage

53- _ fishes are known to be the largest class?

Answer: Bony fish

54- The smallest fish in the world is?

Answer: Dwarf

55- Minnow Fishes have type of body

Answer: Streamline body

56- _ are fishes that renders services to other species by removing dead skin and ectoparasites.

Answer: Cleaner fish

57- Which type of fish spends most of its time outside water and can walk with its fins?

Answer: Mudskippers

58- Stones fishes are_ to humans?

Answer: Venomous, dangerous and fatal

59- What will happen when a fresh water is placed in a saltwater

Answer: The fish will swell and die

60- & are well known anadromous fish?

Answer: Salmon and Striped bass

61- The most healthiest fish is known as?

Answer: Alaskan salmon

62- What type of creature is lumpsucker?

Answer: A fish

63- The thickness of the ice affect the ability to catch fish yes or no?

Answer: Yes

64- Carp are various species of?

Answer: Oily freshwater

65- Fishermen are also regarded as?

Answer: Angler

66- Middle of the lake is where you can catch the largest?

Answer: bass

67- The Pilchard belongs to which member?

Answer: Herring

68- A lobster with no claws is known as ?

Answer: Pistol

69- What name is given to lobster with one claw?

Answer: Cull

70- The birds trained catch and fetch fishes is called?

Answer: Cormorants

71- Does fishes sleep?

Answer: Yes

72- Carp originated from?

Answer: Asia

73- The first fish lineages belong to the ?

Answer: Agnatha

74- The first fish was discovered in what year?

Answer: 480 million years ago

75- What help fishes for buoyancy?

Answer: Swim

76- bladder Fish have another sensory organ called?

Answer: Lateral

77- line Fishes has nostril called?

Answer: Nares

78- Star fishes are members of what class?

Answer: Asteroidea

79- What type of relationship exist between a remora and a shark

Answer: Mutualism

80- are soft bodied chordates that first appeared during the cambrian period?

Answer: Fishes

81- Fishes communicate in water through what type of communication?

Answer: Acoustic Communication

82- ______ ,is the enterprise of raising and harvesting fish and other aquatic life

Answer: Fishery

83- When more than single species of fishes is cultured at the same time is known as__?

Answer: Polyculture

84- Rasping of tongue and sucking of tongue is found in what type of fish?

Answer: Ostracoderms

85- Clarissa has no scale but has?

Answer: Barbells

Hurray! You have reached the end of Fish Quiz questions and answers.

I hope all of your queries have been answered in this extensive fish quiz questions and answer article and you have gathered enough information.

Are you ready to get yourself a fish? If yes, which specie are you aiming to buy.

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