Romantic & Flirty Questions for Him
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71 Romantic & Flirty Questions for Him

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If you are looking for romantic and flirty questions for him, then you are in the right place.

The “him” in the subject could be your husband, boyfriend, or crush.

These questions will not just get the conversation going; it will also make it more exciting, fun, and lively.

And just like Anne Bishop said, “There are some questions that shouldn’t be asked until a person is mature enough to appreciate the answers.”

In essence, I am saying that you should be matured and ready enough to accept any answer or outcome you will receive after asking these questions. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

So let’s get started.

Flirty Questions For Him

1. I need someone to massage my waist, can you do that for me?

If he says No, trust me, he is joking at that moment. Because no guy or man will reject such an offer, except he is busy with business or something that has to do with money.

2. I just finished bathing, can you help me clean my body?

Always be sure and ready for the outcome, because the guy or man is going to think deeper into this question and maybe go wild.

3. Am cold in and out, can you help me to warm-up?

Sure! This is the kind of job a man can do all day without complaining.

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4. Can you guess what I am wearing right now?

This question is very common at late night or evening when everywhere will be calm and you will be ready for bed.

5. Have you ever imagined seeing me n*ked all day?

Hmmm! You should not use this question when you can’t be able to explain further. However, this will send him a signal that you want the conversation to go wider.

6. I owe you, would you want me to pay in cash or in-kind?

If you guys don’t understand this question and what in-kind means, then I will recommend you go for a slang lecture or pay me to teach you because it’s already self-explained.

7. Has a lady ever caught you naked? If Yes, what was her reaction?

Most men/guys go crazy when a lady see their nakedness. However, how the lady reacts will be equivalent to how the guy or man will handle the situation.

8. Do you mind if I throw away your underwear?

First, why would you want to throw away someone’s pants? And what are you expecting in return?

9. What’s your plan for the evening, do you want it cold or hot?

He will be kind of confused and eager to understand what you mean. Just give him a little clue so he won’t go to bed thinking about the question you threw at him. It can even cause him a sleepless night.

10. I just feel like riding, can you feel it?

This question is for people that are ready to play the game. If you don’t feel like riding, there’s no point in asking this question.

11. Do you like it busy or shaved?

Everyone is not the same, some like it bushy, while some love it when it’s neatly shaved. This question is just like surveys that companies use to serve their customers better. So survey and serve better.

12. I want to tell you a secret, or do you want me to show you instead?

I think you should use this question as an intro to your flirty conversation with him. It creates a sense of curiosity, which can help prolong the chat or

13. Can I see a picture of your abs?

If you want to go further, you can tell him to keep going down shot after shot until he reaches the final destination.

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14. Do you like a girl on top, or the mommy and daddy style?

You can get to know a guy better when you ask him this question. And if he asks you what you mean by mommy and daddy style, just let him know that it’s another name for the missionary. Or he can use Google and send back what he found.

15. What makes you think that you can handle a woman very well on the bed?

I call this confidence test. Although this is a flirty question, I am sure it’s very important to know his level of confidence in the other room.

16. Are you still a virgin?

This question is very common, but I am adding it up here in case you forgot to ask. Also, Don’t forget that it is for teenagers only, but you can ask your wife this question and see how she will react or laugh at you.

17. How do you control yourself when you want it so bad?

If he is a good man or guy, he will tell you the truth. It’s hard to believe that some people cannot control themselves when the urge comes.

18. Do you think you can be able to stand after I finish you?

Wait, do you mean finish him like in mortal combat? Or inner room combat? You should expect him to ask you in what way do you plan to finish him, that is if he has no clue of what you are trying to say.

19. Do you want me to make you go hard and leave you to cry?

I consider this “the worst punishment” to give a guy or man indoor.

20. What is the color of your underwear?

My favorite question. I do ask my girlfriend this question every night, and I like the way she replies to me.

21. Do you read erotic stories?

I am sure you’re aware that it is not everyone that likes to read erotic stories. So this question will help you figure out the kind of human being he is.

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22. Have you ever had a dirty chat with a girl on a text?

I prefer to talk dirty and leave no footprint (no text) because I don’t know if she allows friends to read her private chat. I don’t like to be the bad guy here.

23. What will you do if you see me half naked in your room now?

Maybe he will give you his clothes to wear and take you home untouched, but I doubt.

24. Do you still bed wet at your age?

If he says yes, ask him why. However, bedwetting has nothing to do with age; anybody can bed wet.

25. How will you feel when a girl grabs your rod?

Ask yourself this question as well. In your case, it shouldn’t be rod but your manchester.

26. Have you ever tried to sleep naked?

Most men or guys like to sleep naked. (including myself) maybe they are expecting someone or something, but I enjoy sleep when I am naked.

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27. What part of your body do you want a girl to touch you now?

If you feel like you want someone to touch one sensitive part of your body, don’t you think he will feel the same way?

28. Why is the word v@gina harder to say in public compared to p@nis?

Aside from classrooms and adult classes, one of these two words is kind of difficult to say in public, while the other sounds like regular daily words.

29. Can you suck human watermelon anytime soon?

I love watermelon; I mean the vegetable watermelon. Lol. I think he should understand what you mean by human watermelon without thinking twice.

30. Have you seen the latest and position on the bed?

He will be very curious to know the position and what it looks like. So do not ask him this question if you cannot provide him the answers.

31. How far can you go into the inner room?

You should ask this question only if you have never met him one on one in the inner room. You should understand what I mean.

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32. Why do men breathe heavily after doing a small job?

It will look like you are mocking men, but please do not take it too seriously.

33. How do you like ladies’ manchester, soft, small, medium, large, or extra-large?

This question will allow you to know if your front load matches up with his taste.

34. Have you ever played with your working tools? And How often?

Playing with the working tool is very common these days, especially when a man is lonely and idle for so long.

35. Are you aware that women have four lips?

As much as I know, there are only two visible lips, the other lips you are talking about is what you should be ready to explain.

36. Which part of a lady’s body can make you pour faster?

If you want to go deep into his s#x life, then this is one of the important and flirty questions for him.

37. How long can you suck the Manchester?

The joy derived in Manchester can make a man or guy suck it for over 30 minutes. Find out if he gets the same amount of pleasure. Manchester also means breasts, while Barca is the backside.

38. What’s the joy in breast when there is no milk coming out?

I found out that this is the weak point of ladies. So a man will always want to make the lady soft, ready and same time enjoy the show. Try to get his point of view and add it to mine, so you understand men and b##bs are like five and six.

39. I am horny, and you are far away, what will you do?

It might surprise you to know that he can drive or fly miles just to help you out. Some men can do anything to please a woman in the other room.

40. When was the last time you discharge the milk in between your legs?

You do not need to explain your question before he starts talking because this question is indirectly straight to the point.

41. Have you ever watched a lady touch her self?

Maybe in video or real life, but I bet you that 90 percent of men have watched a lady touch herself.

42. How do you feel when you make a lady reach cloud seven?

It’s not easy to make a lady reach cloud seven, so this should be in a man or guy’s achievement list.

43. How many inner room slang do you know? mention them

There’s are dozens of Inner room slang. Just ask him how many slang he knows.

44. Will you love to eat before eating?

The food that comes first should be his chief concern after you ask him these questions.

45. How can you make a lady’s bed life more interesting and exciting?

If he is good at it, find out how he does the magic.

46. What do you think about public s@x?

You might be surprised to know that he will want to try it out someday. Share your thought with him as well. Public s-x does not mean you will be seen by people mind you.

47. Which part of the girl’s body excites you the most?

Every man or guy has that one particular part of the body that turns him on so high.

48. How do you know when a girl wants it badly?

Some men or guys are too good with body sign language, and they can accurately predict when a lady wants it. If he turns out to be a novice, I will suggest you help him out by teaching him the little you know.

49. Can you lie to just to eat the forbidden fruit?

A man can do anything; I mean anything just to eat the fruit. The fruit is that thing in between a woman’s thigh.

50. Do you like it when I play or chat wild with you?

I doubt if any man will hate to chat wild with a beautiful girl or woman like you.

51. What is the dumbest thing you have ever done when you are indoor with a girl?

I don’t think he will keep this a secret.

52. How fast can you unhook a bra?

Some guys or men are as fast as flash when it comes to undressing and unhooking a lady’s bra.

53. Would ever pay a worker just to satisfy your urge?

It’s not wrong to pay someone to service urge, but someone like myself will not do that. It’s kind of a principle to me.

54. Have you ever caught or heard people enjoying intimacy in real life?

Not everyone had the opportunity to witness these moments. I can remember the first time I heard a girl screaming while she was doing the inner room job.

55. Have you ever had affairs with clothes on?

If he is a v@rgin, do not ask him this question.

56. How confident are you with the size of your working tool?

Here’s another inner room confidence test question to ask him.

57. Is it bad to think dirty of a man/guy?

Getting to know what he thinks about flirty thought is super important.

58. How comfortable are you staying near a half-naked lady?

Men or guys who grew up with a lot of female sisters do not think of staying near half-naked lady or girls as something exciting or issues worry to about.

59. Is there a new position that you would love to try out?

Don’t be surprised that he has been waiting for you to ask this question.

60. What kind of sound do you love or hate to hear when you’re doing the job?

Some men or guys go to cloud seven when women call them by name or when they use sweet words like “harder.”

61. Do you like it fast or slow?

Slow and steady, wins the race, says the slow tortoise.

62. Have you ever had s_x when you’re under the influence of alcohol?

I have read a lot of stories about this situation, and from what I can remember, most of them didn’t end well.

63. Have you ever thought of doing the do in a weird place like the kitchen?

Find out if he wants to try out something new. If he says yes, move further to ask him where.

64. What can I do to help calm you down?

If you want to be of help in a romantic way, this is the question you should ask. Do this with a sweet and low voice.

65. Have you ever thought of playing and ridding in a swimming pool?

Crazy things do happen in the swimming pool, especially public ones.

66. When was the last time you had a dirty dream?

When you think dirty of someone, do not be surprised to meet them in your Dreamland.

67. Can you show me how you want to be touched?

You should ask him this question when you are ready to face the possible outcome.

68. Can you ever play rough with a girl in the presence of a family member?

Some guys or men do not care if someone is watching. Find out if he is one of them.

69. Have you ever saved a picture of a hot lady? And Why?

I am sure he will say yes to this question. Maybe a celebrity like Cardi B.

70. Have you ever felt horny all day?

It’s no big deal to feel that way all day.

71. Do you think a woman can control a man all because she has what satisfies him in bed?

This question can bring out his inner mind and something you won’t love to hear but can be very important in the long run.

72. What is another cool way to tell your partner you want to have s4x?

Ask him this question and watch him place sentences. It’s really going to be fun all the way.

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