Funny Yes or No Questions

25 Funny Yes or No Questions ( What to ask and where to ask it )

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Funny yes or no questions? Dive into humour as we have mapped out several funny questions for you to ask in different situations.

Per se, you just got a new job and joined a new institution. Now, that’s all well and good, but interacting with your colleagues and getting to know them can be a bit (ok, a lot) difficult when it seems like everyone in the workspace has already formed their own groups (aka cliques) and thus give off the ‘you shalt not pass’ aura.

Naturally, you’re just here thinking, and contemplating: now what’s a girl (or boy) got to do in this kind of situation, huh? Worry not, young Padawan, the answer to that is just one simple teeny tiny word: ice-breaking, or more elaborately, a specific ice-breaking activity known as Yes or No questions.

These are sure to release some of that awkwardness and uneasy formality.

Yes or No questions – What are they anyway?

So first off, what are Yes or No questions? They are a type of questions that can be tricky, unique, inquisitive, as well as downright hilarious. They’re also a great way to interact with your fellow colleagues as they provide a very wholesome environment and have the power to ease everyone around.

Now that we’ve captured your interest, read on to learn more about how to ease into a new surrounding and find out everything you need to know about funny Yes or No questions and their underlying power.

How do they work?

As the title suggests, funny Yes or No questions are a form of an inquisitive game where questions get asked with the sole purpose of getting to know each other better. The inquisitor can ask any question they want and the person has to answer in binary; yes, or no. Seems simple and pretty straight forward, doesn’t it?

Usually played in a group or a circle of peers, friends, family, or colleagues, these questions can be asked following any other ice-breaker activity, for example, spin the bottle (although that game may give you cringe high school flashbacks).

Good thing about funny yes or no questions is ; Thankfully, these questions are not privy to a certain type of party or get-together, so you can suggest them anytime and anywhere, be it a welcome party, a birthday party, a friends’ hangout, or just a casual dinner out with your colleagues.

You just need to know when to whip out that ace under your sleeve to get the crowd interested, invested, and intrigued.

For future references, it might be better to prepare a few 20-ish or so questions beforehand, so that you don’t get put into a tight spot while trying to ease into the environment. We’re trying to release the tension here, not make it worse. So best go prepared.

You can do this by researching for these questions on platforms such as YouTube since they have a lot of videos where celebrities get asked these questions by the show hosts.

And if you’re wondering where else can you get inspiration from, wonder no more. Here are some funny Yes or No questions (compiled by yours truly) that you can ask the next time this game comes up. We’ve sorted them a bit, according to their respective genres.

Tricky questions (but not as tricky as Loki the trickster)

Funny Yes or no Questions Ft. Loki
Image Source: Daily Superhero

This genre of questions are the ones that will either leave people in a dire state of perplexity or set the mood all too well, there’s no in between. These are the ones that require you using your brain before answering. Kind of like answering a riddle, if you will. Let us give you some examples:

  1. Can you cry underwater?
  2. Would you slap your best friend for a million dollars?
  3. Do you always text using your elbows?
  4. Were you always this much of a buffoon or is today a special occasion?
  5. Can fish see air like we see water?
  6. Is the sky actually blue?
  7. Do centipedes actually have 100 feet?

See what we mean? Despite being amusing and funny, yet tricky, these questions will not only get the gears of your brain working but will also teach you how to create and start conversations because of the complicated nature of the questions. The questions will require everyone working together in order to answer them, never mind the fact that they’re just simple Yes or No questions.

Of course, you’ll have to be mindful of the environment before you ask the question. For example, for questions 3 and 4, it’d be best to ask them in a friend setting, or to someone you’re quite frank with, we don’t want a scene straight out of keeping up with the Kardashians, now do we? That’s right, we don’t.

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Funny questions

Funny Yes or No questions are good for any setting, be it friends, family, or colleagues. They will make the participants want to share their funniest stories, hence there will never be a boring and dull moment. Also, because of the nature of these questions being lighthearted and easygoing, they can be used diversely. Allow us to demonstrate:

  1. Have you ever tripped in public?
  2. Have you ever played a prank on your teachers?
  3. Did you ever get into trouble at school because of something really crazy?
  4. Have you ever copied homework off of someone?
  5. Have you ever been in a school play or musical?
  6. Have you ever stepped on someone’s feet while dancing at prom?
  7. Have you ever had a dream so vivid it felt like it was real?

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Punny questions (because life isn’t punderful without ‘em)

Yes, you heard it right; you can even use puns as questions! Now you’re actually interested, aren’t you? Puns are a great and fun way of making people laugh and cozying up the environment. After all, puns aren’t called the highest form of humor for nothing. Par exemplar:

  1. Can toast be called tanned bread?
  2. If Bruce Wayne aka the Batman falls down the stairs and injures himself, will he be Bruce-d?
  3. Can a shop that sells corn be named corn-ucopia?
  4. If someone has the job of guarding the Samsung store, will they be called the Guardians of the Galaxy?
  5. If prisoners take their own mugshots will they be called cell-fies?
  6. If a star is a shooting star, can they lock it up in jail for a felony?
  7. Can iPhone chargers be called apple juice?
  8. If you’re waiting for the waiter to bring your food, does that make you the waiter?
  9. Can a shoe shop be called sole-mates?
  10. If a person named Nora is a painter, can we call her Leo-nora-do Da Vinci?

If you’re a pun-lover like us, you’d answer yes to all of these questions. They are pretty rhetorical and not meant to learn anything about the audience, but they can be great for laughs anyway.

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Questions for friends and family

These questions will lean more towards being forward, frank, and personal because there’s people you’ve known most your life who won’t be offended no matter the question. So here are some fun questions you can ask your friends and family:

  1. Do you have any secret talents that only you can do from the people around here?
  2. Have you ever gotten any parking tickets?
  3. Have you ever done something illegal just to get out of a situation?
  4. Have you ever cried over a significant other?
  5. Have you ever cried watching a sappy movie?

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Questions for colleagues

If you’re just starting to get to know people, for example, your colleagues, and want to know them a little better, use these questions to find out more about them in a fun-filled way:

  1. Did you ever mistake your boss as an employee?
  2. Is this job your dream job?
  3. Have you ever gossiped with co-workers?
  4. Have you ever danced or done something embarrassing in front of the office CCTV cameras?
  5. Have you ever done something crazy in the middle of a business meeting?
  6. Have you ever dropped coffee on your work clothes?
  7. Have you ever taken a day off work to do something fun?

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So there you have it, a plethora of funny Yes or No questions that you can ask in any and all types of situations, with their respective types. These questions can also be used interchangeably, for example, you can use the pun-laced questions in all types of settings.

By now you’ve surely learned all the different ways you can ease yourself into the environment by using Yes or No questions. These questions will help you a lot in your future life no matter the environment you’re in, and will also help you settle into a setting you’re alien to. Hence, you won’t feel anxious or stressed at all after a round of these!

As lame as some of these may be, they are bound to get the mood going. These questions are sure to get people laughing as well as get them more acquainted and comfortable around you, which is the main goal at the end of the day. So we hope you’ll use this ammunition we’re arming you with at the right time and place. Don’t let us down, soldier!

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