Most Likely To Questions for Couples

40 Fun Most Likely To Questions for Couples?

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One of the best ways for couples to get to know each other is by asking revealing questions. Asking revealing questions can be pretty difficult without sounding weird. However, you can always gamify it to make the most challenging questions fun.

An interesting format for asking questions is trying to figure out who’s most likely to do something. While it may lead to light arguments and disagreements, it’s always fun and an interesting opportunity to admit some of your strengths and shortcomings as a couple.

However, it may be hard to come up with relevant questions if you’ve never tried the most likely questioning format. In this post, I’ll some you several most likely questions for couples you should try asking when next you’re trying to have fun with a quick game.

The goal of asking these questions isn’t to determine the absolute truth since it rarely does that. However, it’s primarily to spark healthy and fun conversations about your daily activities, and how much your partner agrees with what you think about them.

You don’t have to limit the pool of questions to the ones in this article. For more fun, you should consider coming up with interesting questions that will keep the conversation rolling without causing uneasiness. To show you what kind of questions you should ask, here are some most likely questions for couples to ask just for fun.

40 Fun Most Likely To Questions For Couples

1- Who is most likely to forget the other’s birthday?

If either of you doesn’t care too much about birthdays, there’s a good chance that one always needs a little reminder before getting a birthday present. You can bring up this question during the game if you’re not the one who’s fond of forgetting birthdays.

2- Who is most likely to sleep while watching a movie?

It only takes a boring movie for one to fall asleep on the couch. However, there’s always that one person that doesn’t need the movie to be boring to fall into a quick nap. Arguing about who is most likely to sleep during a movie is another great most likely question for couples.

3- Who is most likely to miss phone calls?

Ladies generally spend more time on the phone than men, making this an easy guess in most circumstances. However, it still boils down to individual differences since some females do not fancy spending hours on the phone.

4- Who is most likely to buy things they don’t really need?

This question might spark a bit of an argument since nobody wants to admit they spend extravagantly. In most cases, the primary shopper ends up buying lots of unnecessary things whether deliberately or not, and that’s usually the lady.

5- Who is most likely to become a vegetarian?

Becoming a vegan is the new hottest trend, and there’s a chance that your partner may catch up with it along the way. Whoever catches on to progressive ideals faster without a special affinity to meat will likely become vegetarian, but of course, there’s still a lot to argue about it.

6- Who is most likely to drop their phone into a toilet?

If you don’t spend hours on your phone while seated on a toilet, there’s a good chance that your partner does. It’s not difficult to agree on the answer if you’ve been together for long enough; it’s one of those that you simply laugh over the answer when someone brings it up.

7- Who is most likely to spend a lot of time in the bathroom?

Now, spending more time in the bathroom isn’t directly or indirectly caused by mobile phone addiction. It just seems like some people have the innate ability to spend tens of hours in the bathroom while cleaning up. Interestingly, it’s always one of you.

8- Who is most likely to snore loudly while sleeping?

Here’s a pretty simple one; you either snore very loudly when you sleep or you stay up, complaining about the annoying snores. If you’re the latter, you may want to bring up this question to see if they’re aware; otherwise, you may pass.

9- Who is most likely to solve a difficult math question?

There are two types of people: those who hate mathematics and those who are geniuses in the subject, there’s no in-between. If one of you falls into the latter category, this question should be an easy one; otherwise, it’s up for an intense debate.

10- Who is most likely to win a random quiz?

Math isn’t all there is to life; how about a random test across different topics of interest. Bringing up this question is an excellent way to get an idea of what your partner thinks about your academic knowledge. It also shows how confident they are about their abilities.

11- Who is most likely to sleep in the middle of the day?

Some people tend to stay up very late at night, only to make up for it with random naps in the middle of the day. While this may happen to anyone in a relationship, there’s usually that one person who is always guilty of that!

12- Who is most likely to initiate a divorce?

Talking about divorces in the early stages of a relationship can be pretty difficult, but this doesn’t have to be. It’s a game, and you should also avoid making it the first question to not make the entire game sound awkward. Sandwiching it between two very fun questions makes it seem less weird.

13- Who is most likely to own a very old phone?

There’s always that one person in a relationship who still uses their Nokia 3310 from 2001. Unless you both are tech enthusiasts that change your devices each time a new one is released, the answer to this question should be evident as soon as it’s asked.

14- Who is most likely to buy an expensive item?

Women are often stereotyped as being worse with money, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. There’s usually a difference across different people and there’s a chance your partner’s different. Asking this question could make you reflect on your expenses, eventually agreeing on the truth.

15- Who is most likely to order the cheapest food on the menu?

While it seems like males are always frugal, it appears that whoever is paying tends to spend less. Judging by your past dates, trying to figure out who would order the cheapest item on the menu is an interesting way to spark a light-hearted argument.

16- Who is most likely to forget what they were about to say?

We’ve all had that moment when we wanted to say something and we forget it at the slightest interruption. However, it happens to be more prevalent in some people than others, and it’s only fair to try figuring out who’s more at risk of forgetting what they were about to say.

17- Who is most likely to cry over a sad movie?

Females are generally more emotional than males, but that doesn’t translate to every single couple on the planet. Something you may want to try figuring out is who’s more likely to cry when watching a sad movie; you or your spouse?

18- Who is most likely to use a curse word during a heated conversation?

With the average American using 80 to 90 curse words per day, there’s a good chance that either of you curses a little too often. Another interesting most likely question for couples will have you trying to determine who is most guilty of swearing during dialogues. Who knows, the f word might even pop from the conversation.

19- Who is most likely to win a board game?

While everyone likes to pass time with board games, some people are simply phenomenal at it. If you or your partner enjoys playing board games, it’s clear who would win in an average matchup. However, if that isn’t the case, you may have to rely on faint recollections of games you’ve played years ago.

20- Who is most likely to burn the food while cooking?

Leaving the food to burn has absolutely nothing to do with your cooking skills; it only depends on how well you concentrate while cooking. Whoever spends more time on their phone is more likely to burn food while cooking and you can’t convince me otherwise.

21- Who is most likely to work as an unpaid volunteer for an NGO?

Developing an interest in helping others is generally a good thing, but it’s more like an obsession for some people. Asking which of you is likelier to work as an unpaid volunteer is a clever way to know what the other party thinks of how much you’re willing to help others.

22- Who is most likely to borrow money?

If you’ve stayed together for long enough, you should already know who has a worse borrowing habit. When asking questions in this format, you only want to pop up this question if you’re confident that you’re not that person.

23- Who is most likely to spend all of their savings?

Everyone buys stuff, but some people take it as a special hobby. If one of the parties involved in the relationship is addicted to shopping, there’s a chance they’ll spend all of their savings on it. Would you agree to be that one person?

24- Who is most likely to get arrested for urinating outside?

Peeing outside might be illegal in most cases, but that doesn’t make it any less enjoyable. It’s more suited to males, given how convenient it is for them to pee while standing. However, you could still have an interesting argument on who’s more likely to get arrested for it.

25- Who is most likely to get in trouble?

Given the countenance of males, the guy is usually most likely to get into trouble in most relationships involving a guy. You don’t have to look around for proof; Will Smith’s “slapgate” is still very fresh in our minds. However, the answer to this could be surprisingly different in your case.

26- Who is most likely to want to play a drinking game?

Different people have different drinking habits, and either of you is always the heavier drinker. Of course, the heavier drinker will always choose to play a drinking game at any given opportunity, making the answer to this question a no-brainer for most relationships.

27- Who is most likely to fall down the stairs?

The answer to this question and the preceding one shouldn’t be very different. I can very much envision someone falling from the stairs after a heavy bout of drinking during a drinking game. However, you can never tell when it comes to specific people like you and your partner.

28- Who is most likely to spend money on clothes?

Everyone likes to look good, but to some people, looking good is like an obsession. You can attest to this if your partner is an influencer on Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok. Besides, if that happens to be the case, you don’t have to argue much about who’s most likely to buy more expensive clothes.

29- Who is most likely to lie?

As humans, we have an innate tendency to lie as long as it gets us out of trouble. There’s no doubt that the two parties in a relationship lie in some cases, and that’s not the question. The question is: who lies most often and has the highest tendency to lie in any given scenario?

30- Who is most likely to write a bestselling book?

If either of you loves writing books or any other kind of fictional piece, the answer to this should be unanimous. However, the choice becomes controversial when neither or both of you are writers. There’s also a chance that one of you has a bestselling book, making this question useless.

31- Who is most likely to break a world record?

Before attempting to answer the question, it’s important to note that there are world records for pretty much everything now. If you can clap extremely fast, remove socks pretty quickly, crawl quickly, etc. With that said, who do you think is more likely to break a world record of you two?

32- Who is most likely to get drunk at a party?

Guys drink more than ladies in the United States, regardless of what metric you’re using in your assessment. Not only do more men drink, but they also drink more heavily, which is a very interesting statistic. You can debate this question to see how well that translates to your relationship.

33- Who is most likely to become a celebrity?

The vast majority of people are never going to become celebrities at any point in their lives, but that doesn’t make it bad to try. Depending on how much influencer-like activity you engage in, you can try to determine who’s most likely to be a celeb, albeit with a few disagreements.

34- Who is most likely to finish up late?

A certain gender is often stereotyped for always finishing up late and I think you already know who they are. Given that ladies do spend a lot of taking getting ready and dressing up, it doesn’t feel like a stereotype. You can use this question to see what your partner thinks about who finishes up late.

35- Who is most likely to stay in a haunted house?

Here’s another interesting way to determine who loves watching horror movies at night. While almost every single one of us would relish the feeling of a haunted house, I think I’d rather stay safe. This question can also help you learn what your partner thinks about the haunted house trope in movies.

36- Who is most likely to falsely call in sick at work?

Everyone has that lazy part of them that only wants to sleep at home all day without going to work, but only a few of us act on it. Trying to figure out which of you is more likely to do so can be very interesting, and would make a great most likely question for couples.

37- Who is most likely to avoid doing laundry by buying more underwear?

In case you didn’t know already, a lot of people are willing to do this, including yours truly. If you’re the typical couple, there should be one of you that hates doing the laundry so much that they see this as an option. Determining who that person is mightn’t be as easy as you think.

38- Who is most likely to be late to every event?

If your partner likes spending hours dressing up for every event, you may want to bring up this question to see if they acknowledge it. In most cases, they’ll laugh over it but be prepared for an argument if you both tend to finish late.

39- Who is most likely to live longer?

Life expectancy aside, some people are comfortable with doing extremely dangerous things without much regard for their health. If that sounds like an appropriate description for your partner, you may want to know if they also think so by sneaking in this question.

40- Who is most likely to commit a crime?

Unless you’re both peaceful and easygoing people who rarely get into heated altercations, there’s always a chance that either of you could commit a crime. Determining who that could be is the entire point of this question, and I wonder who that it.


Playing simple question-and-answer games is a great way to bond with your partner and have healthy conversations. When you use the specific “most likely” format, you can ask more pressing questions and get serious answers without making the entire situation look awkward.

To help you get started, I’ve compiled 39 most likely questions for couples to consider asking this night to see what your partner thinks of you. Also, I’ve explained the questions a bit, giving you expectations of how you should expect them to go.

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