Funny Mother Daughter Quiz Questions
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27 Funny Mother Daughter Quiz Questions

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The pandemic has practically forced us to acknowledge the benefits of interfamilial bonding. While we’re putting the lockdown behind us and moving on with our lives, one thing we shouldn’t put behind us is spending quality time with our families.

One of the most entertaining ways to spend quality time with your family is organizing a quiz to reveal specifics you may not know about them. These questions may be serious, revealing, funny, or inquisitive; whatever you want the atmosphere to be.

An entertaining way for a mother and daughter to pass time is organizing a light-hearted quiz to learn more about themselves. This article will outline some quiz questions appropriate for a mother and daughter conversation. To keep everything simple and fun, the questions will be mostly funny and appropriate.

funny mother daughter quiz questions

With that said, here are some of the funniest mother-daughter quiz questions for an exciting time together.

1- What emoji does she like using the most?

Parents aren’t the best when it comes to using emoticons. However, there’s always that one emoji that she always seems to spam in both personal and group conversations. Answering this shouldn’t be too tasking if you do text her a lot.

2- What would she do first if she won the lottery?

Everyone has that big dream that can be realized with a hefty sum of money. The only thinkable way to get a couple of million dollars is by winning the lottery, which opens the opportunity to do anything you want. What do you think your mom would do first after winning the lottery?

3- What cuss word does she use most frequently?

While we can all agree that cursing is terrible, it’s also a fact that it’s a necessary evil. What cuss word does she always turn to when she needs to get that angry feeling across?

4- What did she aspire to be as a kid?

Everyone was once a kid, and kids do have many silly aspirations. If you discuss a lot about your mom’s childhood, answering this question should be pretty easy, but there’s a good chance that you don’t. You have an option if you haven’t discussed it: guess.

5- What is her dream vacation destination?

If you won a million dollars, you’d probably want to take your mom on a vacation to her dream destination. However, how would you even do that when you don’t know where that is? Here’s an opportunity to prove if you knew, but this time, in a game.

Crystal Clear Beach Holiday Resort
A relaxing beach holiday getaway?

6- What is her favorite food?

This one should be pretty easy and is more like a bonus if you live with your mom that is. Since they probably cook their favorite dishes more frequently than others, you shouldn’t have much of a problem trying to guess what her best food is.

7- What celebrity would she like to meet the most?

Moms don’t usually make their admiration for celebrities evident, but you should know who are favorite celebs are. You should note, however, that their favorite celebrity may not be the same as the one they’d love to meet the most. It’s time for you to make your guess.

8- Who is her best childhood friend?

Your mom probably has a couple of friends at this point, but they’re most likely not her childhood friends. If you have lengthy discussions about her childhood, this should be more of a bonus point. Otherwise, it would take some thoughtful guessing.

9- What’s an activity that mom loves doing with you?

If you love helping out in the kitchen, you shouldn’t have to worry too much about this. However, not everyone is a fan of helping in the kitchen, which makes it even more complicated. Try thinking of anything that makes her feel grateful or you’ll lose a point on this question.

10- What food does she like making the most?

This question shouldn’t be too challenging to answer; just try to think of what you remember eating the most frequently. Hopefully, it’s something you love eating and not what you’re forced to eat due to a lack of options.

11- Is she allergic to anything? What are they?

Figuring out if someone has allergies isn’t the problem, the problem is trying to find out exactly what they’re allergic to. While this question might look deceptively simple, it’s pretty difficult and might lose you a point unless you’re one of the caring ones.

12- What is her favorite color?

While mom likely knows everyone’s favorite colors, it can be a real pain trying to guess what color she loves the most. If you can’t come up with anything that feels right, just go with pink; that’d most likely be her favorite color.

13- What sport does she like playing the most?

There’s a very good chance that your mom was interested in sports at some point during her teenage years. She probably even tried playing a couple of different sports, but eventually settled for one. Can you possibly guess what that one sport is?

14- What was her favorite subject in high school?

While we can all agree that we hate learning in high school, there’s that one subject that’s always the exception. There’s a chance that she’s already talked about it; you can consider recalling your previous conversations about her school life to help with this question.

15- What is her favorite TV show?

This question isn’t at all difficult, as long as you do watch TV together sometimes. You may have some thinking to do if she isn’t particularly a fan of watching TV, but otherwise, this is much like a bonus question.

16- What year did she graduate high school?

Even if she loves talking about her teenage years, keeping track of all the years can be a pain. Will you pass the test and figure out exactly when she graduated from high school?

17- How old was she when she got married to dad?

Here’s another question that may have you wishing you paid attention in history class. With a little head-scratching and backtracking, you should be able to figure this out.

18- What’s her favorite outfit?

Everyone has that one outfit they can wear all day, seven times a week. If you pay enough attention to her dressing, you shouldn’t have to think this question over. Try to put the outfits she wore recently over your head to see what’s her favorite.

19- What’s her phone number (by heart)?

While it’s normal for you to memorize a phone number decades ago, everyone has phones now, and you probably have many hundred numbers in your contact list. Memorizing all might be difficult, but did you put in the effort to memorize your mum’s?

20- What was her first job as a teenager or adult?

If she loves to open up about herself, you should have no problems answering any questions about her few first jobs. Most people probably worked at a fast-food restaurant for some time as a teenager; is her story any different?

21- What was her favorite travel experience and when was it?

Traveling around the world (or around the country) can be fun, but there’s always that one experience that’s a lot more interesting than the others. What do you think was her favorite travel experience and when did that happen?

22- What’s her favorite travel method?

Cars are so commonplace that nobody cherishes having a car ride anymore. When faced with this question, you know your only options are horseback and ship; choose wisely. Or maybe she likes flying, who knows?

23- What’s the household chore she hates doing the most?

While moms seem like they’re immune to fatigue and procrastination, certain chores also tire them out. Knowing what specific chore she’d rather not do is a good indication of how well you know your mom.

24- Has she ever done anything illegal? What was it?

Something that rarely comes up in casual discussions is recollections of illegal events. Answering this question correctly with details shows how inquisitive you are and how much you know about your family.

25- Who is her least favorite person?

If there was someone your mom would rather never see again, who would that be? Depending on the circumstances, this can either be the easiest question on the list or the hardest one; there’s no in-between.

26- What food would she never eat again?

Like she’d rather never see someone again, there are also some foods she’d rather not taste again? Do you know what her least favorite food is? Well, let’s find out.

27- What’s her favorite song?

Everyone listens to songs, but there’s always a specific one that hits different. What song would your mum have on repeat for several hours?


When playing a mother-daughter quiz game, there are tons of questions you can ask. However, you only want to ask light-hearted questions to ensure that the atmosphere doesn’t become too tense halfway. This compilation has some of the best mother-daughter quiz questions for a fun game night.

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