Questions to Ask a Pregnant Woman
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12 Fun Questions to Ask a Pregnant Woman

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Pregnancy is an exciting but tiring time for women since it’s full of surprises, especially when it’s their first time. While it’s exciting, it’s also physically and psychologically draining, necessitating support for any woman going through pregnancy around you.

One of the best ways to support pregnant women is to visit them often and spend time with them. On one of your visits, you may want to learn more about them by asking them a couple of fun questions for a happy atmosphere, as well as deeper connections.

12 Fun Questions to Ask a Pregnant Woman

In this article, I’ll list some of the best questions to consider asking a pregnant woman to keep the atmosphere lively. Since it’s very likely to slip up and say something you shouldn’t, I’ll also leave a list of questions you should never ask, just in case.

Should You Ask a Pregnant Woman Questions?

As hinted in the introduction, asking tons of questions is an awesome way to keep a conversation lively and learn more about the person you’re discussing with. But if the person happens to be a pregnant woman, should you continue asking those questions.

Generally, there shouldn’t be any issues with questioning a pregnant woman as long as you’re not leading them too much in the discussion. There are many things that people may not want to talk about regarding their pregnancy, and throwing a barrage of questions increases your chances of touching on one of the sensitive topics.

When discussing with a pregnant lady, you should allow them to steer the conversation, especially if they happen to have extrovert tendencies. From what they tell you and the questions they ask, you should know what questions to ask and what they don’t want to answer.

The questions you can also ask depends on your relationship with the expectant mother. If you’re their doctor, you should be able to ask more sensitive questions than, say, a random family friend that only comes along once every couple of weeks.

12 Fun Questions to Ask a Pregnant Woman

Since the article promises to list fun questions to ask a pregnant woman, it’s only natural to start from there. About what you’re allowed to ask her at any stage of her pregnancy, here are some fun options for a lively atmosphere when interacting with the prospective mother.

1- What do you need help with?

Avoid phrasing it as: “do you need help with anything?” Most of the time, you’ll always get a “no” response when you ask that way. However, since pregnant women lack a huge chunk of the regular energy they use for their daily work, it’s only natural to assume they have something to do at all times.

2- How do you look so gorgeous even with a pregnancy?

The period of a pregnancy is a very trying time and pregnant women tend to be overly sensitive about how they look. One of the most helpful ways to help them get through it is by asking questions that suggest they’re looking as perfect as they should be. You should also try to avoid suggesting otherwise.

3- Do you have any friends or family to help after birthing the baby?

Pregnant women don’t only need help throughout their pregnancy; they may also need support and assistance for a couple of months after giving birth to the baby. While there should be family members that can help, it’s still important to ask to see if you could be of any help, unless you’re a family member yourself.

4- What’s your favorite activity since you got pregnant?

One of the fun parts of pregnancy is how much the expecting mom’s daily routine, likes, and dislikes will change. In most cases, they have a new hobby, which may not be what you think. Asking them about their favorite activity is the first step to set an environment that makes it easy for them to do it.

On the other hand, you should also consider asking them about their least favorite activities since they got pregnant. If it’s something that you can help with, you should consider doing it to support them throughout tier pregnancy.

5- Do you have a name for your baby?

Asking about the name(s) they have for their baby is a very sensitive question, and you should think twice before asking about that. If you’re pretty close to them, they may be willing to tell you about the name and how they came up with it in the first place. Otherwise, it may be better to simply skip.

6- How did you manage to choose such an amazing partner?

When a friend or someone you know is pregnant, you want to assure them that they’ve made no mistake in their choice of a partner and their spouse will make such a great father for the kid. Asking a question like this is an excellent way to achieve that aim, and you’re not expecting an answer.

7- What do/would you like to eat?

A pregnancy, especially one that’s in its later stages can weaken a lady, making her too weak to perform basic tasks like cooking. However, they also tend to crave foods that you can’t simply order from a fast-food restaurant or even most restaurants.

One of the most rewarding questions to ask a pregnant lady near you is about what they’d like to eat. If they were willing to tell you, you can go ahead and prepare the meal, treating them to a pleasant surprise of their favorite dish.

8- Can I bring you a meal after your delivery?

If the expecting mom tends to enjoy your dishes, you can offer to bring them a meal after they deliver their baby. You should already know what they like if you ask the preceding question pretty often. In most cases, they should say yes, but you shouldn’t bother asking if you know they’ll turn it down.

9- Have you designated and decorated a room for the nursery?

Preparations for the arrival of a baby should start as soon as there are indications of pregnancy. In some cases, however, the expectant mother may lack the strength or motivation to perform some of the most important preparations for the arrival of a baby.

A way you can help is by asking if they’ve decorated the nursery or if they’d need help with it. You can volunteer to help them set up the room and add all the necessary components. Your help should be appreciated even more if you have experience with pregnancy and preparing for a child.

10- Is it a boy or a girl?

Note that this question is vastly different from the equally popular but offensive “do you want to be a boy?” Pregnant women get a lot of questions about their baby’s gender every hour, and yours shouldn’t make them too angry, as long as you’re asking it correctly.

11- Can I touch your belly?

There are pretty good chances that you’ve read multiple articles warning you never to ask this question, but there’s nothing wrong with it. However, what’s wrong is going ahead to touch their belly without their consent. Some people don’t mind you touching their belly mildly, but you should ensure this question precedes it.

12- What is the baby wearing today?

This question seems a bit funny, but that’s exactly the point. You shouldn’t spend your entire time with a pregnant woman asking them extremely serious questions about life and the high school they want the baby to go to when they finally come of age. Sometimes, all they need to hear is a funny question that will bring a smile to their face.

8 Questions You Should Never Ask a Pregnant Woman

While there’s no shortage of questions to ask a pregnant woman, there’s an important aspect of this topic that’s often overlooked. People don’t seem to realize that while there are good questions to ask, there are also terrible questions to avoid.

If you want to keep every interaction between you and the expectant mother lighthearted, polite, and fun, there are some questions you have to avoid. Here is a list of surprisingly common questions people ask pregnant women that you should never ask.

1- Why do you look so small?

Pregnant ladies are often sensitive and insecure about how they look, no thanks to the overflowing amount of conditions that the average pregnant lady is prone to. When you pass comments that directly speak about their body size like this one, it makes them overthink, trying to research problems that might be nonexistent.

2- Do you want it to be a boy or a girl?

While some people have preferences for what gender they want their baby to be, that’s supposed to be none of your business. Knowing the gender they prefer usually changes nothing, so why waste your time asking them about it anyway. Asking about a child’s gender as soon as they’re born is also disliked.

3- Are you going to breastfeed the child?

Again, this is another private question that ideally should be none of your business. How an expectant mother plans to feed their baby when they finally put to bed is their decision to make, and it should be private. When you ask this question, it comes across like you’re trying to judge their efforts.

4- How will you cope with your job when you birth the baby?

We all know how difficult it can be to work and raise a baby at the same time. When you see a career woman carrying a pregnancy, you’ll be naturally inclined to ask how they plan to deal with their job after the entire process.

That decision is one that most people don’t usually take on the fly, nor is it one that most want to share. If they want you to know what would become of their career, they’ll tell you; allow them to bring up the conversation first.

5- Why do you want kids?

You may think kids are annoying, problematic, distracting, or just a bore, but that doesn’t make it okay to judge what other people want. If someone is enduring the travails of pregnancy, it means they understand the challenges of raising a kid and they’re ready to face them. It’s not your job to police them.

6- Are you still pregnant?

Regardless of how a pregnant woman looks, you should refrain from asking them if they’re pregnant directly. In some cases, they may have to remove the pregnancy in unfortunate circumstances and you don’t want to be the one that reminds them of that.

7- Are you sure there’s only one in there?

I’ve hinted at the significance of passing comments on the size of the expecting mother, but that advice extends to their belly in particular. Some people tend to have large pregnancies, making it look like they’re ready to birth a set of sextuplets. While you may want to ask to be sure, you should avoid asking to prevent them from having negative thoughts about their body image.

8- Why is your belly so big?

This question is another more direct way to ask the preceding question. A pregnant woman should have a belly that’s bigger than that of the average lady, so there’s that. However, if you think theirs is bigger than should be normal, it’s not your responsibility to ask them why it’s so. Let them bring it up if they’re comfortable discussing it.


If you’re going to visit a pregnant woman, you may want to prepare a load of questions to ask during a conversation to keep it fun and jovial. In this article, I’ve listed 12 questions that you can ask an expectant mother without getting them angry.

However, asking the right questions is not the only step required to have a fruitful conversation. You must also ensure that you’re not asking the not-so-good questions that could kill the conversation. To help you achieve that, I’ve also listed some questions you shouldn’t ask a pregnant woman in any scenario.

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