Questions to ask on a road trip
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Questions To Ask On A Road Trip ( To Help Pass The Time)

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Do you know what’s more boring than watching political adverts between YouTube videos with a slow internet connection while being stuck in a queue?

Yes, it’s being in the driver’s seat on a road trip with someone or a group of people who don’t talk. It makes the whole activity dull, making you regret the idea of a road trip.

If you can’t relate to this, you’re lucky. To ensure that you don’t experience it, here are some questions to ask on a road trip to help spark a conversation and pass the time.

Questions to ask on a road trip

1- If you were to give a TED talk, what would it be, and why?

There are just so many topics on which you can give a TED talk. A look at the topic categories for TED talks proves that there is a category for every talk.

When on a road trip, you can bring up the topic of a potential TED talk to learn about the ideas that your travel mates would like to share with the world.

If you’re traveling in a group of two, you can request a practice TED talk. This will be an excellent way to while away time during a road trip.

However, the only caveat is that you may need to give a TED talk, so be prepared for that before asking this question.

2- What’s the most embarrassing thing that you’ve ever done, or has ever happened to you?

Embarrassing events become interestingly funny stories over time. If you’ve ever had a laughably embarrassing moment, there is no better time to share it than on a road trip.

Also, you can ask others on a road trip to share some of their most embarrassing moments. Most people will prefer to keep their hidden, but you should get some interesting stories, like trying to spend a dollar out of the United States or similar.

You should be willing to share some embarrassing things that have happened to you to make the trip lively.

3- If you can travel back in time when would be your destination?

Many people have things they would do if there were an opportunity to travel back into the past.

While some will merely should ‘I’m from 2021’ and return to the present, others have loved ones they’ve always wished they could meet.

A perfect way to know what your travel partners think of time travel is by asking them. Questions like ‘when will you travel to, if you had a time machine?’ could extract answers you never expected.

To make things even further, you can ask why they chose that specific timeline as their destination. Like you, most people do visit a loved one that has long passed away.

Nevertheless, this remains an excellent way to while away time on a road trip.

4- Games or movies?

Some people would gladly exchange a PS5 for a Netflix subscription, and some would choose Call of Duty over anything.

To while away time with your travel mates, you may want to listen to their opinions on this topic. Would they rather be playing a video game right now or visiting a theater?

After getting their personal opinions, you can further the discussion by asking about their favorite games and movies. Their answers can give you some ideas on what to do after the road trip. However, that’s if any of your interviewees fall into the same category as you.

5- What’s your favorite movie; what was it about?

Everyone watches movies nowadays, no doubt. With more than 700 movies produced each year on average (and that’s only Hollywood), you should have one that you can watch over and over again.

While some people don’t have a specific favorite movie, they should be able to list several movies they’ll like to watch again.

If the movie isn’t something mainstream like Spiderman or The Avengers, you can ask them to summarize what the movie was about.

If you have a favorite movie, you can only say so much about it. What matters is that the conversation should be engaging and should help pass the time.

6- What’s the worst movie you’ve seen, and why did you hate it?

With the volume of movies pushed out of the Hollywood movie industry each year, it’s obvious that good movies are rare.

While everyone likes to make a fuss about their favorite movie, your least favorite film deserves some recognition too.

Asking people what their worst movie is and what the movie was about can be a great way to while away time during a road trip.

Not only that, but you also get some movies to add to your ‘Do not Watchlist.’

7- An Olympic gold medal or a Nobel Peace Prize?

If you can tell the level of your mates’ infatuation with sports or academics, you can already predict what their answers would be.

However, you can never be so sure if you don’t ask. If you had a chance to choose either for them (which you’ll never have), you don’t want them hating you for making the wrong choice.

To make the conversation drag on further, you can ask them why they chose one over the other. This can even start a debate on why an Olympic gold medal is better than Nobel Peace Prize, or vice versa.

The ultimate goal is to while away time while you travel, isn’t that right?

8- Would you rather have a rewind or a pause button for your life?

Everyone has made many mistakes in their lives, and there is usually no way to correct them. However, a simple pause button could give you more time to think before making decisions, while a rewind button can take you back to fix your mistakes after you’ve made them.

The basis of this question is simple; would you rather have more time to think about your decisions before making them or have a magic button to correct erring decisions after you’ve made them.

The answers can be intimate, and you can press further to learn why they chose them. Too bad none of the buttons exist, at least not yet.

9- If you had three wishes, what would it be?

What if you could tap into the wildest dreams of your travel mates?

Well, it looks like you can, thank these simple questions. Asking people to make three wishes can make them reflect and try to determine what they truly want.

If you have some cunning people who like to bend the rules to suit them, you can negate the possibility of wishing for more wishes.

Nevertheless, you can discover what runs in people’s imaginations, having an idea of things you’ll be likely to face if you transformed into a genie.

10- Do you have any phobias?

Hearing about people’s fears can be both entertaining and surprising. With so many phobias in the world, you have no idea what can scare your trip mates out of their skin.

Also, you can try to find out how often their phobias trigger and how they found out their specific phobias in the first place.

Since you can make up many questions about someone’s phobia, this is also a practical way to pass the time during a road trip.

However, you must be ready to say a lot about yours, as most people will be willing to listen to you talk about yours after divulging their fears.

11- What was your dream as a kid?

Everyone had a future ambition when they were younger. While we all wanted to be doctors, lawyers, or pilots at some point, there was a point in time when everyone felt strongly about their dreams.

Only a few things are more interesting than learning what someone wanted to be when they were young. To avoid a boring road trip, you may have to share what you wanted to be as a kid.

If everyone shared ambitions that are too normal, you could ask them why they chose the dreams.

Even if this isn’t the most engaging conversation in the world, it’s also not the most boring and is a way to while away some time.

12- Have you ever cheated on a test?

Surprisingly, people can be brutally honest on a road trip. If you want to hear some ingenious ways to cheat tests, you can throw these questions to your travel mates.

Most people have cheated during a test at a point in their lives. Given that 86% of high school students admit that they have cheated during an examination, the chances are high that you’re in a car full of cheaters.

Apart from the admission that they cheated, learning how they cheat can also be fun. Did they stick pieces of paper in their water bottles or pens or spam their body with pen writings?

Well, they cheated, and they’re fortunate enough to get away with it. That makes it interesting to talk about it.

13- What are your favorite family traditions?

Family traditions can be lovely, and there is no better time to share them than during a road trip. Family traditions help to form stronger interfamilial bonds; sharing them with friends can also strengthen friendship bonds.

Family traditions can range from annual dinner gatherings during Christmas to nightly stories; you don’t know what runs in the family.

You can learn helpful habits from others and make your family tradition popular too while whiling away time on a road trip.

14- What conspiracy theory do you find interesting?

There are a couple of things that spread quickly: lies, rumors, and conspiracy theories. No matter how funny conspiracy theories may sound, you can’t help but pick an interest in some of them.

While you should expect to hear those of the fake moon landings, the moon is flat, and the world has ended, you can learn some of which you don’t even know.

Asking why they like these conspiracy theories can lead to even more captivating stories. While most people like it for the sheer absurdity, you’ll find some people who think the conspiracy theories are true.

Hopefully, you can convince some of your friends that conspiracies are, well, conspiracies.

15- Do you believe in ghosts or supernatural powers; why?

Many people freak out at the mention of the word ‘ghost.’ However, the existence of ghosts is still very debatable, as no one has been able to prove it beyond a reasonable doubt.

This question can open the door to another opinion-based argument. While many people would argue that supernatural powers exist, science fanatics will beg to differ.

Arguing over the reality of ghosts is another brilliant way to while away time as you cruise through the roads of the United States.

16- Apart from this, what was your favorite vacation?

Minute things make vacations memorable. If you’re in charge of the trip, you want to make it unforgettable for every participant by adding a detail that they enjoy.

The only way to do this is by asking about their favorite vacations and what they liked about them. If it was the food, you could arrange for similar foods, etc.

Apart from making a vacation memorable, this question also asks people to talk about themselves, which almost everyone wants.


Road trips can be dull and unexciting, and they can also be memorable and engaging depending on the travelers.

While music and selfies make road trips somewhat better, there’s nothing more memorable than learning about others.

Asking relevant questions during a road trip can help you learn about others while telling others things they might want to know about you.

This article has outlined 16 questions to ask on a road trip to avoid a dull experience.

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