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20 Best This or That Book Questions

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20 best this or that book questions have always been on my mind.

I think there’s no doubt at this point that readers are leaders. Almost everyone reads a book genre and can relate to many inside jokes about books. Since reading is such a popular tradition, it’s a perfect theme for a questions game with friends and acquaintances.

Best Format for Questioning Games about Books

When it comes to questioning games about books, there is no better format than asking this or that book questions.

If you’ve ever done anything similar, you should know that a “this or that game” basically presents you with two options and asks you to make an insanely difficult choice.

Coming up with two scenarios that make it difficult to make a choice instantly is not as easy as you think. With little help, however, you can consistently get questions perfect for the game.

That help is within this article, but before listing the questions, let’s see a thing or two about this or that question in general.

Playing the “This or That Book Questions” Game

Before going ahead with the game, it’s crucial to learn what it entails and how to put the questions forward. Also, there are standards for answering the questions, justifying a little lesson before jumping into the list of questions.

How Does “This or That Book Questions” Game Work?

Before moving on, you should note that the game works by giving you two scenarios to choose from. Under an enforced time limit (usually), you’re to choose one of the two options quickly, which shows your friends a lot about who you truly are.

How are This or That Book Questions Structured?

The average question in the game is structured as “would you rather (first scenario) or (second scenario)?” If you want, you can skip the “would you rather” part and jump directly to listing the first and second scenarios, separated by an “or.”

In the game, “both,” and “neither” are not acceptable answers. You must choose from the scenarios presented to you when the asker put the question forward, and you can’t choose both. Also, you can’t back out of both options, regardless of how disgusting or unbearable they sound.

How to Answer Would you Rather Questions?

There are no reasons why you should overthink the answers you give because the average this or that game has no right or wrong answers; the asker is seeking the answerer’s opinion. Since you’re almost always playing with your friends and people you trust, you can rest assured that no one will judge you.

Number Of Players For This or That Book Questions Game

For the game to start, you need at least one other person. However, there’s no limit to how many people can participate in the game; you just have to take turns asking and answering each other questions.

If you are playing this or that book questions game with a stranger, try reading 30 Vital Question to Ask Someone to Know Him/Her Better for a canny experience.

With all that explained, let’s jump into some this or that book questions that will have you arguing with your inner self.

This or That Book Questions List

1- Would you rather lose a book every week or dog-ear all your books?

It’s genuinely difficult to pick what’s the most annoying between losing a book and dog-earing one. As long as the contract doesn’t specify that I can’t re-buy the lost books, losing a book every week is okay for me. Ask your friends to see their opinions.

2- Would you rather spend a day with your favorite fictional character or with your favorite author?

I tend to build better relationships with fictional characters than I do with authors for a weird reason. However, it seems like it’s not the same for everyone, especially as I’d admit that I don’t write books. If you could meet up with either over dinner, would it be the character or the writer?

3- Would you rather read one book per year while remembering everything, or 100 books per year without remembering anything?

Not being able to remember anything from the books you read is pretty cruel, but having to read a single book every year is arguably even crueler. If you can recall, I’m not in the game, so I’ll say neither, but you can corner your friends with this in a “this or that” book questions game.

4- Would you rather read only the first page of a book or only the last page?

You have the best fiction work written by aliens from a particular planet, and they’ve agreed to let you read it. However, there’s a condition: you can either read only the first page of the book or just the last page. If you were in that scenario, which would you choose?

5- Would you rather have the ending of a book spoiled or never know the ending?

Spoilers are terrible, and there should be criminal punishment for a person who spoils a book intentionally. But here is a scenario that may want to make you rethink that. If you could either see a spoiler before reading the actual book or never read the book to the end. I know my choice.

6- Would you rather skip the first or the last chapter in a book

People write books, expecting that you’ll read them from the beginning to the end, word for word. Imagine if you’re disallowed from reading either the first or last chapter. This question will make a lot more sense if it specified the book in question or even the genre. Generally, I’ll skip the first.

7- Would you rather love a book everyone hates or hate a book everyone loves?

Going by current trends, choosing to love a book that everyone hates is not a good thing by any standards. Unless you’re okay with loving a book about the supremacy of Nazis, I think you want to be clear. For this, I think hating a book everyone loves is better; let’s see what your friends think.

8- Would you rather be locked in a library or a bookstore?

Your answer to this question will always come down to personal preference since neither is inherently better than the other. While I prefer a bookstore for the neat and crisp books, the quiet atmosphere of the average library may appeal better to you. You can also throw this question to friends to see what they think.

9- Would you rather never be able to borrow a book from a library or never be able to reread a book?

Avid readers borrow books from libraries as much as they love to reread books. If you’re disallowed from doing either, you’ll understand that you’re enjoying some underrated convenience in the background. It’s a tough one, but I think not being able to reread a book is better.

10- Would you rather have your favorite book turned into a movie or a TV show?

While you can finish a movie quickly in one go, you have even more content to consume if it’s an ongoing TV show, enabling better relationships with the characters. Since books are typically best adapted into movies, I’ll go for a movie here, although I’m not particularly against a TV show either.

11- Would you rather review books professionally or write books professionally?

Reviewing books professionally is a way to get to read as many books as you want in your career while getting paid for them. Not only that, you get to influence people’s choice of books, which is a way to make some change in the world.

However, writing books professionally gives you a platform to express your thoughts and ideas to the public, at the cost of taking some of the time you use to read. Do you think the merits are worth the trade offs? Let’s see what your friends think.

With the presence of teens around you, it is important to mix this or that book questions with 101 Meaningful Would You Rather Questions for Teens to make it more fun.

12- Would you rather be in the Harry Potter universe or be in Lord of the Rings?

Before choosing from either of the options, it’s crucial to take a deeper look at life in both universes. In the Lord of the Rings universe, you have to travel by foot, horses, sleds, boars, eagles, and the likes, and you rely on butterflies and birds for communication.

On the other hand, the Harry Potter universe offers many modern luxuries, as well as flying motorbikes, dragons, flying horse carriages, and other superficial means of transport. For someone living in the 21st century, the Harry Potter universe is a much better option, but your friends may have other ideas.

13- Would you rather read physical books or e-books exclusively?

As it stands, you don’t have to choose between a physical book and an eBook; you can use whatever is the best fit for the scenario. However, imagine for a second that you don’t have the choice to pick between physical books and eBooks, what would you choose in that scenario?

14- Would you rather have every book lose page numbers or chapter numbers?

Page numbers and chapter numbers are two of the most common ways to track your progress when reading a book. If you’ve read a book with insanely long chapters, you’ll appreciate the importance of having chapter numbers. Still, I think page numbers are better, how about you?

15- Would you rather be able to only write books or only read them?

Writing is certainly more cumbersome and not half as interesting as reading, but the satisfaction you get from completing your own story is unlike anything you’ll get from reading even the best book in the world. Since I’m kind of a lazy person myself, reading books sounds like a no-brainer.

16- Would you rather let go of the internet or all the books in the world?

I’ve seen some very difficult deals in my numerous years of existence, but this, right here, is the craziest deal I’ve ever seen. The question is offering to let us keep all the books we currently have, but at the cost of the internet. While it sounds like a good deal, I think the internet is more important; what do you think?

17- Would you rather read a standalone book or duo-logies/trilogies?

Reading a book and completing it quickly is a plus for me, so I’ll always choose a standalone book over a trilogy, provided the story is equal. However, we’ve seen some incredibly interesting trilogies in the world of literature that makes it impossible to go for either. An excellent question for your book-loving friends.

18- Would you rather read a single genre forever or be able to read only one book from every genre?

Honestly, this has to be the most challenging question in this collection. There’s an upper limit to how many genres of literature there are, but reading from a single genre every day will certainly bore you to no end. Since I’m technically not in the game, I think I’ll have to go with neither here.

19- Would you rather have a cliffhanger ending in a book or read a book with a heartbreaking end?

I think I’ve established earlier that I’m not a duo-logy/trilogy kind of person, so there’s no way I’ll choose a cliffhanger over anything else. However, when “anything else” is a heartbreaking end to a very interesting book, it presents a very compelling scenario for you to rethink your decision. Still, I think a heartbreaking ending is a better choice here.

20- Would you rather want every book you read to be based on love triangles or never be able to read romance again?

If you think the answer to this question is obvious enough, maybe it’s because you’re not like me. I hate romance books, but not enough to never want to read another book about romance again. So, instead of having every book I read be romance, I’d rather not read books in the category anymore.

Reading romance and not reading 65 Good Questions to Ask Your Long Distance Lover is not fair. Give it a read and leave your feedback.


Book lovers are a dime a dozen, so you don’t need to look too hard to find someone that will be up for a “this or that book questions” game session with books as the theme.

You can play the game with friends, members of a reading club, and anyone who indicates interest.

Before playing the game, however, you may want to learn how the “this or that” question format works. Since I explained that in detail here, you can visit it before jumping to my 20 favorites this or that book questions that will put your friends in a tight corner.

Finally, you have reached the end of my list of This or That Book Questions.

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