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101+ Interesting How Well Do You Know Me Questions

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How Well Do You Know Me Questions

Here’s the list of the best and ultimate list of how well do you know me questions you’ll need.


Let’s see if your game partner can remember a lot about your childhood.

1. When was I born?

2. Where are my parents from?

3. What kind of job do my parents do when I was a little child?

4. Was I a troublesome child?

5. At what age did I start walking?

6. At what age did my mum stop breastfeeding me?

8. Do I like playing with toys when I was a baby? If yes, what kind of toys? If no why?

9. Was I scared of the dark?

10. Was I a crying and disturbing type?

11. Do I sleep a lot as a baby, or do I play a lot?

12. Do I mingle with friends, or was I so selective in making friends?

13. Do I like ice cream or do I like biscuits?

14. Was I dull in school or a brilliant and smart kid?

15. Have I ever took the first position/place in the school?

16. How did I celebrate my one year birthday?

17. Were my parents proud of me at my childhood age or I was the stubborn one?

18. Do I love going to church?

19. What kind of films do I like as a kid? Was it cartoon networks? If yes, which of the cartoons

20. Do I have a pet name? If yes, what is my pet name, and which of my parents call me the name most?

21. How many are we in my family, and what’s my place in the family?

22. When did I start school for the first time in my life, and what was reaction that day? Did I cry, or I was happy?

23. Did I have a happy childhood life?

24. Was I so pampered as a child?

25. Do I like travelling as a child?

26. How many children’s poems can I recite off heart when I was four?

27. Was I a very stubborn kid?

28. Did my parents ever scold me when I was a child? If yes why

29. Was I ever absent from school? If yes why?

30. Do I like doing any house chores? If yes, what’s my favorite house chores?

31. Was I able to do my laundry myself when I was 8?

32. What was my first experience in the swimming pool as a kid? i.e if I have ever enter a pool.

33. Do I make my hair as a child?

34. Was I ever taken to a cinema?

35. Do I like playing with other kids or I was a Loner?

36. Was I an introvert or extrovert as a child?

37. Where do I normally go to on every school vacation?

38. Was I trendy in school as a kid?

39. What is the name of my first school?

40. Did I rounded up my creche, nursery and primary school in one school, or changed schools?

41. Was I committed to going to church as a child or going when my parents want to go?

42. Have I ever been to an eatery as a child, or do my parents get food from eateries for me?

43. What’s my childhood phobia?

44. What were my hobbies as a child?

45. Dis I have a Nanny? If yes, was she a young lady or an old woman?

46. What was my favorite color and do I have a favorite clothes or food?

47. Did I have a home lesson teacher?

48. What’s the date of my parents birthday?

49. As a kid was I arrogant and rude or I have respect for people around me?

50. Was I fun to be with or do I have an outrageous attitude?

51. Was I having any career in mind as a child?

52. What year did I get into high school and which year did I graduate?

53. Have I ever celebrated my birthday in a big way?

56. Who is my favorite person in my family?

57. Do I have any dreadful experience in my childhood that I don’t tell anyone?

58. Do I have any boy/girl I was crushing on as a child?

59. Do I like setting tables and helping out in the kitchen?

60. Have I ever sneaked out from the house to visit a friend?

61. Have I ever pretended to be sick when I am not?


1. Do I like travelling by sea, air or road?

2. Where was the first place I travelled to in life, who took me there and what for?

3. Have I ever travelled through Airplane and to where, and with who?

4. Have I ever travelled to another country?

5. Have I ever gotten accident in any means of transportation?

6. Have I ever had a funny experience on any trip?

7. List 3 important places I have been to in life

8. Do I enjoy eating food on a trip?

9. Where is the worst place that I have travelled to in life?

10. Where is the best place that I have travelled to in life

11. Have my parents ever taken me to home town?

12. Do I know how to swim?

Body Build-Up

1. At what age do I start growing hair in my armpit?

2. At what age do I start growing hairs in my public region?

3. When did I start experiencing menstrual cycle/bed wetting?

4. What was my reaction when I discovered I was on my menstrual cycle for the first time?

5. What was my parent’s reaction on seeing that I have grown to that extent?

6. What do you think was their advice to me?

7. Was I eating a good meal while growing back or was I a snack/junk food addict?

8. When was the first time a guy asked me out?

9. Was I everyone’s favorite at home and in school?

10. How did I learn how to cook?

11. Who taught me how to cook and how was the first dish I prepared?

12. What was the first dish I prepared and who ate the food?

13. Was I a sick type? Was I allergic to food, soaps or anything?

14. Do I have a fantasy?

15. Have I ever felt sad and very depressed?

16. What’s my biggest fear as an adult?

Relationship- How well do you know me Questions

1. Who was my first date?

2. Where did I meet my first date and how did we meet?

3. Where my parents in support of that relationship?

4. Were we in the same school or the same class or was he/she from another school?

5. Did I love him or was he more in love with me?

6. When was the first time I kissed someone, and who was that?

7. How many best friends do I have, and who is my favorite?

8. Am I still a virgin, if no how did I lose it and to who?

9. Am I in any relationship now with who?

10. Am I a flirt? How many guys/girls have I dated till now, and how many have I had s-x with?

11. Have I ever fought over a guy/girl or snatch a guy from his girlfriend/boyfriend?

12. Have I ever fought with my guy/girl and why did I fight with him/her?

13. Am I a romantic? What part of my body can stir up my emotions, and what can terminate my sexual urge?

14. Have I ever been heartbroken before, and who broke my heart?

15. Which place is my favourite place of fun and where is the most boring place I have ever been to?

16. Do I always be the one demanding s_x, or it’s what we both really enjoy?

17. Am l materialistic or a minimalist?

18. Have I ever been engaged before I met you?

19. Have I ever been caught cheating?

20. Have I ever been married before?

21. Am I your ideal woman/man?

22. Can you trust me with your money?

23. When last did I have s_x passionately and with who?


1. Do I like eating spicy food or veggies?

2. Do I prefer yoghurt or wine?

3. Do I like eating with a group of people or I like eating alone?

4. What’s my favorite food, and how do I like to prepare it?

4. Am I allergic to any food, fruit or drink?

5. Do I like eating in the restaurant or I love preparing my food at home?

6. Do I like meat or fish or am a Vegetarian?

7. What part of meat/fish do I like eating?

8. When last did I eat together with my family and friends?

9. Do I like eating in someone else’s food?

10. What’s my favorite meal?


1. What sports event do I enjoy most?

2. Who’s my favorite athlete?

3. What club do I support?

4. How much distance can I cover when jogging or running?

5. What/who made me love my favorite sports?

6. Am I addict to sports?

7. Am I just a fan or I can actively participate?

8. What sports event in history interests me most-that I can narrate almost everything that happened that day?

9. Do I like wrestling and whose fan am I in wrestling?

10. What sports do I like to view when not in a good mood?

11. Do I love dancing, music, or singing?

12. Do I argue too much about sports?


1. Do I enjoy theoretical or practical study?

2. How long can I read, and how can you grade my retentiveness?

3. Do I write my assignments or someone else helps me to do it?

4. Who are my favorite teacher and best subject/course?

5. What kind of environment can I live comfortably and study better?

6. Am I intelligent, and what is my dream for life?

7. Do I like the course I study at the university?

8. Was it the university of my choice that I attended, or was it my parents that choose it for me?

9. Do I love my teachers /lecturers or there are ones I hate?

10. Do I go to school early/ attend every lecture?

11. When did I get admitted into a higher institution?


1. When last did I travel out of town or country?

2. Am I scared of medications or injection?

3. Have I ever contacted Infection?

4. Where is my favorite place for vacation?

5. Am I short-tempered?

6. What is the biggest lie I have ever told you? Did you noticed I was lying?

7. Do I share my problems or am I secretive?

10. Do I love doing the things of God, or I go to church on a push or pull?

11. What’s the age difference between me and my immediate older/younger sibling?

12. Between my mum and dad, who do I look like most?

13. When did I stop receiving a monthly allowance from my parents, and why?

14. Which part of my life is funny?

15. Which part of my life do I regret?

16. What part of me is exciting and attractive to people?

17. How far can I go to prove my innocence in a case?

18. Have I ever been arrest or charged to court? If yes, why?

19. Can you write about me then if yes how many pages?

20. What human behavior do I despise so much?

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