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41 Good Questions to Ask Your Kid After Church Service

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Discussing the church or sermon is a great way to bring children closer to God. So I have compiled a list of good and important questions to ask your kid after church service.

Infant, this is a great way to make them give more attention to the church, because whenever they remember mommy or daddy will ask me questions on this; the kid will be like “let me buckle up.”

I will embed a YouTube video at the end post; I believe seeing how bold the ten-year-old preacher spoke the word of God would give you a reason to ask your kid(s) these questions.

So let’s get started.

Important Questions to Ask Your Kid After Church

1. How was today’s service?

When the service is great and heart touching, it indicates that you have received something very valuable and worth sharing.

2. Who is the person that opened the service with prayer?

You can only ask your kid this question if you went early to church that day. If your kid does not know the name of the person, he or she should at least describe the physical appearance.

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3. What’s the memory verse of today’s service?

Memory verse of some Sunday services sometimes can not be easy to remember; that’s totally fine. To make things easier, I will suggest you give your kid(s) a book to note down important points every Sunday(If he or she is old enough to read and write).

4. What part of the scripture/sermon pricked your mind during the service?

If the service was remarkable, like your child said, there must be something that stirred up his or her spirit. Try to find out if there’s something that needs more explanation.

5. Who preached today? Sorry to say, not every kid gives attention to this important part. Keep in mind that little thing matters.

6. Did you feel the presence of God while in the service?

His spirit becomes visible to us; if only our heart is open to him. And our heart can only be accessible to welcome him if we want his presence in us.

7. Did you gain any striking lesson from today’s teachings?

Even if it’s a sentence that your kid can remember after service, I think that’s a win.

8. What was your motive for going to the service?

There must be a purpose or reason that motivates us to do something. Is your kid going to church just to respect the family tradition, or he or she wants to see the faces of friends on their wares? It’s time you find out.

9. What were the prayer points you tabled before God in church?

Making your kids master the art of praying to God everywhere they find their selves, especially in the church, is a better way to prepare them for the future.

10. Did you hear God speaking to you during the service?

Most times, we listen to men than the one who is talking to us(God). Make sure your kids know that God speaks to men through humans.

11. Did you pray for your family and friends?

Our mind most times gets distracted, that’s when we start losing focus and forget the important things we ought to do. In other words, teach your kids to pray for the family and friends.

12. What’s God telling you to do? 

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13. What were the questions you noted during the service?

Curiosity comes down when you pay attention. And it’s when you’re curious that you ask questions.

14. Is there any part you did not understand in today’s sermon?

Even if you’re not a preacher, you as a parent should be able to find out what your child did not understand and explain it better—going to the pastor after service is not a bad idea as well.

15. What part of the message touched your heart?

The heart can transform only when it is open to accept changes.

16. What would you tell other kids that did not attend the service?

You can’t give what you don’t have. That’s the simple formula.

17. Can you summarize what you learned from the service?

Summarizing the full event shouldn’t be a big work for a smart kid like yours.

18. What verse of the Bible can you recite from the one mentioned during the sermon?

If your child can quote lines from movies, he or she should also be able to quote Bible verses.

19. Do you feel blessed? 

20. Who are the persons God used as an instrument to bless you in the service?

In every Sunday service, there are always vessels who have prepared themselves to be used by God.

21. What can you say to those that were absent in the service? 

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22. What was the topic of the message?

When a message educates your mind, I think the title of the message should not leave your mind. But, in case it happens, the note you carried to church will remind you.

23. What’s the title of the choir song?

Every song has a title; If you think this question isn’t good enough, you can check the next one.

24. Were you distracted or disturbed during the service?

Sometimes not everyone sitting in the church is bodily present. Find out if there’s something that caught your child’s attention.

25. Were you blessed through the choir ministration?

Songs are to touch lives, pass messages, and educate the soul; if it doesn’t serve this purpose, I guess it is no longer a song.

26. What part of the service did you enjoy most?

The period when God comes down from heaven is the most exciting part of the service. Find out if your child enjoyed any part or everything looked boring.

27. If you had the opportunity to invite friends, would you invite other kids for service next time? And Why?

28. Did you regret being in the service?

You can only be happy and impressed if and only if you got what you were expecting. I am sure your child will never be bold enough to say, “Yes.”

29. What will be your prayer points this week for the service?

If service is what it is, you will always think of making a petition to God for something better to come. Teach your kids to do this as well.

30. What prayer did you make for the minister that preached the sermon?

When you come expecting, and you receive, a word of prayer won’t be bad for the vessel. Teach your kids to pray for the minister as well 

31. Did you partake in the Holy communion today in service?

If you eat Holy communion in service and forget to enquire if your kid has eaten as well, I wonder what you will be teaching them.

32. Did you give your offering during service?

Some kids are very fond of saving offering-money to buy chocolate in school the next day. 

33. What are the areas of the message you did not accept?

As Humans, sometimes we do not agree with everything people say. 

34. How can you apply the message learned to your daily life?

Our lives sometimes should be able to picture what we learn; if not, we might be acting like someone who is not growing.

35. What will be the negative impact of neglecting the message in your day to day activities?

When we say no to some corrections,sometimes, if not immediately, we tend to suffer the consequences of our actions later.

36. In three words, how would you describe today’s service? 

37. What challenged you in the service? 

38. What makes you think the message was for you?

God has a way that he opens up our dirty habits to us. Infant, it comes in a manner we can never understand.

39. What is the impact of the message on your spiritual life?

You can ask your child this question only if he or she understands the spirit realm. If you think he or she is not of age to understand, use your Bible to find out how old Samuel was when God called him.

40. As a child, how can you work to achieve the purpose of the message in your life?

Listening to the word of God should be able to refine our old nature. Find out if your child is going to stay away from bad friends or quit telling lies.

41. What area of your life did the message point out to you?

If a lesson does not correct you in any way, that means you will have to work on yourself.

Like I promised, here’s the video of the ten years old preacher.

I am so glad you reached the end of my ideas, I just hope you enjoy the list.

To summarize everything, I will love you to read and keep this bible verse in mind Proverb 22:6 “Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.”

Now I would love to hear from you.

Did you find my ideas on important questions to ask your kid after church service helpful?

Or maybe you think important ideas are missing on the list.

Either way, do let me know by leaving a comment below right now and don’t forget to share with friends.

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