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50 Good Educational Animal Trivia Questions For Kids

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Kids are curious beings, and they tend to learn quickly. They try to gather as much information as possible about their environment.

Of everything in the environment, animals especially fascinate most kids. They don’t share some traits with humans, but they also have unique characteristics that make them endearing.

How about testing how much your kids know about animals around them?

Honestly, testing kids on animals isn’t an easy task. Not only do you have to make sure that you don’t ask too complex questions, but you also have to come up with a lot of easy questions to satisfy their curiosity.

Thankfully, you don’t have to come up with the questions yourself. In this post, I’ll outline 50 educational questions that you can use to test your kid’s knowledge of animals.

General Educational Animal Questions for Kids

There are so many animal-related questions to ask your kids about if you know where to look. With more than 8.7 million animal species discovered so far (and still counting), running out of questions isn’t an option.

However, not all kids are at the same level. Older kids will use some more tasking questions, while the easy ones go to the newbies.

Now, it’s time to test your kids’ knowledge of animals (and insects, if you please).

1- What animal has four noses?

Answer: The slug.

2- What cat color is associated with bad luck?

Answer: Black.

3- What’s the fastest land animal?

Answer: The cheetah.

4- What aquatic animal lives the longest?

Answer: The bowhead whale.

5- What’s a collection of fishes called?

Answer: A school of fish.

6- What’s a sheep’s offspring called (a baby sheep)?

Answer: A lamb.

7- How does an anteater reproduce?

Answer: An anteater is oviparous. It lays eggs.

8- What animal takes the longest to digest its food?

Answer: Sloths. They take anywhere between two weeks and one month to digest one meal!

9- What animal has the longest pregnancies?

Answer: Elephants. Their gestation period is roughly 95 weeks.

10- What’s a female donkey called?

Answer: A female donkey is called a Jenny.

11- What’s the most dutiful animal (or insect)?

Answer: The ant. Ants can lift to 50 times their original body weight.

12- What was the first domesticated animal?

Answer: Goats.

13- What’s the opposite of nocturnal?

Answer: Diurnal. Diurnal animals sleep at night and do their activities during the day.

14- What animal can move either eye independently?

Answer: The chameleon. The chameleon’s eyes don’t have to move in unison like in other animals.

15- How many brains does a leech have?

Answer: 32 brains.

Animal trivia questions about birds for kids

While animals are generally cool, it’s even cooler to be able to fly. Birds are the only animals that can fly from place to place without an airplane ticket. Also, they reproduce by laying eggs, which we sometimes steal for food.

The unique quality of birds makes them worth learning about. To test your kid’s knowledge about birds, here are some trivia questions for kids about birds.

Note that most of these questions are best suited to kids with a special interest in birds. If your kid doesn’t extensively study birds, these questions might come off as slightly challenging.

16- What bird lays the largest eggs?

Answer: The ostrich.

17- How many species of birds have been discovered?

Answer: Around 10,000 species.

18- What’s the bird with the world’s longest beak?

Answer: The Australian Pelican.

19- The flamingo is the national bird to which country?

Answer: The Bahamas.

20- What is the largest bird ever discovered?

Answer: The Ostrich.

21- What species of bird carry water in their feathers?

Answer: The male sandgrouse.

22- How do birds clean themselves?

Answer: Through a process known as preening. It is mainly to remove the bacteria in their feathers.

23- What bird species lays the tiniest eggs?

Answer: The bee hummingbird. The bee hummingbird’s eggs weigh about half a gram each.

24- What bird talks the most, or what’s the most talkative bird?

Answer: The African Grey Parrot. They can say about 800 words in total. They’re native to Africa, but you can get a license to own them anywhere else.

25- What is the national emblem of the United States?

Answer: The bald eagle.

Surprising animal trivia questions for kids

Kids like funnily weird things, and it seems animals do too. You wouldn’t be doing enough justice if you let an animal quiz pass by without asking any questions about the weird behaviors of specific animals.

We’ll help you source the questions. This will help you bring the quiz to life by just throwing one of these in at random.

Also, brace yourself for a surprise, as you’ll surely see some facts that are not only surprising but also funny and weird.

Here are some weird, funny, or surprising animal trivia questions for kids.

26- What material makes up the horn of a rhino?

Answer: Keratin. If you’re not surprised, this is the same material that makes up human hair.

27- How frequently do hummingbirds flap their wings while flying?

Answer: About 200 times per second. Seriously, not in a minute; 200 times in a single tick? Ridiculous.

28- What happens to an octopus after birthing an offspring?

Answer: It dies. This isn’t exactly funny, but it does qualify as both weird and surprising.

29- How long do chameleons’ tongues grow?

Answer: As long as their bodies.

30- How many heart compartments does a cockroach have?

Answer: A cockroach has 12 heart compartments. Now, this is weird, especially for an insect of that size.

31- How many people die from a shark incident annually?

Answer: Less than 10. However, humans kill around 100 million sharks every year. Somehow, it still looks as though the sharks are the predators.

32- How does an Adelie penguin propose to its female?

Answer: By giving her a pebble. Now, that’s cute

33- What’s the color of polar bears’ fur?

Answer: No, it isn’t white. It’s colorless. The white you see is snow reflections.

34- How many mammals can fly?

Answer: One, the bat. That’s why birds are so special.

35- What do sea otters do when they sleep in water?

Answer: They hold hands. This is so that they don’t drift away from each other.

Yes/no educational animal trivia questions for kids

What if you need some quick questions to help your kids learn about animals?

The following questions don’t do a good job at testing their knowledge of animals. Instead, it’s good for teaching students what they don’t already know about animals.

And when they luckily get it?

Kids deserve lucky moments too. Here are some questions that can take yes or no for answers.

These questions exponentially increase the kids’ chances of getting them right, even if they don’t know the answers before. Here you go.

36- Do octopuses have blue blood?

Answer: Yes. However, they have ink sacs that produce majorly black and brown inks, not blue.

37- Is Scotland’s national animal a unicorn?

Answer:  Yes, although unicorns aren’t even real.

38- Is a male parrot called a kakapo?

Answer: No, a kakapo is a parrot that cannot fly.

39- Is the shark the fastest aquatic animal?

Answer: No. The fastest aquatic animal is the sailfish.

40- Do female lions hunt most of the food?

Answer: Yes. The lioness hunts about 90% of the food in a lion family. Lions are not humans.

41- Do frogs freeze themselves during the cold?

Answer: Yes, they do.

42- Do giraffes have black tongues?

Answer: Yes.

43- Does the chameleon have the longest tongue amongst mammals?

Answer: No. Although chameleons do have tongues as long as their body, the giant anteater has the longest tongue.

44- Can a pig look up into the sky?

Answer: No, they can’t. Pigs don’t know what sky-blue means!

45- Can grebes walk?

Answer: No, they can’t.

46- Do octopi taste with their tentacles?

Answer: Yes, they do. It has many and can share duties amongst them.

47- Does the tiger have the loudest roar of all cats?

Answer: No, the lion does. Do you think the tiger will outdo the king?

48- Do bearded eagles eat only bones?

Answer: Yes. I bet they have strong teeth.

49- Do bullfrogs sleep?

Answer: No, bullfrogs always stay awake.

50- Do flies have two pairs of wings?

Answer: No, flies only have one pair.


And that sums up the 50 animal trivia questions for kids. If your kids can answer all of the above questions without help, they can win an animal quiz.

While these questions are meant primarily for kids, there’s no doubt that only a few adults can reliably answer every question on the list.

Since you don’t want to be a fair quiz master, you should take a self-test using these questions. How many can you get right?

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