66 Simple But Good Questions to Ask a Teacher

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This is a comprehensive list of good, funny, important, and random questions to ask a teacher.

Specifically, I have grouped these questions into different categories that can fit in with parents and students.

That is, if you’re a parent, you will see enough questions to ask a teacher about your child, or if you’re a student, you will see some fun and good questions to ask your teacher aside from the regular classroom course discussion.

All you just need to do is pick the ones that you find pleasing and appropriate.

So let’s get started.

Questions to Ask a Teacher

Apart from the regular classroom discussion questions, there are few or let me say so many questions that every student need (not compulsory) to ask their teacher.

I believe by now you should that it is when you ask questions that you get an answer, even if it’s a funny one.

Important Questions Parents Should Ask A Teacher

1. What else do you think can negatively affect a child’s performance at school, aside from bad friends and depression?

2. How would you describe my child’s overall performance in school? Do you think he or she is doing well?

3. How does the school administration deal with bullying?

4. What do you think about my child’s behavior at school vs. at home?

5. How would you describe the importance of physical and mental exercise?

6. Do you think my child is giving proper and necessary attention in class?

“Education is the ability to listen to almost anything without losing your temper or your self-confidence.”

Robert Frost

7. Base on my child’s’ performance, what do you think he or she is most likely to study in college?

8. Do you think my child is surrounding him or her self with good/bad friends?

9. What do you think parents can do for children at home to improve their learning ability?

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10. What would make a child get kicked out of school or classroom?

11. What’s the weirdest/dumbest thing parent do at school when visiting or picking up their child?

12. What’s the first thing a student should do when he or she gets home?

13. Can you give me a list of books or gadgets to buy to improve my child’s learning? Is there any you would want parents to remove?

Deep and Important Questions Students Should Ask A Teacher

14. What are the key elements for smooth classroom learning and discussion?

15. How was your first day as a teacher?

16. How would you describe your first day at high school/college?

17. What would your perfect classroom be like?

18. What’s the worst behavior you have ever seen a student exhibit in the classroom?

19. When you’re having a bad day, how do you handle students that piss you off in the classroom?

20. What’s the most interesting thing about this school?

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21. What’s that thing students learn after it’s too late?

22. Would you break any of the teaching ethics to help a student battling with depression?

23. What’s your favorite movie for students?

24. If you could change all school settings, what would you add and remove?

25. Where’s the favorite place you would love to take your students to?

26. What was the worst thing you did as a student? Do you regret it?

27. From your teaching experience so far, what advice will you give a dull or smart student?

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

Nelson Mandela

28. How do you feel watching a student fail?

29. Is teaching your dream job?

30. What’s the quickest way to learn and understand?

31. I understand that teachers do not know everything; what would you do if you were asked a difficult question in the classroom?

32. What advice will you give a school dropout?

33. What is the most interesting topic in your course that students find it difficult to understand?

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34. If you would invest your money or time more in education, what sector of education will that be?

35. Have you ever seen an extraordinary student?

36. If you could make a new law to govern all the students in schools, what law would you make?

37. What’s an ideal studying/reading environment like?

38. What accomplishment are you proud of in this school?

39. Are you teaching the subject/course you like most back then in school?

Random Good and Fun Questions to Ask A Teacher

40. What/Who inspired you to be a teacher?

41. What is that student’s behavior that you dislike so much?

42. What do you think is preventing students from studying hard?

43. Does smart and intelligent student often come from educated homes?

44. Have you ever used a foul word on a student?

45. Rich but not educated? What do you think?

46. Can you predict student performance in the exam by merely looking at his performance in the classroom?

47. Have you ever memorized your books night before exams?

48. Are there questions that you can not find the answers yet?

49. In what percentage range will you advise a student to spend and save his or her income? Like save 50%, spend 50%

“Education without values, as useful as it is, seems rather to make man a more clever devil.”

C.S. Lewis

50. What’s the most disgusting/annoying thing that a student has ever done in your class?

51. What is the most difficult course to study in college?

52. How strict were your parents towards self-improvement and education?

53. If you were the president for a day, what would you do?

54. What’s your worst subject back in school? If any, how did you manage to pass the subject?

55. Can you switch your current job to a high paying one?

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56. What’s the most overrated or underrated equipment/activity in school?

57. What’s the best way to resolve a fight and enmity within students?

59. At what age will you advise a student to get a boyfriend or girlfriend if he or she wants?

60. What’s the best piece of advice you have received from a student?

“Adapt what is useful, reject what is useless, and add what is specifically your own.”

Bruce Lee

61. Who was your worst/favorite teacher back then? And Why?

62. What makes a student brilliant and smart to you?

63. If you were to describe your school life and experience with a movie, what movie would that be?

64. What’s the funniest thing you have ever seen a student do?

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65. What’s your best school memory?

66. What’s that one thing about you that students do not believe when you tell them?

I am so excited you reached the end of my ideas. I just hope you enjoyed the list.

I also want to use this opportunity to dedicate this blog post to my High School Mathematics teacher. Much love for you, sir.

Finally, I will conclude this post with a famous quote by Dr. Suess “You can get help from teachers, but you are going to have to learn a lot by yourself, sitting alone in a room.” and a quote by me “Teachers are the great builders of leaders of tomorrow.”

Now I would love to hear from you.

Did you find my comprehensive ideas on questions to ask a teacher helpful?

Or maybe you think that this list is missing some important questions.

Either way, do let me know by leaving a comment right now, and don’t forget to hit the share button below.

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