Intimate Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend
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40 Intimate Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend

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If you have a lovely boyfriend, getting closer to him as much as you should be one of your relationship goals. So in this post, I have gathered a list of good and intimate questions to ask your boyfriend.

You might be wondering what these questions would do in your current relationship. Like you would feel like you already know it all. But trust me, you do not know it all.

Remember, you do not need to ask him these questions in the form of an interview. NO NO.

I would always recommend you ask him the one that you feel appropriate, give him room to answer, and as well express himself in full. One question can lead to a long time conversation, which you might not be expecting.

So without wasting much of your time with my intro, or should I add the word boring? Nevermind! Let’s just get started.

Intimate Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend

1. Why do you love me?

This question sometimes does not have a definite answer. It can even throw your guy off balance. Lol

2. What’s so special about me?

There’s always something very special about we humans that other people see in us that we might not even see in ourselves.

3. What makes me different from other girls out there?

Well, it’s left for him to answer this question. But be sure to expect a list or an answer that is sweet to the soul.

4. What character do you think is never easy to put up with in a relationship?

There are some characters I can never tolerate in a relationship. A good example is snubbing or missing calls unnecessarily. I so much hate it.

5. Why did you fall in love with me the first time we meet?

He might just like the way you talk or your physical appearance and wanted it to move the friend zone to something further.

6. Do you think it would be a good idea for me to add weight?

Some people don’t like it when their partner adds weight. So it’s a good question to ask to know his thought about ladies with weight.

7. Do you think our love can last forever?

Of course you should expect a Yes, but how sure is he? Try and dig deeper but don’t make mistakes that might endanger the love.

8. If you lose me today, what would be your biggest regret?

The first time I lost my partner, What I missed was her talkative nature. I think you should find out what he would miss.

9. When was the last time you played a long-lasting game(s) with your loved ones?

This is a question you can ask if you want to discuss his family. Try to know the name of the game he played with his relatives.

10. How would you describe our inner room performance?

If you want to spice it up and make it more insane, you might want to consider asking him this question. And if he is too open, he would freely discuss it with you.

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11. What are those things that add grease to a long-lasting relationship?

This question would help you find out things you would do to make the love go big and stronger.

12. What would you do if I say I am no longer interested in the relationship?

Please make sure this is a joke. Because it won’t be a good thing to put someone’s son in bad state.

13. What’s the most romantic thing a girl/lady has ever done to/for you?

It could come in form or gift or service. It’s now in your court to find out.

14. Would you ever want to share me with another, even if that’s the only option to live?

Life is different, love is different, but they both work together. This question is kind of thought-provoking but I think you should at least ask.

15. What do you think would be a better gift for your girlfriend on her next birthday?

If your birthday is somewhat near, this is a perfect opportunity to tell your boyfriend what you’re expecting or what you like as birthday gift.

16. In three words, how would you describe our current relationship?

If you’re cat and rat lovers. I guess you know what to expect as an answer.

17. What’s that important thing that you want a girl to do for you in a relationship?

As for me, I think my partner should love me for who I am and always maintain a good and honest heart. Don’t look like a dove, but inner you’re a wolf looking for who to consume.

18. What’s your ideal definition of true love?

Everyone has his or her own ideal definition of love even if they sound similar.

19. If I cut away my backside and breast, would you still love me?

Did he fall in love with you because you’re well endowered with front and backside? It’s time you know.

20. Do you love tattoos? If Yes! Would you want to write my name on your chest?

He might want to, but people like us that are from strict homes would never think of tattoo.

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21. What’s the best experience you have ever had when you’re with me?

It’s always a good idea to share old sweet memories with someone you love. This would even help make the love grow stronger.

22. What would a girl you are dating do to you that you would never forgive?

This question isn’t intimate as expected, but it’s very meaningful. Believe God told us to forgive, but there are some acts that might make a man to choose hell instead of forgiveness.

23. What part of my body attracted you to me? Or you love the whole shape?

People like us like everything small and portable. Your guy might be my opposite and he likes it that way.

24. What makes you think you are genuinely in love?

There’s more to love, sometime guy and girls misinterpret it for gain and self satisfaction and desire. His ability to answer this question would show how matured your guy/man is.

25. Have you ever thought of becoming the father of my future kids?

As if the question above isn’t enough, another one that can throw a guy off balance is here. I think this question would help you know how ready he is to hold on to responsibilities?

26. How jealous do you feel seeing other guys trying to ask me out?

Every man has that little element of jealousy. If he not jealous when other guys ask you out – then I think he does not love your or he is not been totally honest.

27. What good habit did you pick up this year? And what habit you want to get rid of this year as well?

This question is to touch the normal life aspect. Habits are something that makes us who we become. If you don’t figure out bad ones quickly and get rid of them, they will grow big and ruin you.

28. How would you react if you feel rejected or neglected by someone you love?

First, is the rejection happening in public or in private. If it’s in public, embarrassment would be the first followed by sadness. I don’t know how he would react, it’s on your table to find out.

29. With a sincere heart, how would you describe my behavior towards people?

Do you think you’re too jovial or rude in his sight. Well, you can’t tell what he thinks about you until you hear it from his mouth.

30. If we happen to get married, what family tradition would you Love to pass to our kids?

Is it daily morning and evening general prayer or something else? This question would be give you insight and opportunity to know things he likes and dislike in his family.

31. What’s your ideal future family like?

Just like the previous question, this would give a clearer picture of how he plans his future and that of his kids.

Wow! Wow!! Wow!!! I am so glad you’ve reached the end of the list of my ideas( If you didn’t, you could bookmark for later.

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To summarize everything, I would go with the famous quote by Lauren Oliver that says, “I wonder if this is how people always get close: They heal each other’s wounds; they repair the broken skin.”

I know you also have other things in mind to say: Of course! I am always ready to hear from you guys.

So Did you find my ideas on good and intimate questions to ask your boyfriend helpful?

Or maybe you feel important ideas are missing on the list.

Either way, do let me know by leaving a comment below right now, and do not forget to hit the share button below. Peace!!

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