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17 Best This or That Food Questions

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Food is one of the most relatable topics to discuss for one important reason: everyone eats, at least, as far as I know. Since we all know a thing or two about most of the foods we eat, we’re very qualified to answer most questions about them, making food a great theme for a questions game.

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A popular questioning format for discussing food is asking if they’d rather have a particular food or something else. To make the game interesting, you need to make it intense by ensuring that the match is so difficult that they’ll find it very difficult to choose one.

Food-themed this or that questions doesn’t have to be what you can eat alone. You can also ask the questions in other ways; for instance, asking if they’d rather give up a particular food or have to eat a certain one exclusively for the rest of their lives.

The most important factor that makes the game interesting is to ensure that the options are very difficult. If they can easily choose one of them without even thinking about it, you’re not making the game competitive. Here, I’ll list some very difficult this or that food questions that will certainly put every food lover in a tight corner.

How to Play a This or That Food Questions Game

The good thing about a game like this is that you have the liberty to simply invent a game mode since there are no hard rules. However, if you can’t come up with a way to play the game, you can use the most popular suggestion, which is also very interesting.

Of course, when playing a questions game like this or that food questions, you’ll need at least two players to begin the game. It’s crucial to note that you already count as one person; so, you don’t need two other people to start the game; you only need one.

If you want a very interesting game, however, you may want to add more people to the game, not less. You can team up with other players if there are so many people that it will be impossible for the questions to go around.

After compiling the players (or teams), you’ll have to come up with the first player. Coming up with the first player is at the discretion of the other participants in the game; you can choose to toss a coin, split a dice, or simply give it to the person that says “me first.”

The first player can ask the question to whomever they like from the participants, and the first person to receive a question automatically becomes the next in line to play. If there are a lot of people participating in the game, it’s generally a good idea to play in a circular format, either clockwise or anticlockwise.

Asking and Answering This or That Food Questions

While you’ll get tons of suggestions on this or that food questions here, it’s still crucial to learn how to come up with questions on the fly. In most cases, you’re not on your phone during the game and there are only so many questions you can memorize.

When asking a question, you should either try to offer two good options or two bad options. Offering a good option and a not-so-good option makes the game easy for the answerer since they can easily choose the better option without much thought.

Also, offering only good options or only bad options 100% of the time will only make your questions too boring and predictable.

When answering questions during the game, the rules are pretty simple: you can’t say “both” or “neither.” It doesn’t matter how pleasant or unpleasant the options are, you have to choose the greater good or the lesser evil, which can be pretty difficult in some scenarios.

To quicken the pace of the game, you may want to set a time limit for the answers. Not only does it make the game faster and more interesting, but it also forces the answerer to come up with very difficult answers almost instantly, which is more difficult than choosing between two unpleasant options.

This or That Food Questions

At this point, you already know what this or that food questions mean and how to ask and answer them. The only part of the entire thing that you mightn’t know is the questions to ask during a session of this or that food questions.

Truth is, you only need to be creative since there are practically no limits to what questions you can ask. Also, when asking questions for this game, you want to tailor it to your specific location to ensure that the other participants can also relate to your options.

A quick way to determine if a question is worth asking is by checking if it’s a difficult decision for you. If it isn’t, the chances are pretty high that the answerer won’t have any idea what you’re talking about.

That said, here are some of this or that food questions for an interesting game.

1- Would you rather become vegetarian or carnivorous for the rest of your life?

Chicken and meat are very delicious, but salads are insanely healthy too. Choosing either would be difficult for anyone, except maybe for vegetarians or those keeping strictly to a carnivorous meal (if they exist). As for me, I’d rather go carnivorous.

2- Would you rather have to use cutleries or never be able to use cutleries for every meal?

Cutleries make the process of eating a lot simpler, but there are a couple of foods that don’t need them. Imagine having to eat bananas using knives and a fork; it’s possible, but what’s the point of making the process of eating a banana more complicated than it has to be.

3- No sugar or no salt for the rest of your life

This is one of the few scenarios where you’d want to say “neither,” but remember, rules are rules. Sugar is one of the most important ingredients in most of the snacks you eat, while the process of cooking pretty much any food is incomplete without salt. Truly a tough this or that food question.

4- No baked foods or no ice cream forever

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Before ruling out baked foods, you may want to recall that bagels, biscuits, muffins, and bread are all baked. Giving up ice cream is no easy choice either, but there are priorities. I don’t know about you, but I’d rather be unable to have ice cream than lose access to all baked foods completely.

5- Would you rather live without meat or caffeine?

Caffeine is the active ingredient of coffee that gives you energy, but this question forces you to choose between that and every kind of meat in existence. For vegans, that’s an easy choice; caffeine isn’t an animal product, making it okay for them. However, the rest of us non-vegans will do a lot of thinking before providing an answer.

6- Would you rather have to eat pizzas or burgers forever?

Pizzas and burgers are almost on the same level when it comes to how much they’re loved around. If you can choose only one of them to eat forever, your choice will eventually come down to your personal preference. As for me, it’s burgers.

7- If you could wish one out of existence, would you choose burritos or tacos?

Burritos and tacos are so similar that I don’t see the point in comparing them anyway. But if you must, would you rather have tacos or burritos disappear out of existence. In my opinion, either can get out, but I’m not sure this question is for me.

8- Would you rather live in a world without potato chips or in one without popcorn?

Popcorn has been associated with movies so much that it seems impossible to bring another snack to see a movie. However, almost everyone will agree that potato chips are better than popcorn (or will they)? To me, losing access to potato chips seems a bit harsh, we can change the default snack for movies.

9- Would you rather never taste another drop of beer or another drop of wine?

Beer and wine taste and feel a bit differently, and they both go for different occasions. Having to choose only one of them, just like most of the other choices on this list, is hard. However, you still have to let go of one of them. If it were up to me, I think wine is a bit less important than beer.

10- Would you rather be unable to access chocolate or morning coffee forever?

Most people love chocolate, just like literally everyone loves to have a cup of coffee every morning. Imagine having to choose between chocolate and that hot morning coffee. Before making the choice, you should remember that you’ll essentially lose access to the other forever. For me, I’ll keep coffee.

11- Would you rather live in a world where the only beverage is water, or in one where the only food is salad?

Water is probably the healthiest beverage you can have, and salad is also probably the healthiest food. However, we often need to eat other foods and have other beverages for their amazing taste and a balanced diet. Would you rather be stuck with only water or only salad; you decide.

12- Would you rather eat a whole onion or have to suck a whole lemon?

Eating an onion isn’t particularly enjoyable, and so is sucking an entire lemon for no reason. However, none of those two activities are impossible. This question forces the answerer to choose between unpleasant but possible scenarios. If I were asked, I’d easily choose the latter.

13- Would you rather eat chicken fries or chicken nuggets?

Choosing between chicken nuggets and fried chicken is one choice you don’t want to make. While some people have a preference, the vast majority of people will have what’s available. If you can choose to eliminate either of the two forever, what would be your preference.

14- Would you rather have a bottle of Coke or Pepsi?

You already know that most fast-food restaurants only serve either Coca-Cola or Pepsi, although, that’s very unlikely to influence the choice of where you eat. However, if you can choose the beverage to have with your food, would you rather go with Coke or Pepsi? Not a difficult question, but it works.

15- Would you rather eat Pringles or Doritos?

When it comes to chips, there’s probably no better way to do it than Pringles and Doritos. However, it’s always great to always be able to choose whatever you’d like to eat. If you’d like to know your friend’s preference, you may want to consider throwing this question.

16- Would you rather give up fruits or never have vegetables?

Fruits and vegetables are both healthy and delicious, and it’s a joy that we don’t have to choose only one of them. However, what if you had to choose only one of them, which do you think is the most important? Since I’m not in the game, I think I’ll have to skip this.

17- Would you rather always eat out at Taco Bell or Chipotle?

Chipotle and Taco Bell are two of the best ways to get tacos in the United States right now. Each of the fast-food restaurants has a distinct taste for the items they sell. You can simply ask your friend what they prefer in a “this or that question format” to find out.


Choosing between two favorable or unfavorable options is already challenging, but it becomes even more so when the topic is food. When you have to ask questions, you’ll notice that answering the questions isn’t the only difficult aspect of the game.

Coming up with questions to ask is almost as difficult since you have to come up with two similar scenarios. To help with that, this article offers a number of this or that food questions for inspiration.

Finally, you have reached the end of my list of This or That Food Questions.

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