Good Questions to Ask a Girl Over Text
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70+ Good Questions to Ask a Girl Over Text

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If you want the conversation to keep going, ask questions. In today’s post, I am going to share with you my comprehensive list of good questions to ask a girl over text.

Sometimes guys run of questions to ask a girl while chatting, maybe on social media or the regular phone text message. And this girl in question could be your crush or let me say, girlfriend.

Anyone she is to you just fires up the conversation with these questions and get her talking.

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So let’s get started.

Good Questions to Ask a Girl Over Text

1. How did you feel the first day I met you?

You might be surprised to know that she was waiting for you to come and talk to her. Girls do keep secrets like this, but not for too long. Remember that this question is for girlfriend or crush. I don’t expect you to send this to your sister.

2. Have you ever felt like having me around you all day?

If you feel like having her around, then what is preventing you from asking her if she feels the same way. However, you should expect to get YES as an answer, but if she claims that she is always busy, just know that there is something fishy. Better watch out.

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3. Do you believe that true love exists?

Not everyone believes in true love. Maybe she just wants you around, or someone that will call and keep her company. Make sure you ask this question when she is in her good nature, or I can’t predict what might happen next.

4. What is that most scary unforgettable life lesson you learned?

There are some experiences that one never forgets, and one of them is the scary ones. If you have never gotten scared of something, then you have not seen the other side of the world yet.

5. Do you think you are doing fine and living up to your parent’s expectations?

Every parent expects and always want their child to live up to their expectations. A sense will always be there to tell you or her; Hey! You are not living up to your parent’s expectations; you need to change because no mother or father will want their child to go low.

6. When you are angry with someone on text, do you just block them or keep them quiet?

Some ladies are so fond of blocking at any slight provocation. I think this question will help you know how to text her, so you don’t enter her blacklist.

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7. Can I have a list of words or sentences that you hate to receive from anyone via text?

If you watched the movies “Hancock,” you will notice that the two supernaturals have words that they hate so much, and so do everyone on this earth. Try to get the list of words that she hates and know how to adjust your typing hands.

8. What are those things that you don’t want people to do or send while texting you?

This question goes beyond letter text. A lot of people use emoji and meme so much when chatting. Trust me, not everyone likes emoji, especially the delicate emojis. There’s more information that you can get with this question.

9. What is the biggest mistake you ever made and would not want ever to repeat?

Nobody is perfect, which is to say that we all make mistakes. But there are mistakes that you and she will even vow with your life never to repeat. Ask her and find out.

10. How do you see life in the next five years?

It always now that you plan for the future. It’s not every time that you should be sending and asking intimacy questions, share the future with her, and get to know how she sees it.

11. How do you handle people that claim they understand you and what you feel when they don’t?

Deep down, you know they don’t understand, but they claim they do know how you feel. So ask the girl if she explains better for them, or you just let them flow with their level of understanding?

12. How do you feel when you are around me?

Of course, you should be expecting to hear the word “comfortable” but try to go more in-depth on how comfortable she feels (like extremely comfortable, a little bit nervous or scared, etc.)

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13. Do you think you are living the life you deserve to live right now?

There’s more to this question than you would understand. Not everyone has the opportunity to live the life they desire and deserve.

14. What’s that one human behavior that you hate so much?

Someone like me hates people who play too much. To me, when you play too much, it means that you have no room for the element of seriousness.

15. How committed are you to religion?

Even if her parents are dedicated Christian or Muslim, you might be surprised to hear her say that her parents are forcing her to go and serve God, or maybe she does not believe in any supreme being at all.

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16. How do you handle people that lie too much?

Even when I know you are lying, I will just keep mute and listen to your entertaining lies, after that, I will tell you to admit that all you were saying are lies.

17. Have you ever sent a text that nearly put you in trouble because of the spelling mistakes?

A spelling mistake can misinterpret a sentence and land you in big trouble. In most cases, you will have to explain yourself until you are tired of explaining.

18. Who is that one person that means so much to you?

As for me, the person that means so much to me is my mom. I dedicate this blog to here.

19. What do you think of people who live their lives to impress others? And are you one of them?

A lot of people do things just to impress others. If you ask this question, you should be expecting NO as the answer, but after that, ask her if she has ever done such a thing.

20. Have you ever allowed someone to make important decisions for you?

If you make important decisions for yourself, don’t think others do the same. Ask the girl this question, and if she says that her parents decide for her, then ask her how she feels about it.

21. How do you feel when you share sad memories with someone?

On a natural stand, you are not supposed to remember some sad memories, even though some memories do give a reason to push hard. Please be mindful of when to ask questions that are related to old memories. Only the strong can share sad memories. If the girl says she doesn’t want to talk about it, just say sorry or leave her alone and ask another question.

22. What would you do if a stranger that meets up with your boyfriend checklist asks you out?

I think you should not ask her this question if she is your girlfriend.

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23. At what age do you plan to get married?

Every young lady’s wish is to get married in their 20s, but you should not be surprised if she wants to choose to be a single mom.

24. Have you ever tried to be a hard girl to make someone like you?

Everyone gets caught up with this being hard of a thing once or many times in a lifetime. I could remember fighting a guy just to prove I am keen for a girl. Crazy right? What about you and what about her?

25. How do you plan to live in your twenties?

Most people want to travel around the world, learn a new skill, or get married when their brain is very sharp.

26. How do you feel when someone gets mad at you? And how do you handle the issue?

The way you feel and react when someone gets mad at you will never be the same with the way a girl will react and feel. This question is one of the essential and good questions to ask a girl over text.

27. Who do you discuss most of your problems with, or do you just keep it to yourself?

Some people prefer to keep their problems to themselves, while some share it with someone they trust. Try to find out if she shares her problem and with who.

28. Have you ever thought of bringing your ex back?

Ex and first love are life records. Some people create an exceptional record in one’s life. These kinds of people are tough to let go out of the heart.

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29. Have you ever felt frustrated, how did you feel and what caused it?

No matter how you try to control things, there will always be a time where situations will try to frustrate the hell out of you.

30. How comfortable are you staying around male friends?

It is not everyone that likes mingling with the opposite sex. Sometimes girls do consider what friends, classmates, and family will say when they see them with male friends.

31. How well do you keep to your promises?

No one is perfect, but I bet you that there are people who fulfill 100% of their promises.

32. What is the worst decision that you have ever made?

If you haven’t made a decision that made you regret it, please share your secret with me so that I will tell my kids.

33. Can you give up your happiness to please someone?

That’s called sacrifice, but come to think of it, can you really sacrifice your happiness just to please someone? If you are looking for good questions to ask a girl over text, this one should be perfect.

34. How do you react when you don’t get a quick response to questions?

It is important you know how she reacts and behaves when she does not get the answers she needs as soon as possible.

35. Can you handle situations that seem complicated? If Yes! How?

Well, as for me, I think I will try my best and leave the rest for God. I don’t think I can do what’s beyond my capability.

36. What is that thing you hate so much about guys?

It is not everything about guys that girls will like or let me say love. There is always something a girl will hate about guys. This question will help you to know her better.

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37. What do you think of people who laugh or talk too much?

Everyone has that one or more friend who talks or laugh too much. For me, I try to align with them and make them feel their nature because whether you like it or not, that’s how they are made to be.

38. Have you ever accept defeat?

There are so many areas of life. You just have to be specific.

39. How do you control your urge for sex?

The urge is one thing that you can never override, it will surely come, but the way you control it matters. Please, this question is for girls that are mature enough.

40. Have you ever crush on someone, and he refused to reciprocate?

Crushing on someone is one thing, reciprocating is another. If this has happened to you, ask her too.

41. Do you feel like you have what it takes to control a guy?

Some girls do feel like they have everything that a real guy will need. Which means they may equally have control over the guy.

42. Is there something that happened in the past that you would love to change and why?

Please use this question if she is not the type that gets angry easily.

43. What is that feature that you adore so much in guys?

I have a friend that is kind of addicted to boys with six packs (abs). Ask her this question to see if you already have that feature, or you just need to adjust.

45. Do you believe in impossible miracles?

It is not everyone that believes in a miracle. May she is the type that Science! Science!! Science!!! is all that runs through her head, even when science cannot prove the possibility of such occurrence.

46. How often do you dream of someone you love?

I am not the type that dreams about people, but when I see someone in my dream, I likely had the person in my head before sleeping.

47. Have you tried reconciling with a friend even when you know that you’re not at fault?

It’s not always about pride. Some people do not like to apologize when they know that they are not at fault.

48. Have you ever had a serious disagreement with your best friend? And how did you resolve it?

I have a friend that I have never disagreed with to the extent of fighting, maybe because he is far away from or just the regular male nature of less disagreement.

49. Which language will you love to learn when the opportunity comes?

If you don’t have a language to learn in your life to-do list, then it means you haven’t traveled around, or maybe you are a racist.

50. How do you fill when you give out important information to a stranger?

I don’t do that, but if I eventually, by mistake, do that, my heart won’t be at peace until I find out what he wants to do with the pieces of information.

51. What is that biggest life achievement that you’re so proud of?

If she is yet to achieve something that she will be proud of, I will suggest you help her out, no matter how little it is.

52. Have your family ever told you that you couldn’t do it, and you did it to their surprise?

Some families do not believe in everything their children decide to do, so they end up discouraging the child. But if you turn that discouragement to success, trust me; that will be an achievement that you will be proud of for life.

53. What are those things that you can never do for money?

There is a list of things that Jeff of Amazon can not buy. And there is a list of things that you or the girl can never do for money. It will be helpful if you hear from her.

54. Will you forgive your boyfriend if you find out he is cheating on you with your best friend?

This question is not tricky, neither is it funny, but it is crucial. Please mind when you ask this question; it has the power to make the girl have double-minds towards you.

55. What do you think of politics in your country?

You can still discuss politics; it’s no big deal.

57. What is that thing that you hate so much about girls?

I have noticed that some girls envy the way boys live peacefully with fellow boys. So they hate how girls quarrel with a long waiting reconciliation period. She might hate something else; it’s time you find out.

58. Have you ever felt betrayed?

Betrayal can cause depression. Ask the girl if it has ever happened to her, if she says yes, then move further to ask her how it happened.

59. Do you discuss a guy with your girlfriends?

I don’t think there’s any girl who does not discuss a boy with a friend. Maybe she is different.

60. Have you ever taught someone something related to sex life?

I am so proud of my first and third girlfriend; the first one taught me how to hold a woman on the waist, while the other taught me how to kiss like a pro. I do tell them that.

61. What is that thing that you don’t like about school?

Everyone that goes through school must have a story to tell, and part of the story will be somethings she hates in school.

62. How do you handle friends that behave the way you do not like?

Does she try to express her feelings and thought on their behavior with them or she just unfriend them. That is what you will find out.

63. Have you ever caused trouble without feeling guilty?

Maybe she did something that caused big trouble, but she never felt remorseful. Find out how she did it and why.

64. What do you think of people who drink alcohol like fish and smoke like a dragon?

You do not need to be drinking and smoking before you ask her this question.

65. What do you think can maintain a healthy friendship between a boy and a girl?

Whether you are just friends or dating, this question is essential as it enables you to play well along with her in the long run.

66. Do you believe that people evolve, like from being good to bad?

Some people believe that good people can never turn bad. I laugh at such a group of people with that mentality. Discover where she stands.

67. Do you keep grudges within yourself, or do you forgive and forget?

Some girls, especially short ones, are good at keeping grudges. Lol. They may claim that they have forgiven, but when another matter arises, they will play your previous records.

68. What will you do when you notice that your relationship is failing?

Here’s how you know a perfect wife material and what relationship means to her. Make sure to explain and go deep into this question because this is no yes or no or two-sentence question.

69. Have you ever rushed into something and ended up regretting it?

If she had done this so many times, that means she is not too smart and carefree. I will suggest giving her books that will help adjust her life for good as gifts.

70. Can someone’s absence ever make you sick? And who?

Depending on how close you are to the person. Some people can make you go sick when they are not around. Find that if she has ever felt that way, if yes, find out who, it might be her mom.

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