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80+ Casual Yet Meaningful Questions to Ask Someone You Just Met

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Hi there, I really appreciate that you’re here. Just to let you know- In this post, I have written down over 80+ good and random questions to ask someone you just meet.

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A Quick Note: I wouldn’t expect all these question ideas to suit your need and taste at the moment you’re viewing this post. That’s why I will recommend you randomly pick the ideas you find good and suitable for your need.

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Random Questions to Ask Someone You Just Met

1. What’s your greatest inspirational quote?

2. What are the things you do when you’re bored?

3. What are your most annoying moments?

4. Do you go to cinemas often? If Yes, How often

5. What are your greatest desire, and how do your plan to achieve them?

6. What could possibly affect your productivity level during day?

7. How many interesting places have ever been to?

8. What’s your favorite code or way of dressing?

9. What’s your daily mourning routine like?

10. What are your most interesting books you’ve read?

11. Do you like movies, what kind of movie do you love the most?

12. Who’s Your Celebrity Role Model?

13. Are you a Christian, Muslim or Others?

14. What kind of person do you like staying with, extrovert or introvert?

15. If you are allowed to become a manager in an amusement park, what will you introduce there?

16. What’s your favourite social media?

17. What challenges do you think that humans will face in the next 5 years?

18. What is your take on the media personnel? Are they fabricating news, or are they real?

19. What is your driving force in life?

20. What are your greatest fear?

21. How are you getting along with your parents? Are they the sort of nagging, strict or fun people to be with?

23. How often do you play games? and what are your favorite games?

24. What is(are) the most embracing questions people often ask you?

25. What’s that thing you don’t like about the country live in right now?

26. What are your ambition and vision for life? Where would you want to be in five years time?

27. What do you think about religion and politicians

28. Have you ever listened to a story that explains or can relate to all that has happened to you in the past?

29. What kind Brand of car would you like to drive when you’re over 40?

30. If you’re allowed to choose any country of your choice for Christmas vacation, where would be your first choice?

31. Considering the economic status of your country, if you’re elected as a new president, where would you start from?

32. What annual festival do you celebrate and enjoy most?

33. Which of the sports can you bet your money on and win?

34. If you are an athlete, what club would you love to play for?

Intimate Questions to Ask Someone You Just Met

35. What’s your definition of being successful?

36. What genre of music motivates your spirit when you are down?

37. How many songs can you sing without mistakes?

38. Do you have friends that you truly rely on, and they have never disappointed you?

39. What will someone do to you that you’ll find it very difficult to forgive?

40. Have you ever been in a toxic relationship Where you’re not valued?

41. What’s your take on the politics of now versus then?

42. If you have the knowledge to invent thing what would you invent?

43. Assuming you’re the choice to get any superpower, what superpower ability would you pick?

44. What was the worst thing that has ever happened to you?

45. If you decide to choose a career as a novelist, what will be the title of your first published book?

46. What was the worst statement you’ve made on someone that you wish you never did?

47. What’s the most annoying that older people do?

48. What is the best craft work skill you would love to have if given the privilege?

49. If you have all the time in the world to yourself, what will you do with it?

50. How many skills do you possess, and would you love to add more skills?

51. What do you think about racist?

52. What are the most striking actions you’ve taken in life?

53. Have you ever been traumatized by an event or issue?

54. Do you drink or go to party?

55. What were the most boring moments in life, and what do you do when bored?

56. Have you ever failed a test in school? If Yes, Which tests did you fail woefully and what was the question?

57. Have you ever been to a show or competition?

58. Dressing as a way of life, do you really take cognizance of what you wear?

59. What’s your favorite genre of music?

60. Would you rather eat fried cockroach or sip from the cup of your urine?

61. Working from home or office work, which one do you prefer? And why?

62. What do you think the telecommunication industry can do to increase its effectiveness?

63. At what age did you start using a smartphone, did it create a positive or negative impact?

64. Can you stay for 24hours without your phone?

65. If you’re to reincarnate, what gender would you love to be when you come back? Why

66. When last did your Dad tell you I love you?

67. In your home do your parents or sibling care about privacy? What’s your thought on personal privacy?

68. Have you ever done something unintentionally that people appreciated?

69. What’s your dream spouse going to look like?

70. Would you rather be a taxi driver and earn 0ne thousand pounds daily or work in an office for twenty thousand pounds monthly?

71. Going to a zoo, which animal would you never get close to?

72. Which of the animals in the zoo do you think people will always be interested in most?

73. According to your childhood mapped out plans, how many have you accomplished?

74. Who’s your favourite musician?

75. What is your take on award-winning music artist like Beyonce, Celine Dion and host of others?

76. What could possibly make a man weep like a baby?

77. Do you have a friend that you can’t stay a day with talking to him/her?

78. What gadget do you have that made life easier for you?

79. What’s the most surprising Gift someone ever gave you?

80. If you are allowed to choose your parents will you choose your present parents again?

81. How demanding do you think a relationship between a guy and a girl can be?

82. Do you have younger siblings that can provoke you to the core but you can’t just stop loving him/her?

83. If you were asked to become an animal which animal will you choose? Just kidding

84. Can you describe your past 5 years experience in one word?

85. What annual festival do your family celebrate mostly?

86. If you work in the world bank, which currency will you introduce again?

87. Which present innovation do you think and will believe will grow big in years to come?

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