Good Questions to Ask a Guy to Know Him Deeper
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100+ Exclusive Questions to Ask a Guy to Know Him Deeper

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In this post, I would be compiling a comprehensive list of questions to ask a guy to know him deeper.

These question ideas are the ones I thought of, so feel free to pick the only ones that you find worthy to make a guy talk more about himself.

I can’t assure you that my ideas are the best you can find on the internet, but I believe that you won’t leave this page without finding what you’re looking for.

But before we proceed, I would love to share of my previous post that might be helpful.

Now let’s get started.

Questions to Ask a Guy to Know Him Deeper

Below is the list of exclusive questions to ask a guy to know him better. The answers to these questions must be pretty rational and might change over time but you will get to know him a lot.

1. What is your utmost desire in life?

2. How do you think of life in general?

3. If you were to engage in politics, what position would you aspire for?

4. How deep do you know God?

5. If you were allowed to kill someone that has hurt you most, who will you kill?

6. What do you think about education? Do you think it’s worth the stress?

7. What’s your motivation? And who inspires and motivates you?

8. Can you give your girlfriend your life savings to pay her school fees?

9. Are you addicted to something or someone?

10. Are you allergic to food or any other thing?

11. What’s, is your dream job, and how do you plan to get it?

12. If you’re to calculate your net worth now, how much do you think you would worth?

13. Can you do anything for money when you’re insanely broke? Even though a criminal act?

14. How do you see the world, and what change do you think you can create in it?

Random questions to ask a guy to know him deeper will help you understand his views and thoughts.

15. Who is the biggest inventor?

16. What brand would you love to work with if you have the opportunity to work with any brand of your choice?

17. Do you enjoy travelling, or it’s just when necessary?

18. Would you like to have a side chick even when you’re married?

19. What do you think about diligence?

20. If you are given $100000, how would you use it and make it last?

21. Are you a flirting type? Do you believe in having numerous girlfriends/ boyfriends?

22. Who is your role model, and why do you choose him/ her as your role model?

23. What makes you fall more in love with a girl or anybody else?

24. What part of the body are you attracted to mostly?

25. What are the things you can never resist?

26. Which High school did you attend? Was it your choice of school or your parents?

27. Do you still believe that you are your parent’s responsibility?

28. What is your favorite game? And when was the last time you played the game?

29. When is your next birthday, and how do you plan to celebrate it?

30. Do you have/keep secrets, and have you ever shared it with someone?

31. Do you have a best friend that you confide in? And has anyone disappointed you?

32. What is your favorite food, and can you prepare it?

33. How do you express that you love someone? Do you get disappointed and sad when the love is not reciprocated, or you move on?

34. Do you have someone that you can’t get off your mind?

35. When you are angry, do you leave your food and go hungry?

36. Have you ever lived in the midst of people that don’t value you?

37. How many girls have you dated, and have you ever cheated on any of them, or they cheated on you?

38. How desperate can you be, and what can really move you to be so desperate?

39. How happy can you be when there is money in your account and how sad are you when you don’t have it?

40. Do you believe that until a man is financially stable that’s when he is actually happy?

41. What actually determines your happiness?

42. Are you holding grudges anybody? If yes, Why?

43. What are your love languages?

44. What are the most stupid things you’ve done because of a girl?

45. How can you calm a Lady that is depressed if you happen to come in contact with her?

46. What do you always remember and you get very happy and fulfilled?

47. What is the most touching experience you have had in time past that you can’t just forget?

48. What kind of woman do you really need in your life? Have you once found that kind of woman and mistakenly loss her?

49. How many times do you think you have made terrible mistakes, and how many times have you made huge success?

50. Why do you think a man need a woman in his life?

51. What’s your favorite fruit/snacks that you can take anytime and anywhere?

52. What was the most embarrassing moment for you in life?

53. What’s your most frequent prayer point?

54. During your childhood, what was your best game, and who do you enjoy playing it with?

55. Do you find your childhood life very interesting, or do you have younger ones that your parents switch their interest to and make your childhood boring?

56. When last did your parents buy Christmas gifts for you? Or when last did you buy Christmas present for someone?

57. Who is that your friend that you don’t what to ever lose no matter what and why?

58. Have a Lady ever taken you out on a date? If yes, when and where? Did you enjoy every bit of it?

59. Do you like music? If yes, what genre of music?

60. What is your best wish in life? How do you plan to bring them to reality?

61. What are the most exciting moments of your life?

62. What do you miss about childhood stage?

63. What’s your blood group/genotype?

64. If you were given a month for vacation, what would you be doing all through?

65. Can you do cooking at home for a year without complaining?

66. Have you ever wished you were dead? if yes, Why?

67. If you were to know when you will die, what will be your last wish?

68. How do you interpret your dreams? Or you don’t count meanings out of dreams?

69. Do you like strangers in your house?

70. How important do you see your local traditions and culture?

71. Have you ever felt you were behaving wayward before? If yes, what or who changed you?

72. When was the last time you had a get-together with friends?

73. At work age do you think you can marry and be able to stay married?

74. When were your most difficult times in life? What happened then, and how do you manage to scale through?

75. Have you ever date someone who is battling any illness? What was the illness, and was it the cause of your breakup?

76. Who was your first date? And how much do you regret leaving her, or was it for your good?

77. Have you been so close to a girl that people around believe that you are dating her?

78. Do you trust easily?

79. Where’s the most educative place you’ve been to?

80. Do you think it’s normal to cheat on your girlfriend?

81. If you were to eat one food forever, what food will you eat?

82. If you were to choose any country of your choice to establish a business, which country will that be?

83. Have you ever writing a business proposal, and how many were accepted?

84. Do you really think love is a scam or women are scum?

85. What are you talented at? Are you planning to improve on the talent, or you’re using it as a hobby.

86. Would you rather eat noodles all your life or marry the girl you dated in university?

87. Why do you think courting before marriage is necessary?

88. And do you think s_x must be involved in courtship?

89. Would you like your kids to attend public or private school? And why do you choose any of them?

90. If a Wedding is so important to you that you would rather wed in the pit of snakes or not marry for life?

91. When was the last time you received a good compliment from someone?

92. Would you like to marry a fashionista or an old-fashioned Lady?

93. Where was the first suite you’ve ever lounged? Where you comfortable or not?

94. At what age did you start hustling for money?

95. Have you ever helped a friend to get a girl he loves?

96. Were you the smart or the dull type back then in school?

97. Have you ever lost something special given to you by someone you love dearly?

98. Do you have a younger siblings that can really be thorns on your flesh?

99. Where is your favorite spot to relax? And why do you like that place?

100. Do you have a memorable day in your life, and what happened that day?

101. Can you date a girl that has a guy for fun?

102. Are you planning to go back to school for your master’s or Ph.D.?

103. What house chores do you hate with a passion?

104. What are you very passionate about, but your parents don’t want you to do it because of your family doctrine?

105. Can you passionately make love?

106. Do you like tall and slim ladies?

107. Looking at your past, do you feel like starting up life again, or are you pleased with your life?

108. Which of your ex do you just miss her s_x life, nothing else?

109. Can you pray for 2 hours straight? If you are asked to become a Catholic Priest, will you accept?

110. If you were asked to go back to school, which stage of school will you like to go back to?

111. What’s the most horrible movie you have to see?

112. “Love conquers all” can you attest to that?

113. Do you think you have administrative qualities or the knowledge and capacity to run a business?

114. Which of your stage in life did you enjoy the most?

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