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127 Meaningful Questions to Ask Your Crush

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If you’re looking for some good questions to ask your crush or someone you really like then you’re not far from what you seek.

This post covers the list of the best questions to ask someone you like you can find on the internet.

I understand you want to keep the conversation going, or you’re trying to pass some signal to make him, or her reciprocate the same feeling you have.

First I will wish you Good luck,

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Questions to Ask Your Crush

As I said, we aren’t here for how are you doing questions. I want to help you get closer to him/her, so let’s talk about things that matter (Love and Life)

1. Are you dating, or single and searching?

2. Have you ever taken a break from work because of your girlfriend?

3. How much do you value a relationship?

4. Do you enjoy a long-term relationship or prefer the short-term one?

5. What annoys you most about a lady/girl/woman/guy?

6. What makes you love easily, or do you find it difficult to love?

7. Have you ever been hurt by the one you love most to the extent that you made a hard decision, and what was your decision?

8. Can you ever pretend to love someone?

9. Do you like going to parties or you prefer a quiet environment?

10. What is your social life like?

11. Do you get provoked easily?

12. What are those events that you can not attend for any reason?

13. When was the last time you felt that you were truly in love?

14. Do you enjoy a distance relationship, or you like seeing your babe always?

15. Do you like flowers as a surprise or pieces of jewelry?

16. Have you ever read a love book? If Yes, what did you learn?

17. How often do you like checking up on your girlfriend/ boyfriend? Or how often do you need him/ her to check up on you?

18. Do you have an ex that you wish to come back again into your life?

19. What are your major priorities?

20. What increases your level of love for someone?

21. What are your favorite food and events?

22. If I decide to take you out on a date, where would you want us to go as your first option?

23. What are your favorite movies, and have you ever cuddled someone you love while watching a movie?

24. How do you feel about sex before marriage?

25. Are family members too religious or strict?

26. What part of a lady/man do you appreciate most?

27. What have you ever done that offended someone you so much loved?

28. Can you kneel and apologize to someone you offend?

29. How do you know someone loves you?

30. Have someone ever loved you but you weren’t able to love the person back?

31. How bad is your cooking, or are you good at cooking?

32. What really makes you feel like talking when you are with someone, especially someone you love?

33. Are you an attention seeker or attention giver?

34. Do you like someone that can really gist for a long time?

35. Do you have a favorite love song?

36. Can you really be naughty or put on a naughty attitude?

37. What do you do when you are feeling bored?

38. Have you ever meet someone that is allergic to your favorite food?

39. How do you like expressing your love the most?

40. Love is Blind, can you explain what you understand from that term?

41. Can you play a chess game, or what’s your favorite game to play with friends?

42. Have you experienced a complicated love story, or are you a flirt?

43. Have you ever made an unforgettable mistake because of someone you love?

44. What is the name of your favorite romantic movie?

45. Have you been pampered by someone you don’t really like? And what was your reaction?

46. When did you start keeping a romantic relationship?

47. What is your love language?

48. What’s you animal spirit?

49. Are you attracted by gifts, help, or s_x?

Questions to Ask Your Crush Over Text

50. Have you ever had a shy girlfriend/boyfriend? If yes, how did you deal with it?

51. Have you ever introduced someone you love to your parents? If yes, what was their reaction?

52. What are your places of interest? Like where do you plan to travel to?

53. What’s the name of that guy/girl you still call and check up on even though you guys broke up since 3years ago?

54. What was the first gift you bought for your lover? Or what are you planning to buy this time?

55. Have you ever cheated in a relationship, and did you tell your boyfriend/girlfriend about it?

56. When was the last time you engaged in a passionate romance?

57. Which of your ex offended you the most in life? And what was the offence?

58. How do you control yourself when you’re pissed off?

59. If you are given the opportunity to date any celebrity, who will be your first choice?

60. What genre of music do you enjoy most, and do you prefer high volume or low volume while playing music?

61. When you are heartbroken, do you jump into another relationship to forget your ex and move on or you stay for a long time before falling in love again?

62. Do you like hanging out with friends during weekends, or you like being indoors?

63. When was the last time you visited home and why?

64. How indecent have you been all this while? Have you changed, and what changed you?

65. Have you ever treated infections like STD? And How did you contact it?

66. What’s your plan for a family if you are to marry now?

67. If you are to marry and it’s a matter of urgency, who will you choose among your dates?

68. Is money what really makes you happy or finding someone that appreciates and encourages you?

69. What is your plan for your future? Are your parents still helping you, or are you trying to help yourself?

70. What is that thing that you lack in your life as a person?

71. Can you fight in public over a girl or guy?

72. Are you a Christian and born again?

73. What are the plans you had that you didn’t actually achieve at last? And what do you think that made you give up on the plan?

74. Do you believe in true love, or do you think it doesn’t exist?

75. What is your greatest fear in life, and how do you plan to tackle them?

76. What does the concept “Relationship” mean to you? What builds up a successful relationship?

77. What is your biggest regret in life, and have you been able to sort them out?

78. What are your greatest desires?

79. Have you ever given up on love, or are you planning to give it a try again?

80. What do you describe as” fake love”?

81. How would you feel when you realize that your relationship was being built on a fake love all this while?

82. How do you address unpleasant issues in your family or relationship?

83. How do you feel when your girlfriend is in your house and on a menstrual cycle?

84. Where are you thinking of spending your rest life in this country or abroad?

85. Do you have any fantasy?

86. Have you ever been kind to people that they repaid your kindness with evil?

87. Do you have a determined heart to achieve your goals at all costs, or you always need support?

Questions to Ask A Potential Boyfriend/Girlfriend

88. Looking at your past, what can you say about yourself?

89. What do you think that your future will be like looking at your present life?

90. Are you the kind of person that doesn’t like when you are interrupted from sleep or talk?

91. What’s your favorite dress code?

92. What’s your favorite food, and how do you like it served?

93. What’s, is the longest time you have been in a relationship, and who was that?

94. How do you often deal with arguments with your partner?

95. Do you like being partial or sentimental while judging an unfriendly?

96. Where did you celebrate your last birthday and was it a memorable one?

97. What was your best birthday gift and who gave it to you?

98. What comes to your mind whenever you call your date severally, and he/ she doesn’t take your calls?

99. What makes you fall much more in love with a person

100. How do you feel about spending the rest of your life with one person? Do you think it’s easy, or you’ve made up your mind to cheat?

101. What interests you in a person that you can make you keep talking to the person?

102. Do you like exercising authority over everything? Or you give others the privilege to air their views?

103. Do you think that women’s education ends in the kitchen, or you believe in career ladies?

104. Does love really hurts, or it’s how we handle it?

105. Choosing a date those facial and bodies build up matters to you?

106. Are you proud of your achievement in life or not?

107. What is your opinion about me?

108. How do you see or take people around you?

109. Where do you plan to spend your honeymoon when you marry?

110. What is likely the complexion you want for your girlfriend?

111. Do you like a public relationship or a secret relationship?

112. Do you enjoy going out with a group of friends or you like a private life?

113. How do you see living under the same roof with your girlfriend? Do you feel comfortable or uncomfortable?

114. What’s that thing that creates consciousness in you?

115. Do you love being praised or appreciated when you do things?

116. Would you rather travel abroad for further studies or be in your home country unemployed?

117. Would you rather be single or have yourself embarrassed by your girlfriend’s mother?

118. What will a guy/ lady you love do to win your trust?

119. Among your parents, who do you hold in the highest esteem?

120. Are you a shy type or not?

121. Quality time or space?

122. Can you beat someone you love or be quiet over certain misconduct?

123. What level of education have you reached, and who or what is your motivation academically?

124. Have you been into someone much that you hardly eat without him/her?

125. Have you ever see a romantic movie and you wish your relationship is like that?

126. Do you have time to study and share your loved one’s needs or not?

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